Date: 2009-09-28 06:59 am (UTC)
If Jason was powered beyond all humankind I think he'd have a greater responsibility to not kill. How would it be good if Superman took it upon himself to kill? Should he?

Separate from not being more than human Jason struggles and ought to struggle with morality, if he still cares. He's just human. And has to live with his choices.

And I'm still not getting how 'crippled' which probably needs to be not used as a label, or 'traumatized' people are better off dead. I'm kind of thinking they might strongly protest.

But I don't enjoy seeing them perpetually helpless against a judiciary system who lets off psychos with a rap on the wrist and then off to the revolving door of Arkham. That's real life. I want to see the monsters bagged, tagged and taken out permanently, the way you can't in real life.

Well, but I think that's part of the comic narrative system. Repeat villains. If there was a new one every time we couldn't already know their issue and weapon of choice or connect with the fear we are supposed to have with them. Do Punisher, Wolverine or the Authority encounter repeat villains? (I've only read one of the three, and I noticed that they did.)

Also, where are you seeing the heroes as helpless against the judiciary system? I... lose faith in a 'hero' crosses the line and offs somebody because it's expedient versus the right thing to do.

And how is it waffling about morality when... I'm trying to think what you mean and all I can come up with is deciding to kill or not. That's not waffling. That's having morality. By making a really basic choice. I'm sorry it gets old, but it's still not a given to kill people in certain comic 'verses. It's harder not to kill them, but these would be 'verses populated by heroes who are okay with doing the harder thing.

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