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I feel like some of New Mutants #40 might have been posted before, but I didn't see it in the tags. Maybe it was in sd 1.0.

Anyhow, back when Magneto was running Xavier's school (and everything was made of awesome), Emma Frost manipulated Mags into sending the New Mutants to her Academy. When Magneto realized his mistake, he and Warlock rushed off to Massachusetts to "rescue" them, and Emma called the authorities, who sent The Avengers out to ambush him (he was still on everyone else's shit list at the time).

When the New Mutants got wind of what was going on, Illyana decided to take action.

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Have I? Because I really should have by now. Carol's a character I sometimes forget, largely because I'm one of those kids that came in from watching Marvel's cartoons/playing their video games so I only tend to remember those characters, and frankly, Carol's really underused outside of comics. Its a little shameful that if you're not an Avengers comic reader, the most people tend to know about her is 'that one superhero that Rogue stole powers from' (hell, I've seen more than one X-Men fanfic about 're-imagining' the franchise (like the Ultimate Universe, but with less Mark Millar) or similar stories that depicts her as a villain (Worse, once she was a Nazi for crying out loud!), so that Rogue doesn't look like an A-Hole for utterly destroying her). Because of this, I almost completely missed her recent ongoing due to a combination of being too busy with other comics or being flat broke and unable to afford more than three comics a month (tis was a dark time for I). I also somehow keep forgetting about Avengers Assemble; I think its because the opening issues reeked of movie tie-in so I wasn't interested, but I keep forgetting to mention it or buy it.
That changed with the recent 'Enemy Within' Crossover, and I decided to post some scans from the fourth instalment of this Carolitious crossover.
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Once this story ends, I'm getting the trades of both these books. My bank account will hate me for it, but damn do I need it.

Cold Fire!

Jul. 1st, 2013 09:17 pm
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The run-up to the Independence Day holiday seems like a good time to post some Captain America stories, don't you think? I'm not sure if we've posted the classic "Cap for President" story from Captain America #250 on this community, so instead let's have the next two issues, guest-starring a favorite Cap villain.

Seven pages of twenty-two from #251, five pages of seventeen from #252, one page of five from a backup feature and an ad.

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And as we casually stroll into the setting sun, your thoughts and comments?

eta: Yes, we have posted Cap #250, here:
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When I think of an alternative to the hysterics of Mark Millar's Civil War, this is what I think of:

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