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May the 4th

I found this in a bookstore the last time I visited Paris, and thought I'd share it with you.

I'm not patient or good enough to change the text in situ, so I'll put in as much of the text as seems appropriate after the fact, and apologise to any French speakers as I mangle their lovely language (And that's why Cypher is my favourite superhero!)

Written and drawn by Enrique V Vegas

Be warned this is not only not dial-up friendly, it's actively dial-up hostile!!

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I may object to the concept, but darn it if the first issues of the Convergence titles have been a whole heap of fun, like visiting old friends in their comfortable familiar homes, though knowing that those familiar homes might well be bulldozed the following day/issue.

Shazam is a case in point, with great writing from Jeff Parker (writer on Batman '66) and sublime art from Evan "Doc" Shaner.

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"East of West is also a book of big themes and big characters, something that's always nice.

But in its simplest, most distilled form, it's a love story that takes place at the end of the world.
" - Jonathan Hickman

7 of 23 pages

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Greetings one and all

Since it has been ages I've done a post here, I apologize in advance for any breaches. The scans here are from three 22 page issues, seven pages per issue, and they comprise the first story arc of Lucifer: A Six Card Spread.

Slightly over a decade ago there was a fantastic comic book series called Lucifer, a spin-off from Sandman where Lucifer had quit as the ruler of Hell. It was written by Mike Carey, was 75 issues long and utterly awesome. Especially when read as a whole, as you can see several allusions to the end already in the beginning. I was reminded of this series a short while ago as I again saw reminder about the Lucifer TV series they are making. I am not commenting anything more on that as my mind is still processing the concept. So, after a discussion with another poster about doing scans of this comic, I present to you the glory that is the first story arc of Lucifer. And yeah, I don't know why I had to do that intro either.

And by the way, before the cut, there are so many trigger warning for this story

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"To me they were just a bunch of irredeemable dicks. They’re supes to begin with, so they’re arrogant shits whose powers make them feel superior, but elevation to The Seven would make them a thousand times worse. I did go into the Homelander’s story a while back, and there’ll be more on him in #65 because his origin’s pretty important to the overall story, but with the rest I didn’t see the point. They are, when all’s said and done, a pretty obvious parody of the JLA."

- Garth Ennis

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In February and March 1974, SF writer Philip K. Dick had a series of hallucinatory experiences which influenced the remainder of his personal life and literary career. Although he generally treated these as genuine spiritual revelations, on which he wrote a massive journal commentary he called the Exegesis, he did occasionally consider the possibilities that these visions were symptoms of schizophrenia or a temporal lobe epilepsy. Whatever they were, in 1981 Dick sat with interviewer Gregg Rickman to discuss them, and in the summer of 1986, R. Crumb illustrated some excerpts in Weirdo #17. 2⅔ pages out of 8.

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Last time the GI Joes were big dumb soldiers who on the orders of a Senator who is very quick to suggest the destruction of her pet project, a flying nuclear power plant, destroyed Bumblebee after he saved a little kid. The Insecticon Bombshell was able to gang access to the plant, and a none too happy Superion showed up wanting to know what happened to his friend.

Also I love this cover, it's movie night at Shockwave's house! Get down Ravage!

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It is probably the world's worst-kept secret, especially in the light of DC's FCBD issue, that Clark Kent as a disguise for Superman is about to come to an end. I don't want to prejudge---and whether this is a disastrous mistake of historic proportions or a bold new direction (or both) will have to be seen.

But oddly, I will miss...not the real person Clark Kent as raised by the Kents, but the false persona built up over the years.

So, here's not to the idealistic superpowerful alien raised among us....but to who he pretended to be. After all, who you pretend to be reveals much about who you are. Here's to..."Clark Kent".

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