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Mythapalooza (Volume III)

Four scans apiece from this week's Thor #603 (the time between releases has led this series to attain a quasi-mythic status all its own) and Wonder Woman #36.

In case you've forgotten, last time on Thor:

Sif's back; everyone in Asgard is an easily-duped moron, most especially Balder; Loki and Dr. Doom are up to no good; Bill abandoned everything to chase after Kelda.

First, we check in with Thor/Donald and Sif.  While they figure out their next move, Sif needs a place to stay.

The cat is a Loki-camera; he laughs, and assumes that Mr. Sooner filed the form under "H for Harlot".

Loki then goes about his latest evil schemes:  Doom is readying a squad of Doombots to kill Blake (instantly, before he can transform), and Loki delivers up a few Asgardians for Doom to vivisect alive in order to research immortality for himself (Doom is impressed that the brain can function for about five minutes after the heart is removed).

Meanwhile, Bill's still the only person around who isn't a moron, and is convinced that Loki is up to no good, while Kelda talks about other stuff (for example, the coat Bill is wearing is made of unicorn fur; apparently, the Asgardians hunted them to extinction, unaware there were so few of them).  Kelda makes yet another insinuation that she wants Bill to fuck her.

That dialogue bit at the bottom there is Loki chatting up Vivisection Subject #1 before abducting him.

Aw, that's sweet, but, Kelda, you do know there's no reason you couldn't go too, right?  You might be useful.

Like maybe you could have stopped this:


If Bill survives this, I propose that be be Lord of Asgard, because neither Thor nor Balder have to this point exhibited the cognitive functions that should be necessary to do the job.

Meanwhile, over in Wonder Woman, further developments in the romance of the century, Achilles and Alkyone.

What about a swan?  Duck?  Shower of rain?

I find Achilles' characterization so far a bit confusing; at various points other people act like he's the mythical Achilles, and he himself later claims that he was considered "the greatest warrior who ever lived" - but nothing about how this guy acts suggests he has decades of life experience.  Is he actually a new being but is running with the other explanation to mask his inexperience?

Diana spends most of the issue narrating how Tom turned her down (to Giganta, of all people), then gets called by Pele telling her that Zeus's new champion is on the move.  Wondy arrives on the scene of an impending invasion of one unnamed country by another larger one; the Olympians are here to prevent it, she's here to prevent them from killing soldiers on both sides.  Somewhat inexplicably, Giganta agreed to go along with Diana, and a fight breaks out.

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I liked him. Why Marvel? WHYYYYYY?
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Calm down. He's still alive. He just got stabbed.

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He's going to get some Asgardian / Doom stuff inside him (as a guinea pig) and he will be on par with the Norse gods. That wonderful cover we saw months ago isn't meant as a throw away image.

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Since when have Giganta and Wonder Woman been on a first name basis?

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Probably since Etta and Diana became BFFs.

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Loki delivers up a few Asgardians for Doom to vivisect alive in order to research immortality for himself

And nobody noticed their disappearance? Jesus, they really are morons.

the coat Bill is wearing is made of unicorn fur; apparently, the Asgardians hunted them to extinction, unaware there were so few of them)

So much for being the All-Knowing Father, hum, Odin?

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Just because Odin knows, doesn't mean he cares. What are unicorns to him? You can't ride them unless you're a virgin so what Asgardian warrior would want to admit to be able to ride one?

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Are Blake and "Sylvan" still in Oklahoma?

If so, "Mrs. Sooner" is a reference I can appreciate (being from, y'know, Oklahoma).

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I'm sorry, I can't get past the fact that Sif's fly is unbuttoned in the first scan.

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Does reinforce the 'harlot model from New York' image, doesn't it?

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I have a feeling that "Achilles" is as much a golem as Diana is (i.e. not the undead come back to life) even if he is somehow connected to the Achilles of lore. This would further the connections between "the Olympian" and "Wonder Woman" if indeed Gail is trying to make Achilles the male mirror image of Diana. So far he hasn't been portrayed as a bad guy. It took Diana decades to rid herself of Zeus, give Achilles time (that is if he's meant to last out this arc/s which I somewhat doubt).

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Diana isn't a Golem. Of any kind. If she is, then by some mythological standing, WE ALL ARE. She had a childhood, grew up from a baby, is in adulthood now.

Whereas Achilles seems to have popped ( as an adult.

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Wonder Woman's not a golem.

Learn some myths, focus on creation ones. See how often you run into "first people" that are made from clay, earth, dust, etc.

