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Wherein I bring to you the David Brin-penned series that acts somewhat like a combination of Uber and God is Dead... frankly a series that I felt had great promise, but ended up tripping over its own feet after a while.

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'As far as what happened in terms of the soap opera aspect of monthly comicbooks "falling out of favor"... I couldn't tell you. I think extremely influential writers in the modern era -- like Warren Ellis, in particular -- were pretty far removed from employing explicit soap opera aspects in their comicbooks, so there's that. In fact, a lot of British writers, weaned on 2000AD, would obviously steer clear of soap opera in their writing, since it wasn't something that inspired them in the first place. Not to mention, the lack of it was something they used to set themselves apart. To brand themselves as something different from what was then a true staleness in American serialized comicbooks. And it definitely worked, especially in Warren's case. And the writers that came after him -- even American ones -- followed his lead on a lot of their work.' - Joe Casey

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From Harley Quinn #4 - 6

An especially nasty organization of Russian terrorists was broken up by a joint American & Russian operation. But, a group of the deadliest of them escaped justice with a great deal of wealth, and are currently in New York, plotting the downfall of the American Dream.

Fortunately, the safety and security of our great nation is in good hands.

Comedic ultraviolence following. If DC & Marvel ever do joint projects again, I want a Harley & Deadpool team-up. But could the Multiverse survive such a union?

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Hello everyone. Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment has entered a brand new story arc and is heading in a new and rather interesting direction.

The main case our hero, Abaku Inugami, is faced with this time is actually involving plagiarism! Vin Daichi (aka Class 6-2’s Da Vinci) and Hikari Takasu (aka Class 6-3’s Picasso) are claiming that the other is copying and stealing their work. They want to sue the other for the damages and slander they have been receiving. These nasty rumors have been wrecking their reputation in the school’s Fine Arts world after all. Abaku agrees to represent Takasu in the case, but only after seeing how both of the artists’ recent painting is pretty much exactly the same.

However, this is where things start changing up as we introduce a Civil Court Case...

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Your thoughts on these new developments?

Written by Nobuaki Enoki, Art by Takeshi Obata
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'We're definitely not ignoring the fact that these people all have beef with each other, but we're also acknowledging that many of them have successfully worked together in the past. The truth is, very few super heroes or villains would ever be willing to be in the same room with any other hero or villain after everything they've all been through. I mean, Captain America almost beat Tony Stark to death at the end of "Civil War." The Hulk beat up pretty much everyone in the world during "World War Hulk." The Scarlet Witch destroyed a zillion mutants [during "House of M"]. And so on.

'You could write an entire story that was nothing but characters rehashing their various moments of good and bad history together, but that's not how people talk or act. I think it's best to use those moments really sparingly, where they have maximum impact, otherwise you're looking backward, not forward.' - Charles Soule

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"THE WICKED + THE DIVINE is unlike True Detective as: it features women who do things. THE WICKED + THE DIVINE is like True Detective as: we shamelessly rip off huge chunks of stuff from Alan Moore." -- Kieron Gillen

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