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A moment between these two that doesn't involve either getting their junk punched.

I don't know about you, but I would say this is a clear anti-hero moment for Jason. (And then along came ... well, you know.)

From Outsiders 44 & 45. Eight scans.

 Is that last panel pretty much a slasher's fantasy or what?

As written by Winick, pre- BftC, (obviously, since now Jason eats babies or the souls of young cherubic children or something.)

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He's benched at the very beginning of it for being too violent with criminals (never mind that Batman puts people through a wall in front of him) so he wanders into his old neighbourhood and someone recognises him, giving him what she could save from where he used to live before it was sold as the landlord just dumped it outside. It's where he finds the pictures of his parents, his fathers address book with the 3 S names and discovers his mothers name blotted out on the birth certificate, with only an S visible, sending him off to the 3 S's in his Dad's address book after finding their addresses on the Barcomputer and then taking Bruce's credit card and running away to find his mother. It's also worth noting that there's never a test or any conclusive proof Sheila Haywood is his mother, as all Bruce goes by is they have the same eyes.


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