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Cringeworthy Comicbook Moments: Disjointed Complaints About Misfit

In the pantheon of comicbook characters, there are some that people can't stand even if other people seem to be big fans. In my case, there are probably three characters that I have an intense dislike of.

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Fanart ...Wednesdays? - Cass Cain edition

Dedicated to my personal favorite Batgirl....nuff said...

(Oh and I'm posting this early because I fully expect to be swamped tomorrow and unable to post :P)

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Stephanie Brown's Ever Changing Mother

A thing I've noticed with Stephanie's mum is that she rarely seemed to share a character design over a stretch of time.

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Solo: Damion Scott - Cass and Tim... Of the Future!

Solo was a series that DC released that contained one-shot stories by a variety of artists, so from issue to issue the internal look of the thing changed massively. The trade is coming out in June.

Anyway, Damion Scott, co-creator of Cass Cain, got a couple of sections, both involving his character. Oddly though they were drawn in the style he picked up after he left her solo series... taking on a style that is kind of, er, different?
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