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"Andy Lanning and I are no longer working together, and indeed haven’t worked together since early last year except to finish commitments. The very long-standing relationship was no longer working, and the split was for the best. I am very much happier now working solo." - Dan Abnett

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Another amazing piece from my pal Juliandroid, original concept thought up by me during that whole #ChangeTheCover controversy ages ago. Juli's going to be offering commissions via tumblr pretty damn soon, so snap up those slots if you're interested!

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There's such a great history for the character, but in the same way Gotham is an elastic town, she's got an elastic story, where there's a lot of room for her within the DC mythos that Mark [Doyle, the Batman group editor] and company have been excited to explore. The last arc of Catwoman was a chance to tell a really great story for Selina that made the most of her sly smarts and set up some characters that could give her a run for her money, in one way or another, and the reader response has been incredible. This arc is where all those delicate things start to go to pieces, and in some ways that's even better." - Genevieve Valentine

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Ok, I'll admit, they didn't hype the New 52 characters as much as I though they would be in this issue.
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Skottie Young: Marville just exists. We jump into a day that’s like any other day. These kids live in houses and have parents and go to school. There is no deep origin other than their parents all did grown up stuff and then they are all born and now blast each other with eye lasers and hand cannons. It’s as if the world has always existed this way and we get to step into a regular day.

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Avatar Press's offering for Free Comic Book Day this year is a teaser for a new sci-fi series by Kieron Gillen and Omar Francia.

'[Avatar publisher William Christensen] threw me a seed of something he thought Avatar should be publishing. That's how we were working then. Uber came from a basic seed idea of 'Nazi Germany invents Superhumans, prompting an arms race between the Allied and Axis powers." Mercury Heat's mandate was even wider: "Female-lead action comic."' -- Kieron Gillen

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SPECIAL MARVEL EDITION #16 is the second appearances of Shang Chi, and ends with a brutal battle between Shang Chi and his foster brother M'Nai, a.k.a. Midnight.

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'I just want to show people that you don't have to change what it is about these characters that made them appealing back then. You can jump right in and show them as they were, and people will accept it. I always learn this lesson watching my kids read old comics. They're never thrown because they're reading a reprint of something made 50 years ago. That never messes with them. They just accept it. They don't care that the characters don't have cell phones. People have really weird ideas when they say, "This book is so dated because they're riding skateboards" or whatever. That stuff never matters. What you do is strip down to the classic things we all relate to. All the basic humanity in the world doesn't change, and everything else is just some weird dressing.' - Jeff Parker

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"We thankfully live in a world that’s reasonably progressive now, at least in the West. the last ten to fifteen years has seen major strides in LGBT rights to the point where it’s kind of odd NOT to regard another human being as having the same rights you have as opposed to this just being a fringe issue. This is especially true among young people, which is a fantastic glimpse into the future, and most sit-coms or dramas now have one matter-of-fact gay character, which is fine. However, 1959 was quite different and I like the idea of a guy who essentially has two secret identities. On the hand he’s a superhero, in his other life he’s an old school professional who’s respected by his peers, but secretly he’s got a private life that could ruin everything. From a dramatic point of view there’s something much more interesting about a gay superhero in 1958 because the shockwaves it would create if he came out the closet would be enormous in the period. This opening story is kind of an analogue of what was happening to the carefully managed movie stars of the day like Rock Hudson or Montgomery Clift."

- Mark Millar

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