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So I saw Winter Soldier and loved it. And I loved that Batroc was in it. Because Batroc is awesome :D

Sadly, while reading a bunch of reviews, I've noticed a disturbing trend: people think Batroc is a loser. Pretty much everybody expressed shock over the fact that Batroc in the movie was cool, because they are convinced that Batroc in the comics sucks.

Guy has no superpowers whatsoever, no weapons or tech or armour or fancy gadgets, and he can still put up a decent fight against the likes of Captain America, simply because he trained his butt off all his life to become a genuinely competent martial artist. How can people call him a loser? :(

SO. I've decided to post a couple of pages from Captain America #360!

Batroc VS sharks! )

And while I am at it, how could I possibly pass up the chance to post this panel?

Finally, I need help to find a certain issue. I've seen a few panels of a story with Batroc that looks hilarious, and I'd love to read the whole story, but I have no idea what issue it is.

Could you take a look at these panels and let me know if you recognize the issue? )
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CAPTAIN AMERICA: STRANDED IN DIMENSION Z was a very sci-fi pulp way to start the most recent Captain America series. And throughout the series are various flashbacks to Steve's 1920s-30s childhood in the Lower East Side, complete with the whole "Steve's father was an alcoholic" that they first revealed in an Iron Man story, IIRC.
Anyway, here's some more about Steve's childhood.

The Bowery Boys were never like this )
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CAPTAIN AMERICA #401 is a "cool down" issue after Operation: Galactic Storm. Cap is in a sulky mood after half the Avengers executed the Supreme Intelligence for using the Nega-Bomb as a genocide weapon on the Kree.
I've posted pages from this issue before, and these pages reflect the friendship between Steve Rogers and Clint Barton. It is a friendship that (it seems) won't get reflected in the Marvel Cinema Universe and seems to have been largely ignored over the decades.

Wish the Falcon would get back )
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Hi folks!

Back in the day, Marvel Comics had a "no late shipping" rule. If it looked like a writer or artist wasn't going to get their work in by deadline, the editor would slip in a filler story prepared in advance. Some of them were good, others not so much.

I'll let you decide which one this is. Six pages of eighteen, plus a treat.

Lo, the Eternity Man Cometh! )

Your thoughts and comments?

May the Force be with you,


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