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LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #44 has quite a cover. Batman could grit his teeth like that, but only in the 1990s. This was Steven Grant and Sean McManus's first Batman story.

Legends of the dark knight  #44 - Page 1

Nutshell: Batman and Gordon vs. racist cops. )
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Hi folks!

As I am going through my Animerica Extra collection (looks like I am going to have to sell a bunch of comics soon), I found the first chapter of the Revolutionary Girl Utena manga by Chiho Saito.

This was a tie in to the Shoujo Kakumei Utena anime series, which had some interesting themes about gender roles, the destructiveness of the virgin/whore ("princess/witch") dichotomy, Thelemic philosophy, and the need to "grow up" to become a complete human being. It also had some trippy visuals, some disturbing sexual moments, and a twist on the standard shounen fighting tournament story arc.

The director of the anime, Kunihiko Ikuhara, wasn't very good at explaining his concepts to Ms. Saito, so the manga (which started a year before the show aired) is very different in tone, and has some characters that don't appear elsewhere (but are referenced in flashbacks.)

Break the shell of the world! )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Trigger Warning for Suicide

So Jessica Drew has been getting some bad press as of late, so as one of her biggest fans it lies to me to to share some of her exploits of yore. So as Halloween approaches I think I'll share some early issues of Spider Woman, when the comic had the catchphrase "To Know Her is to Fear Her," and focused a lot on supernatural, and horror elements (Really Hydra was only a small part of her backstory at this point).

Thing's are starting to go pretty well for Jessica at this point, for the first time since she left the High Evolutionary's Mountain stronghold of Wundagore she's found someone to love, Jerry Hunt, and things are looking up for her... So why then is she willing to die for a stranger?

Read on fearless spideretts, and hear the tale of the Man Who Could Not Die )
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Last time, we saw that John Dickering, the Comet, under the influence of bad-guy hypnosis, had committed several robberies and disintegrated at least one cop in the process. He snapped out of it, discovered he was now a wanted man, and vowed to clear his name. Which would be a tall order, given that while still mesmerized he'd managed to kill both his captors. So, did he ever clear his name? Find out in this story from Pep #17 (July 1941) which, like all issues up to #71, is in the public domain (scans courtesy of

Watch the Comet achieve an historic first for the superhero genre! Major spoilers ahoy! )
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This contains spoilers for Mass Effect 3. So if you're thinking of playing those games and want to know as little as possible going in, stop right here and don't look under the cut.

In Mass Effect 2, when you visit the planet Ilium one of the people you see is a krogan named Charr, who is reciting poetry. Charr's intended audience is his asari girlfriend, because they're having problems in their relationship and he's trying to convince her not to break up with him. This unofficial comic posted on The Escapist is about him and how the events of the third game affect him.

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Ex Machina is IMO a great series, an interesting combination of superheroics and politics. For the most part I think the series is consistently good... with one exception.

This comes from the second Ex Machina special. I'm only posting two pages from this just in case anyone else wants to post stuff from the series at a later date. FWIW the following isn't a huge spoiler but it does reveal what was a 'cryptic background reference' for the beginning of the series.

Warning for some gore (heck that goes for the rest of the series -- I wouldn't say its up on the level of Garth Ennis, but when it gets gory it gets gory).

Scans under the cut... )
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With October starting soon, I figured I'd ask once again if anyone would like to see any specific stories published by EC Comics or Warren (who published stuff like Creepy). Wikipedia at least has a complete list of each of all the stories under each EC title if there's anything that grabs your attention. 

EDIT: Also if anyone wants to see any Junji Ito stories for Halloween, I can post those too.

Here's a story I first posted here way back in 2011 titled "Let the Punishment fit the Crime"...

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Oh quit flirting, you two.

By request, another Comet story. This one's from Pep #3 (April 1940). Pep issues from 1 through 71 are in the public domain; scans are courtesy of

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And if anyone is interested, I'm currently running the Annotated DC blog, where I go over the references and homages to various DC works across different types of media. I know that some folks here follow it, so I thought that I'd post a link in case anyone else is curious. :)
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'I get bored really easily. I just want to move on to other things and try out new stuff. That lends itself to the job when you’re working at Marvel on a mainstream book, on these continual second act comics.' - Jonathan Hickman

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The publisher now called Archie Comics began in 1939 as MLJ Comics. Pep, its third title, is today best known for introducing the world to Archie Andrews. However, he didn't debut until Issue 22 (Dec. 1941). Before that, and for some time afterwards, Pep was an anthology comic of which the lead feature was the Shield, America's first patriotic-themed superhero. This post is about neither of them. Rather, it's about the Comet, a superhero with the chemically-induced power to disintegrate evildoers with a glance. The creation of Jack Cole (Plastic Man), he was, like many early Golden Age capes, a brutal, take-no-prisoners guy who didn't hesitate to kill. Here, from Issue 1 (Jan. 1940), is his origin story and first adventure. Pep issues from 1 through 71 are in the public domain; scans are courtesy of

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Hi folks!

Mitsuru Adachi is a manga artist best known for sports romance stories, often with a certain amount of tragic circumstances involved. The one that is available in English is Cross Game, in which the protagonist's love interest in the first volume drowns, and in addition to becoming a baseball star, he must struggle with moving on from her. In 1999, however, Animerica Extra ran some of his one chapter stories under the umbrella title "Short Program."

The cover image has nothing to do with the actual story in this issue, "Change." 13 pages of 40 (at one point the characters even mention it's a forty page story; Adachi has a habit of breaking the fourth wall for gags.) Up front I should mention there's some problematic violence, and gender role stuff that may be displeasing.

You can't always get what you want )

Your thoughts and comments?


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