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This is the third part of my "Essential Mr. Bones" series. For the previous parts, click here.

This is from Infinity, Inc. #32. It's written by Roy and Dann Thomas, and illustrated by Todd McFarlane.

In #34, Bones appeared in anti-smoking PSA.

#35 takes place during the Legends crossover, where Darkseid had Glorious Godfrey turn the public against the superheroes.

Later, Brainwave is injured.

In #36...

The guy getting high on all the emotion turns out to be the Psycho-Pirate; this leads in to his appearance in a later storyline.

Infinity, Inc.#38 is illustrated by Martin King; McFarlane's last issue was #37. The cover is by Vince Argondezzi.

Rick Tyler, aka Hourman, is wracked with guilt after thinking he killed the supervillain the Wizard. He tells Beth he thinks that "maybe, down deep, I'm just as rotten as Bones and his buddies."

Meanwhile, Lyta is worried because Hector isn't answering her calls.

After the remaining members of Infinity, Inc. arrive, the judge calls upon Penny Dreadful. Bones tells her she looks pale, but she says she's okay.

Later, the subject of Carcharo gets brought up; Jade mentions how he had his sharks attack a cruise ship and how he kidnapped Wildcat. Wildcat comes to Helix's defense, much to Skyman's chagrin, saying that they had nothing to do with Carcharo's attack. The judge demands to know what the relationship between Carcharo and Helix was.

Beth Chapel is called upon next.

Wildcat's parents arrive, with her mother confirming that she and her sister were patients of Dr. Love. Wildcat's father says that she is "living proof of what the others of the Helix experiment might have become-- if they lived in a good home--a loving home." Wildcat tells the judges that Helix deserves a second chance, because they never really got a first one. 

The judges say they agree, but that they "can't, in all good conscience, turn these flagrant lawbreakers loose on the streets."

Next time: Mister Bones joins Infinity, Inc!
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