70s Talia

Sep. 24th, 2009 04:58 pm
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By request, for [insanejournal.com profile] runespoor7, who requested 70s Talia*

From Detective #411, by Dennis O'Neil, Bob Brown and Dick Giordano.
Reprinted in Batman: Tales of the Demon TPB

*Or, requested, more specifically: Talia being awesome (70s Talia), I've been told it exists.

I'll leave Talia's level of awesome to the individual, though I think she's much more likable here than she is say, now. And Batman thinks she's pretty awesome, especially the next few stories. (Batman to Talia: "Anything! I owe you my life!")

I do think the story's fun. Batman jumps off a train dressed as an elderly matron! A fight to the death by 'tetsu-bishi' in Gotham's Statue of Liberty Freedom! Prose like: "Flailing Bo-Sticks savagely swarm over the Batman. Battering, breaking... until he hitches forward into the welcome relief of oblivion." And Batman punching a bull in the face!

Batman is momentarily blinded...

tags: creator: Dennis O'Neil, creator: Bob Brown, creator: Dick Giordano, char: Talia Al Ghul, char: Batman/Bruce Wayne, title: Detective Comics, era: Bronze Age
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