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So Doris gets the explanation, and Tom doesn't? Hmmm. I must obtain asap.

Yay! May this be the first of many Diana/Doris team ups.

Achilles sure is a chillin' dude. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. Welcome to the world of the marriage, man. Alky doth protest, methinks.

Oh, yeah, spontaneous combustion! I think I called it years ago -- you should be able to pray to Aphrodite and get a little clone of yourself nine months later. We'll have to see if I was close to what's actually happening.

Panel where he loses his spear -- from our perspective, looks like she's grabbing his right and he's grabbing her left. What a pair! XD

Again we see Achilles is not even close to being in Diana's physical/skill class ... yet? I actually really, really love how he's a thinker and a diplomat also, so tired of the types we usually see, culminating at "this is Spartaaaa". Even if he is a sneaky, dishonorable punk for going after the family. Still squee over seeing hot, semi-nude people in combat though. Is Diana's hand lingering when she gives the spear back? No, retro, don't go there.

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So Doris gets the explanation, and Tom doesn't?

Uh, no - it starts by chat with Doris, but we get the full-on flashback.

WOW! Absolutely beautiful! The explanation was believable and fits with all the weird events up until now. She literally bares her soul. I couldn't have asked for anything closer to perfection. Tom gets to walk away with his head held high. We find out Diana is not completely unlike the rest of us mortals; she has a couple of hopes and dreams outside of The Mission, and she's only 99.99% infallible. And of course it worked out for the best, I don't think they fit well at all. Unfortunately for me, I love Tom now -- I want him to meet Katarina Armstrong and see what happens from there.

Thanks so much to Gail! Even if Diana's love life is tragic, at least now she's HAD ONE recently, dammit. She got two kisses out of the deal, anyway - she kissed him in the Reflecting Pool and he kissed her ... in the middle of the Amazon, hee hee hee.

Image Baby, we can talk all night, but that ain't getting us nowhere
I told you everything I possibly can, there's nothing left inside of here
I keep on telling you
I keep on telling you
I keep on telling you
I want you, I need you, but there ain't no way I'm ever gonna love you
Now don't be sad
'Cause two out of three ain't bad...

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"There will be no physical congress."
"Of course not! I would never... I don't even..."

Achilles is totes gay, y/y? :D

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In conclusion, cousins.

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I uploaded this icon just for this.

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I'm assuming that this isn't supposed to be the mythical Achilles, because if it is, then someone is conspicuous by his absence, and Achilles is way too mellow for that person to be absent. Hell, Achilles here is way too mellow to be the mythic Achilles, period.

I'm really not feeling this Wonder Woman. I actually think the whole Amazons-Olympians-what-have-you thing might work better as a subplot, or half the plot, alongside a more standard deeds-of-valor-and-win story. As it is, it feels like Diana's just not winning anything, which doesn't feel good to me.

Re: I uploaded this icon just for this.

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Well, she beat Alkyone, the Circle, Captain Nazi, the army of Nazis, a veteran Green Lantern, D'grth, Stalker, the Queen of Fables, Genocide and Zeus, just off the top of my head.

But I take the point that it IS a less black and white period and some of the victories are slight defeats as well.

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I get the feeling that this Achilles isn't the literal ressurection, but actually a reincrnation. Old soul, new body, lttle to no memories of old self.

I may be misremembering, but weren't the original Amazons and Diana something along those lines?

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Damn, I love the art in Thor. And the writing, of course. But those faces are really great.

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"Find lovers elsewhere" eh, Achilles? Is Patroclus around?

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anyone think Diana could kill all of the Argonauts in a few minutes. Because I really think she should.

Hey, Gail you still around? Since Zeus is supposedly trying to be a good dad here I wonder what Cassie would think about what's going on? That'd be something to see.

Did the Bana ever completely switch over to the Greek gods? Cause the new guys having the old queen on the gallows at the request of Zeus seems to me to be time for a rebellion.

Diana has far to many oath's and alliances going on. Time to make some higher powers be worthy of her loyalty. They need to come up with a mixed pantheon of various gods.

Bill rules and Sif is hot, hot, hot.

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Bill/Kelda are my Marvel OTP!

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I haven't read this issue yet, but... now that Tom has broken up with Diana, what of his status as Amazon?

[identity profile] 2009-10-02 02:41 am (UTC)(link)
Apparently still intact, but probably never to be referenced again.

Which is of the good, really, since I doubt anyone who did (Gail included, based on the story thus far) would take the time to honestly explore how that would impact amazon society.

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