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A fun post A New Hope tale involving a drunken Rebel Pilot, freaky alien body doubles, an alien Owl-Man, the Star Wars version of "You Bet Your Life", and of course Lord Vader himself.

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I recently started another comic website/project. I got my hands on the full run of Marvel's old cracky Star Wars series. I thought it would be a fun blog project to review issue by issue with scans.

Click here to see the blog

In the meantime, I just finished their six issue "A New Hope" adaptation and thought I would post the highlights here.

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This comic was about the backstory of Baron Soontir Fel. After Vader's death, he was considered to be the best pilot in the Empire. He gets mentioned from time to time elsewhere - Thrawn recruited and cloned him, he showed up briefly in the New Jedi Order, his son became one of Jaina Solo's love interests, and in the "Legacy" comics the Emperor is a Fel. But he's at his biggest in the Rogue Squadron comics, where he was first introduced.

It was a special forty-one page comic.

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