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"There is a mountain of evidence that immigration, including border crossing, is good for the economy and country." -- Nick Spencer

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Here's another actually decent Diana moment! This time, it's about overcoming loss and the nature of grief, courtesy of the ragtag creative team behind DC Bombshells, whom should probably get a Sensation Comics monthly! (We do have Action and Detective, after all.)

Plus, Wonder Woman muses (weirdly) on the afterlife. Check it!

Words: Marguerite Bennett
Art: Matias Bergara
Colors: J. Nanjan
Letters: Wes Abbott

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Also from (and maybe the best of) the Young Animal line! Here's a quality, sometimes bubbly, sometimes poetic series about comic book resurrection, intergalactic pop culture, and the bittersweet journey of a second chance.

The CW should really look into this - it'd make a perfect sister series to iZombie. Check it!

Words: Cecil Castellucci
Art: Marley Zarcone
Colors: Kelly Fitzpatrick

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THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SAVIOR 28 was an IDW miniseries by J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Cavallaro, where a superhero named Savior 28 starts a peace movement and everyone hates him for it. Yes, it's more complicated than that.

savior 28 #1 cover

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The human Cylons hidden in the Fleet feared it.

So did the humans of the Fleet, especially with the evidence that it- Tallos, as Baltar had named it with his sense of aptness- might still have some will of its own.

Though Baltar believed he'd straightened out that problem, Commander Adama still worried.

To test his worries, he had the human Cylon they knew about (the instance of the Number Eight model that Helo and Starbuck'd brought back with them from Caprica) taken out of the brig and put before Tallos, so that they could see if the reprogrammed Centurion would obey human orders even when another Cylon was there.

The moment Tallos saw the one Helo still called Sharon, he broke his bonds and threw aside those around him.

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"We’ve seen cosmic science, issue #2 of ULTIMATES SQUARED deals with cosmic parapsychology. If there’s something strange in your universe, who you gonna call?" -- Al Ewing

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In a B plot about family pride, New Super-Man does New Battle for the Cowl! Also, everything is a Hogwarts AU, even the Justice League.

Plus, I-Ching is right where he wants to be in life. Check it!

Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Art: Richard Friend, Viktor Bogdanovic


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