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Greetings one and all,

 The final trailer for Batman v. Superman hit today and it is a thing of beauty, so I thought to post the link to here for those who have not yet seen it.

 There are so many things I could praise about it, but I will settle with Bruce/Alfred dynamic and that final shot of Superman's expression. Also that initial sequence feels like it is from the Arkham games and I mean that as high praise.
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"I wish I could take credit for the image, but my memory is that Jason Aaron tossed it out during one of the creative retreats and I dived on it like a rat on a slice of pizza. I knew exactly what to do with it and what it signifies..." -- Mark Waid

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With the Deadpool movie coming out on Friday, I thought I'd post one of my favorite Deadpool moments. And it doesn't involve him being all that funny or crazy. It is from UNCANNY X-FORCE #5, and shows that Wade Wilson has something resembling a conscience.

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JOKER: LAST LAUGH #1 had Dick Grayson take Barbara Gordon out so she wouldn't focus on the Joker (locked up in the Slab). Being a superhero story, Barbara will blame herself for the Joker escaping (with a gang of Jokerized super-criminals) since "She only looked away once."

Anyway, two pages of Dick and Babs have them discussing if what the Bat-family does counts as revenge.

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"The idea of it is like Wonka’s golden ticket, where an app can appear on your phone and suddenly you get millions. In its own way it can be like the black spot from “Treasure Island,” it is it’s own little mark of death as well. But the people who have been chosen initially, that’s a nasty twist that is coming for them down the road. Initially they think they won the lottery."- Interview with Rob Williams

"This was the series I was most excited for in the relaunch and it does not disappoint." - Comic Vine, quote on the cover.

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Mike Dowling
Colorist: Quinton Winter

Warning for some language.

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'The Avengers of 20XX are fantastic fun to write about, and I owe most of that to Alan Davis, who -- when asked to draw some future Avengers for the last page of the "Ultron Forever" mini -- did things like a half-fish Iron Man and a foot-high Nova. Obviously, I couldn't leave that be.' -- Al Ewing

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He masked himself like another Strange, with dark hair streaked grey.

Five years later, there was a reciprocal reference.

It was in Moon Knight #17, written by Doug Moench and drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz.

It wasn't one that fit at all in the story.

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"...the best new series of 2015, and with only a month and a half left in the year, that's saying a lot." - Fanboy Nation (quote on the front cover of the issue)

Writer: Si Spencer
Artist: Max Dunbar
Inker: Ande Parks
Colorist: Nick Filardi

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"I will admit that although I enjoyed some of the colourful clowns at one time or another, I think they have a mildly negative effect on the Batman franchise." - Neal Adams

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