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Aunt May's Request

This was referenced a couple of times before, so I thought I'd post it here. This came from Sensational Spider-Man #39. During this time, Aunt May was still in a comatose state after taking a bullet meant for Pete...


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This might've been a good story, if not for what followed, but I'm still kinda stumped about what we're supposed to think about the last bit. Is May going to hell? Is Death in Spider-verse some kind of Lovecraftian horror? Has Uncle Ben developed a tentacle hentai fetish in the afterlife? Whut?

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Yeah, I have to say that confused me too.

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... Remind me to convert to Asatru if I ever happen to find myself in Marvel 616.

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At the same time, since God looks like a homeless Randall Flagg, maybe Heaven looks R'lyeh??

That would make a pretty awesome story, I think.

Also, Randall Flagg is my favorite of all the King villains or spooks. :D

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I have to admit, if I saw my aunt being grabbed by tentacles, well, OMD seems a smidgen less insane.

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hm, that's actually a good point . . .

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This is sadly true.

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Aunt May and tenticles

...and now i need soap for my brain

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Well, she did date Doc Oc for a while.....

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Ugh. This is so much better than BND.

Bye May! have a good fun afterlife!

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This was part of OMD wasn't it? And he still decided to do it? Good on you, spider-dweeb...

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Yep. I never knew Pete was such a serious bonehead.

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How fucking DISRESPECTFUL is that, really? Peter would do anything for Aunt May except, you know, LISTEN TO HER WHEN SHE TELLS HIM WHAT SHE WANTS FROM HER OWN LIFE. JESUS CHRIST.

*slips into incoherent fangirl rage-babble*
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Because even if she survived, her body would still be damaged by the bullet. that's not the case now.

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Upon further review.

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The ruling on the field stands: You're a putz, Peter Parker.

Re: Upon further review.

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....and that's very much the way quesada wanted him to be

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On a unrelated note. I see correctly? This was written by the same persona that is currently writing Marvel Divas?

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maybe it turns out that Mephisto actually had may's soul and that's why he actually had the ability to bring her back. He basically used it as leverage to ensure that Peter and MJ would sell thier marriage.... ugh even saying that part leaves a bad taste in my mouth....

but yeah maybe that's the key. Mephisto cheated and there in lies the way out of his contract.

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Maybe Mephisto is May, or should I say MAYPHESTO!

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Over time, Mephisto has lost the souls of Norrin Radd, Johnny Blaze, Ben Grimm, Franklin Richards, Susan Storm-Richards, Jean Grey-Summers, a full team of X-Men, Thor, Cynthia Von Doom, Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters, Shalla Bal, Marlo Chandler-Jones, Kyle Richmond, Patsy Walker-Baxter-Hellstrom, Victor Von Doom, Danny Ketch, Barbara Morse-Barton, and presumably has lost many others.

Why he wants the souls of Peter Parker and his family, and to eliminate their marriage so badly is beyond my understanding...

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Not having followed this whole mess save for stuff posted here, have any of the heavyweight magic users in the MU noticed any of this monkeying around with history and fate? You'd think something with as much mojo as altering the timeline (but only select parts of it) would be seen by those with the right eyes.

Or is that a question I'm not supposed to ask, like how is anyone stupid enough to put Norman Osborn in charge of anything more advanced than a hot dog cart?

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::throws up hands::

They also pulled the "I can do nothing; there is a force making you die" in The Other storyline. Everyone was similarly powerless in May's dying. The implication is that Mephisto twisted the vision so Peter couldn't feel he could trust the natural course of things.

If Dr Strange couldn't do anything about those, or even when the Sentry seemed to be messing with space-time in his history or even in the recent series, why would he suddenly be capable now? Doc has a very limited amount of battles he can win against Mephisto at.

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On the plus side, dead!May's nose is pretty red, so we know that there's booze in the afterlife.