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So turns out Peter met someone veeeeeery interesting before One More Day started...

So I mentioned this story in the recent Spider-Man thread and a few people asked me to post it, so here it is. It's from Sensational Spider-Man #40 and was set during the Back in Black thing right before One More Day started. This is one of those comics I really wish I could post the whole thing, but I'll try to just summarize a lot of the beginning instead.

The story begins with a narrator telling us how once there was a boy named Peter, "And this boy was blameless and upright, with a good heart, who never turned toward evil." They show him with Aunt May and Uncle Ben and then show him getting picked on at school but saying that, "...his belief that the world was basically a good place never wavered." They show Liz Allen being nice to him after Flash trips him and then they go on the field trip where, "...like a serpent slithering into a garden, a certain spider lowered itself into his life...and cursed this good boy named Peter." It then mention that it could be a blessing or a curse depending who's telling the story. Anyways, after that we have more things from the past shown, like Peter letting the robber go and Uncle Ben being killed, along with others like Norman and Gwen dying. It then goes to the present where Peter is watching over Aunt May in her hospital bed. He then gets up and tells MJ he's not doing alright when she asks how he is.

Sensational Spider-Man 40 pic 1

I'm basically showing this page because I think it's very nicely done, but I'd also like to ask if anyone knows who all the people are. I recognize Kraven, Harry, and Captain Stacy but does anyone know who the woman at the top or the guy in the Spider outfit are?

Anyway, back to the story, Peter's "something" that he decides to hurt turns out to be a dumpster that he punches the crap out of in an alley. And then someone pops up behind him.

Sensational Spider-Man 40 pic 2

Peter tells the guy to get lost since he's not in a good mood, but the guy offers to buy him a burger and then calls him Peter. Peter isn't impressed since his name has been all over the news lately. The guy notices how messed up Peter's hands are from hitting the dumpster and closes his eyes and then says, "You're welcome, Peter", who then looks down and sees his hands are completely healed.

Sensational Spider-Man 40 pic 3

We then cut to an outdoor restaurant with the two.

Sensational Spider-Man 40 pic 4

I gotta say I left the top panel in basically because God disguised as some homeless dude going OM NOM NOM on a burger always makes me laugh.

Anyways, God asks Peter what he would do if that WAS the design for his life. Peter then says that he would beg him to save her and give up anything for her, even being Spider-Man. Peter then says that God could make the spider bite someone else, and spare him from all the death caused over the years from being Spider-Man. God then says he wants to take him somewhere. They instantly are at Robert Moses Beach, where Peter mentions May and Ben used to take him when he was a kid. While they walk down the boardwalk, Peter starts asking the typical questions of God, like, "Did I do something to deserve all of this? Is this some sort of test?" God tells him that, "It's not a test, it just...is" and then talks about how suffering is hard to explain to someone who hasn't been around since the beginning. Peter then wonders what the point of it all is and God says that "they" are the point as they come across a beach filled with hundreds and hundreds of people.

Sensational Spider-Man 40 pic 5

"Counting team-ups", lol.

Sensational Spider-Man 40 pic 6

Sensational Spider-Man 40 pic 7

Sensational Spider-Man 40 pic 8

I love that last page.

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Wait, I'm pretty sure this is the last story Marvel put out with Spider-Man. Ever. ;)


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