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So, here is where it all went SO wrong. Extent merges the golden age hawks with Katar Hol/Hawkman of Thanagar. Zero hour...


Carter Hall/Hawkman,Katar Hol/Hawkman,Sheara Hall/Hawkgirl,Char:Extant,Group:JSA,Event:Zero Hour

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In the last chapter of our merry tale of What The Hell, we were treated to a boatload of genetic and esoterical confusion, courtesy of the Hawkfamily, a demon, a wizard, and Dove. In this chapter, we get more build up, a lot of supposed therapy... oh, and plotholes. Big ones. But after the first two chapters, you should have seen that last one coming. Twenty three pages from six issues. I tried this time to limit the ranting. Sort of.

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Diana's no Batman, with five different books devoted to her adventures at any one time. She's not even a franchise like Green Lantern, despite how awesome a regular title devoted to Artemis or Nu'bia could be*. But she is and has been an occasional guest in setting books like Action and a staple of team books like Justice League in many incarnations, and many of her better stories are from those titles rather than her own.

* Well, if it wasn't written by WML. Now let's never speak of Requiem again.

This one's from 1995, during the Era of Three Hundred Justice Leagues. Diana was head of the JLA and had been for some time - a position she is supremely suited to by nature, but was only intermittently suited to by portrayal, given that writer turnover was worse than League membership turnover at the time, and many of her authors simply didn't get Diana. And by that I mean either her personality or the fact that she could beat her entire League at once with one hand tied behind her back (well, maybe she'd need both hands for Flash), and how that needed to be reflected in group combat.

Unfortunately Gerard Jones was among them, and he was on JLA duty during this arc. But this story is a crossover event, and the other two writers involved - Beau Smith on Warrior and Messner-Loebs on Hawkman - had a better idea what they were doing. Overall I wasn't sure whether to include it, because it's not really a Wondy story, but there are a couple of moments here that I truly love, so here we go, once again, into outer space.

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Next time: Artemis finally becomes a likeable character, and we get to see Cassie when she still was. Plus Etrigan rhyming, Neron gloating, and Byrne killing Diana off. (Spoiler: It doesn't stick.)
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Back in the days of... the other place... I posted some scans from DC's 1980's Style guide featuring stellar linework from Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. When tidying up some old discs I had lying around I discovered I had many more of these than I thought.

I covered the Batfamily in the first go-round, and will deal with Wonder Woman, Superman and some other heroes in due time, but at the end of the disc were these INSANELY cute images of....

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