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Fanart ...Wednesdays? - Cass Cain edition

Dedicated to my personal favorite Batgirl....nuff said...

(Oh and I'm posting this early because I fully expect to be swamped tomorrow and unable to post :P)

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Stephanie Brown's Ever Changing Mother

A thing I've noticed with Stephanie's mum is that she rarely seemed to share a character design over a stretch of time.

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Solo: Damion Scott - Cass and Tim... Of the Future!

Solo was a series that DC released that contained one-shot stories by a variety of artists, so from issue to issue the internal look of the thing changed massively. The trade is coming out in June.

Anyway, Damion Scott, co-creator of Cass Cain, got a couple of sections, both involving his character. Oddly though they were drawn in the style he picked up after he left her solo series... taking on a style that is kind of, er, different?
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