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So guess what I found, everyone?

As much as today's comics are rightfully lambasted for their persistent sexist under(and sometimes over-)tones, it speaks rather glowingly of social progress that even the openly misogynist comics fans (and creators) of today would probably shudder at some of the works of yesteryear. As none of the comics on that list appear to be inhabitants of scans_daily (this edition, at least; some of them had probably been posted before the Great Crash), I have taken it upon myself to torture entertain you all with them.

First up... The Brave and the Bold #63 by one Mr. Bob Haney, creator of the Teen Titans, technical creator of Wonder Girl, and one of the most batshit insane writers of the Silver/Bronze age. I can't be certain, but I think this was the first meeting between Supergirl and Wonder Woman (this was before The Brave and the Bold turned into Batman and His Amazing Friends); if true, both "Super-chicks" have my deepest sympathies. Worse, the cover is an insidious little piece: 100% accurate to the story, 0% indicative of the shitstorm of sexism we're all in for.

Warning: do not read while drinking fluids. I will not be held reponsible for getting you a new keyboard. )
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The success of Bombshells would be a Cinderella story if Cinderella wore motorcycle boots. The initial idea was to build a comic book inspired by a line of popular collectible figurines. That germ of an idea has expanded into one of the brightest and funniest comics DC has to offer. The comic sold 60,000 copies in its debut print issue in August — a massive number for a digital-first comic.
Women writers and artists like Bennett often face backlash for "pushing an agenda," which is usually followed up by complaints that they're ruining comics by not having women overtly sexualized in their stories. A similar backlash is also applied to nonwhite writers and nontraditional heroes.
But 60,000 issues has a way of drowning out those voices.
"I feel like there was a lot of resistance to that at first, but now people are like, 'The books are here, you can see what they're like, they're great. Go forth and read,'" Bennett said. "I think people are starting to understand that this is not the destruction of Western civilization if you let girls in your goddamn clubhouse."

Diversity is making DC Comics great again

The lovely folks here introduced me to the DC comics: Bombshells series, so I thought I'd complete the circle and post a few of my favourite moments :) )
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And now for the first time since the 1970's TV series, we see a live action Themyscira, courtesy of an Italian TV report

Looks promising )
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I wasn't very familiar with Etta Candy going into this issue, but based on just this, I like her so far. Here's how Diana and Etta first met, plus Diana's Xena + Samurai Jack + Quantum Leap origin. (At least for this arc. I think.)

Also, look at that sickass cover! That'd make an excellent character poster.

Writer & Artist: Renae De Liz
6 pages from a nice 20 page issue.

Hardwick, Sugar and, uh ... Araminta. Dammit. Whatever other family names. )
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For the record, Bekka has super-attractiveness powers. And is a member of the Sinestro corps.

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Continued from Superman # 48. Some quick shots, since Truth is going to end in a month.

This issue, Superman gets his powers back, and some ones that I guess he didn't have in the New 52.

Also, Vandal Savage's evil plan gets especially comic booky.

NOTE: You may not be able to see some of these images unless you are using Google Chrome. Or something. Still not sure what went wrong last time I direct linked from blogspot.

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