Date: 2009-09-28 08:02 am (UTC)
And I'm still not getting how 'crippled' which probably needs to be not used as a label, or 'traumatized' people are better off dead. I'm kind of thinking they might strongly protest.

That's not what I mean at all! I'm saying that there are things, which for some people, may be worse than dying.

And how is it waffling about morality when... I'm trying to think what you mean and all I can come up with is deciding to kill or not.

Making a conscious effort not to kill - that's noble. Nearly killing the someone like the Joker who had supposedly killed both your adoptive brothers and crippled the woman you love, and then spending the next three months going "OMG, I am a MURDERER who must BE HATED" - that's just idiotic. Letting somebody kill Blockbuster after he drives you to the very brink and then going "I have FAILED. I am a MURDERER! I deserve nothing more than to marry a psycho, become a mob enforcer and hide myself away from my family and friends" is really freaking idiotic.

And IMHO, NOT killing the Joker, Zsas, Two-Face, Black Mask and the like transcends both nobility and idiocy to the really fucking reprehensible, especially when they fully well know that Arkham wil not cntain them for long. These are rabid monsters who are a threat to humanity. Either BE a vigilante and do what the authorities fail to do and get rid of them, or if you don't want to get your hands dirty, just quit. Just don't try and hide behind the sanctity of life crap, because their lives stopped being sacrosanct when they decided to run around killing innocents.
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