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So I saw Winter Soldier and loved it. And I loved that Batroc was in it. Because Batroc is awesome :D

Sadly, while reading a bunch of reviews, I've noticed a disturbing trend: people think Batroc is a loser. Pretty much everybody expressed shock over the fact that Batroc in the movie was cool, because they are convinced that Batroc in the comics sucks.

Guy has no superpowers whatsoever, no weapons or tech or armour or fancy gadgets, and he can still put up a decent fight against the likes of Captain America, simply because he trained his butt off all his life to become a genuinely competent martial artist. How can people call him a loser? :(

SO. I've decided to post a couple of pages from Captain America #360!

Batroc VS sharks! )

And while I am at it, how could I possibly pass up the chance to post this panel?

Finally, I need help to find a certain issue. I've seen a few panels of a story with Batroc that looks hilarious, and I'd love to read the whole story, but I have no idea what issue it is.

Could you take a look at these panels and let me know if you recognize the issue? )
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I still hold the Ed Brubaker/Cameron Stewart/Darwyn Cooke Catwoman run as possibly one of the greatest comicbook series DC have ever put out. And since I've not posted anything from their run in a while, I thought that I'd put a bit from the first storyarc.

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"They're inherently juvenile, I'm told. They're simplistic. They're just an adolescent male power fantasy, a crypto-fascist presentation of status quo values ... what charms me about that objection to superheroes is the way it points out in the guise of criticism, what to me is the greatest strength of the superhero genre -- the ease with which superheroes can be used as metaphor, as symbol, whether for the psychological transformation of adolescence, the self-image of a nation, or something else. A genre that can do something like that -- is that really a limitation?" -- Kurt Busiek

That's from the introduction to the first Astro City trade, so it would have been written in, what, sometime in the late 90s? I wonder if today he'd want to add a caveat to that statement, given what this issue gets at.

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CAPTAIN AMERICA: STRANDED IN DIMENSION Z was a very sci-fi pulp way to start the most recent Captain America series. And throughout the series are various flashbacks to Steve's 1920s-30s childhood in the Lower East Side, complete with the whole "Steve's father was an alcoholic" that they first revealed in an Iron Man story, IIRC.
Anyway, here's some more about Steve's childhood.

The Bowery Boys were never like this )
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"Someone described it as Buzz Lightyear meets Unforgiven, and I think it's a pretty accurate assessment." - Mark Millar

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Comixology has an early preview of the third week of the title, and it features our first proper glimpse of someone who's been missing for some time...
Spoiler, two pages )
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First, Dynamite Comics did a new version of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Now, on the heels of that, they've launched the latest interpretation of Magnus: Robot Fighter.

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The newest DC weekly has begun with a solid start as some old faces are reintroduced to the DCnU, and a Shocking Event that will have repercussions in the weeks to come...
Spoilers )
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This comic has what is quite possibly the most metal thing you'll see all week.

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Hey, this is unrelated to the post but has Comixology been a COMPLETE unholy mess for anyone else since they switched to that new reader? It fails to load the pages so often that I've had to, like, reload the reader three dozen times to make my way through all the pages of a standard 20 page comic. I just want to know if the problem isn't only on my end.

That out of he way, onto the post...

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So DC's next big event is Future's End, a look five years into the future of the DC universe. And Bleeding Cool has gotten some preview scans of what's happened to some of our favorite superheroes in five years time.

In the grim darkness of the near future... )

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Iron Man vs. Malekith the Accursed...

'In "Thor: The Dark World" there's that moment where they're basically talking about the quantum bridge and the difference in language between how Asgardians would describe the quantum effects and how the Earth's scientists would. There's a kind of nod toward "aren't these Asgardians silly." That's kind of a comedy beat. I think it's a failure of perspective. How two different people describe the same effect doesn't involve one of them being silly, especially if they're better at it than you are.' -- Kieron Gillen

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