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Hi folks, found this while cleaning the apartment for my forced relocation, and it's been a while since we had one of these.

For those of you who are new to comics fandom, Crime Does Not Pay was the first and possibly greatest dedicated "true crime" comic book series. Names were changed to protect the innocent, and I strongly suspect this particular case has been given heavy artistic license. Like all the Lev Gleason comics, it's in the public domain, so please enjoy this story in its entirety.

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"As I write this [issue], we're on a the eve of a vote that will decide whether my country continues as part of a community of nations or tries to go it alone, a referendum that could set the tone of how we deal with the world outside our small island for a generation. By the time you read this, we'll know how that went. Meanwhile, in the Marvel Universe, in a pub just down the road from my house, five total strangers from five totally different countries raise their glasses to celebrate becoming friends. And, y'know... that's nice." -- Al Ewing

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"Once we could talk about a much wider array of subjects before the superheroes were tied to a very specific mindset. And as I say, in other cultures and in India specifically, we're getting to use superheroes in a culture that's quite forward-looking. If you see the video that Sharad [showed at Comic-Con], it's talking to all the young girls, saying "what super power would you like?" And all the powers are these really benign, helping-people powers. "I want to touch trees and it comes back to life, I want to touch a mud hut and it turns into a house, I want to take away people's sickness." And you contrast that with our image of a female superhero who's Wonder Woman with a sword and a shield and a grunting grimace on her face, she's a warrior from some ridiculous mythological past.

"So I liked the idea as well of turning people this slightly more feminine approach and trying to get superheroes back to what they do best, which is helping people, and not just protecting their own asses from the latest monstrous villain."
-- Grant Morrison

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He was a man in a mask.

He broke into Progamma in New York on a light night.

He made his way to a locker in the biotech facility, one with a biohazard label on it.

A security guard caught him as he was taking something out.

He caught the guard by surprise by throwing it at him.

Then he threw himself. )
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"It seems like it could be kind of an antidote to some of what’s going on in comics. [Mark Waid and I] want Captain Kid to be an adult comic about wish fulfillment, and I don’t know if there are any others like that at the moment. Adult comics really seem to be about miserable people doing miserable things. Which is fine, and I’m all in favor of it, but not every time. There are a lot of shame-based comics that want to seem important, more important than they are. It translates into certain movies, too." -- Tom Peyer

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'It is a challenge. I’m not accustomed to writing a character who’s this morally gray, but to make her a straight-up “super hero” would be a betrayal of who she is. I’m working hard at finding just the right beats to make her engaging without being wholly accessible.' -- Mark Waid

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