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...(and frankly, who isn't?) then you may enjoy this new crossover; "Scooby-Doo Team Up"!

And who better to be their first guests that

The Dynamic Duo themselves )
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From Newsarama, in the issue that would have been neater if it had come out BEFORE Forever Evil (And perhaps for obvious reasons, Nightwing didn't get a "Villains cover" issue (which given all the others had tied up heroes on those covers has to be some sort of cosmic irony))

Three pages under the cut, by Kyle Higgins and, I think, new regular artist Will Conrad

As Prankster's backstory is revealed )
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No joke, in the pages of Justice League 23.4 (or "Secret Society" as it might otherwise be known) where Nightwing is a prisoner of the Crime Syndicate....

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Back in the day, I did a "Killer Moth day" for a friend of mine on tumblr. In the process, I stumbled across this panel:

Killer Moth gets creative

I have no idea if it was already posted, or if there's a specific date for posting these things. If so, I apologize, and promise that I'll provide some never-before-seen (on scans_daily) dudes in distress images later.

(Also, is there a specific tag I should use for this theme?)
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A recent thread about how childhood trauma seemed to generate villains, but few heroes, reminded me of Colin Wilkes, the closest thing Damian Waybe might have admitted to having as a friend (rather than ally), Colin Wilkes...

Lil Gotham #6 )


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