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Some of you may remember the time I posted that one story where Bruce is depicted as a completely realistic corporate CEO. Well, more realistic than almost any other take, anyways. Good times, good times.

Many of you rightfully called out that portrayal as terrible, and that pondering the "realistic" foundations of Wayne Enterprises misses the whole point of Batman very, very badly. This recent article from Chris Sims on that very topic got me thinking: what would be the total, polar opposite of Batman: Tenses? What story would have Bruce's boundless charity and philanthropy play a central role, not just be relegated to a plot convenience or a fuzzy-wuzzy epilogue?

Ladies and germs, I believe I've found the answer. And the answer may shock you to your very core!

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Writer: Cullen Bunn
Penciller: Dale Eaglesham & Martin Coccolo
Inkers: Dale Eaglesham & Scott Hanna
Colorist: Jason Wright

Warning for some violence and light gore.

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"It becomes hard to do something fresh and new – even with action sequences; every story you tell, Batman’s gotta do something, Superman’s gotta do something, and you go, well what hasn’t he done already? We’ve done hundreds of hours of content with these characters! So with this Gods and Monsters version of it, it does open up all kinds of new possibilities, and not just for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, but for all these other DC characters. It’s kicking over the table, coming up with different ideas for the characters." - Bruce Timm

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From the oddest of Elseworlds, WHOM GODS DESTROY, Part Two, "The Hunt"-- the 1997 Superman-Wonder Woman four part story by Chris Claremont and Dusty Abell....which oddly enough, is mainly a Lois Lane story. 15 pages out of 48.

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"Right now with the United States engaged in war on foreign soil, because Canadians share our language and so much of our culture, it would be interesting to look at them as the occupied and the invaded. We might be able to, as North Americans, identify with them more closely than we would if I had set the story in the Middle East, for example." -- Brian K. Vaughan

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From the oddest of Elseworlds, WHOM GODS DESTROY, the 1997 Superman-Wonder Woman four part story by Chris Claremont and Dusty Abell....which oddly enough, is mainly a Lois Lane story. 16 pages out of 48.

Alternate world. Superman appeared in 1938. No other supers known. It's now 1997, and Lois has aged naturally. (And is roommates with Lana Lang.) She is bitter about her retirement party, and kicks ass (and kicks a robber in the nads) when her gym is held up. Maggie Sawyer tells her to act her age and leave the crimefighting to the cops.

Lois reflects to Lana that she's only human, but...

A lot of it is Claremont at his most pretentious, so I'm going to start with a lovely silent sequence.

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The resolution of the conflict between Snow and Rose, and some spoilery discussion.

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"In the criminal justice system of Battleworld, the word of doom is represented by one very worthy group. The Thors who investigate heretical crime and judge offenders against God Doom. These are their stories."
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