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So, it's Batman Day, huh?

BATMAN #600, the final part of "Bruce Wayne: Murderer" had Batman say "There is no Bruce Wayne," get into a fistfight with Nightwing, and then run away to one of the mini-caves around Gotham. Also, Jason's memorial case got smashed because that's what happens when there is a fight in the Batcave. And then "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive" starts This is to provide context.

Batman visits the East End )

Going Sane

Jul. 23rd, 2014 02:02 pm
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I first posted this here three years ago but with I figured with Batman's anniversary it's worth another look. On a related note, Comixology is having a huge Batman sale right now (750 issues for 99 cents a piece) and this story is one of them.

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I somehow managed to not pay attention to the fact that DC Comics have declared July 23 "Batman Day", to celebrate 75 years of his publication.... I feel slightly embarassed about that, as I should have thought to propose an event in advance.

On the other hand, nothing to stop me declaring one now! :)

Batman and Sons has a few words to say on the matter )
So, to celebrate the admittedly impressive milestone,  if you have a favourite Batman moment, image or story, let's see it (Or you can request one if there's one you've always wanted to see!)

Happy Batday!
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CAPTAIN AMERICA #276-278 contained a three part backup story called "Snapping" about Sam Wilson and his time as "Snap" Wilson. It isn't really a Falcon story, as Sam is only the Falcon in one panel. It is also by the same writer, J.M. DeMatteis, and artist, Mike Zeck, as the main story.

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"What happens when the copy thinks of itself as superior to the original? Appropriation of identity, the replication of social hierarchies, the hegemony of a particular race, gender, sexual orientation -- any one group over another, really -- this is what Magnus Robot Fighter is about.

"That, and karate chopping robots until they explode."
-- Fred Van Lente

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I posted a few panels from Ms Marvel #6 for the Wolverine intro, and that leaves me with just enough "space" to post a little more.

Well, I wasn't expecting THAT )

Oh, and we meet her first proper supervillain )
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"It's really a superhero book leaning on the fancy side, but how else could it be? A lot of people do celebrity and superhero; that's an old trope. But it's almost always cynical, the idea that just because they did a bit of coke they aren't as good as Superman. And it's like, fuck you! David Bowie saved my life." -- Kieron Gillen

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The Name's Grayson. Dick Grayson.

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Food For Thought: I guess we know who Blondie is on that Batsgiving Poster, don't we? If so, there's only one person left on that thing who's un-ID'd.
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From the cover of Mystic Funnies #1 (1997)

We can't talk about underground comix without mentioning its most well-known and influential creator, R. (Robert) Crumb. In 1968, his Zap Comix was the first underground title really to tap into the hippie/freak zeitgeist and achieve commercial success, paving the way for hundreds more titles by a variety of cartoonists. Although many of his colleagues and readers have rightly called him out for the unabashed misogyny, dehumanizing sexuality, and insensitively "ironic" use of racial caricature in his work, there's still much within Crumb's output worth reading. Among his wittiest stories are those starring the half-wise, half-huckster guru Mr. Natural and his long-suffering, neurotic student, Flakey Foont.

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