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From The New York Times

The comic book community is coming together to help the victims of the Orlando shooting. In December, DC Comics and IDW Publishing will publish “Love Is Love,” a 144-page comic book whose proceeds will benefit Equality Florida and its fund for those affected by the June 12 attack at the Pulse nightclub in Florida.

Rafael Albuquerque provides this pinup.

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"They’re raised outside of Gotham and come to fix it: 'We see all the war and trouble, have incredible power, and will come to your city and show you how to get it done.' That comes from when I went to Iraq. We felt like a superpower coming to fix a place and learning it’s a much more complicated situation than we realized. Batman, who’s been in those gutters for his whole career, encounters these bright eyed, bushy-tailed characters. That comes from my CIA stuff." -- Tom King

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like.

Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

I had a glance through the BBC News page for any interesting/potentially amusing new snippets, but it's a pretty damned depressing assortment today, So I'm sticking with pop culture.

The ever-entertaining Transformers Rescue Bots officially became the longest running iteration of the franchise this week, with it's 99th episode meaning that it's outlasted Gen1. Though the fact that it achieved this milestone on the 32nd anniversary of Gen1 debuting in North America is sort of tactless perhaps.

LEGO Dimensions announces forthcoming packs for Knight Rider (A Fun Pack (one character, one vehicle) with David Hasselhoff's Michael Knight and KITT) and two for The Lego Batman movie (Which will feature a Batman Fun Pack ("Excalibur Batman" suit, with mecha-Bat-horse) and a Robin and Batgirl Story Pack (Two figures, one vehicle and a Batcomputer portal build). Robin will be able to upgrade to Nightwing in-game, and since we find out in the trailer that Robin's costume is actually Batman's old "Jamaican themed Batsuit" I can only wonder what Nightwing will be, but I am PRAYING that it's Discowing!

Angela Lansbury, though sadly now confirmed as NOT appearing in Game of Thrones despite the rumour, did show that at 90, she can still wow a crowd with a live performance of Beauty and the Beast.

And the comparitively youthful Toni Basil (probably best known for her take on "Mickey" back in 1982), shows that, at 72, she can still dance rings around folk a fraction of her age.

And I won't even bother linking to Dolly Partons new acapella version of "Jolene" with Pentatonix, because at a mere 70, it seems unfair to showcase such a slip of a girl after those two. (Oh all right, but I have to say, the performance is amazing, but I genuinely HATE that song)
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After reading Wonder Woman #4/5 I'm a little confused about where this origin story is going.

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Looks like She-Hulk is back folks and in a brand new title! Also... something different.

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