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"If you're going to do this kind of epic, world-shattering story, you have to show consequences - especially when it comes to violence."

- Phil Jimenez

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Welcome to the first of a new feature on scans_daily, "Off-Topic Tuesday"!

In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like.

Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

What does the current economic situation in China mean to the chances of the world's financial recovery?

Is this the funniest joke you've heard this year?

Is anyone else looking forward to Disney Infinity 3.0?

So in terms of topic, anything goes, but please remember that the other community rules do still apply.
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 To kick off our little tributes to the inimitable Ms. Craig, here's a fun little scene from one of the recent issues of Batman '66, and a glimpse into what might have been had the show been made with more... modern standards.

Admittedly, the story in itself isn't really worth picking up; its being a one-parter means the central joke (imagine Mad Men, only with 200% more Batman villains!) is flat and inconsistent, and I'm not really satisfied with how Barbara ultimately won, even though it was nice to see a story try to emphasize Barbara Gordon's competence over Batgirl's.

But hey, you look me in the eye and tell me one other place where you can see BG beat up four supervillains at the same time.

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As recently discussed on Mr. Enter's review of 'The Return of Slade', Teen Titans Go! can be rather polarising. For all the toilet humour and wackiness packed into each episode, I find the best gags usually come from the sights in the background, or at least they go by rather quickly that they warrant a pause.

In the episode 'Sidekick', Jason Todd's ashes could be seen next to Mr Freeze's head on a shelf in the Batcave. There's usually a small Darkseod plush next to the Titans' couch. Probably what I found especially entertaining, however, were these quotes from Raven and Starfire's yearbooks in "Yearbook Madness". Then again, I am too easily entertained, but still.

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As you are most likely aware, Yvonne Craig, the actress who originated the roles of Barbara Gordon and Batgirl in the 1966 Batman TV series, passed away last week after a fight with cancer.

In light of this sad milestone, it would seem apt for scans_daily to join other fans around the world in mourning her loss, but also to celebrate the character she breathed life into, and set the standard for for decades to come.

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Wolf #1

Aug. 24th, 2015 04:45 pm
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"I read the original Hellblazer comics with great interest. They inspired me because they were highly entertaining, unafraid of getting dark, and unashamedly political. As a depressed, suicidal teenager, I sometimes identified with John Constantine's depressed, near-suicidal existence. He knew more about the nature of the world than most people around him — and growing up in the highly industrialized and poor corner of the Czech Republic, coming from a family that was falling apart due to decades of damage and lies, in a landscape equally beautiful and poisoned, I felt very much the same. I also liked Constantine's stoicism in the face of danger, and it inspired me to adopt a similar attitude. The ultimate secret of magic, after all, is that anyone can do it."

- Ales Kot

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So, Teen Titans Go has been playing on Cartoon Network for quite awhile now. I don't know HOW well it's doing - I've heard conflicting reports from different sources - but considering that its been cleared for season after season, and has no sign of stopping soon, I'm going to assume it's doing quite well for itself.

Personally, I don't care for it - it moved from "tolerable" to "overly obnoxious" some time ago for me. But as I said, many people seem to like it, including its target audience, so I'm happy to change the channel to something else until We Bare Bears starts.

However, I noticed the title of this episode, and being a fan of the original I decided to take a peek. What I got was...


Behind the cut is a review of the above episode, done by the Mysterious Mr. Enter, who covers basically what my personal problem is with the show that actually offends me.

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Batman is summoned by a Bat-Signal. The entire JLA had JLA communicators, usually behind their emblem or in Wonder Woman's case, the star in her tiara. The Avengers ID cards were retooled to be flat communicators. The Fantastic Four uses flares to summon the team for emergencies...

And the second super-team ever, The Seven Soldiers of Victory?


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