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'Comicbook Resources' had this in their list of 'Scariest Comic Books of All Time". NSFW for nudity and gore. It was written by Grant Morrison.

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"Initially, ANIMAL MAN was conceived as a four-issue miniseries [...] however, I was asked to continue the series into a regular monthly comic book [...] Having no desire to produce yet another grittily realistic exploration of what it is to be superhuman and/or an urban vigilante with emotional problems, I cast desperately around for a new direction. What I finally came up with was 'The Coyote Gospel,' which became the template for the further development of the series [...] Hilariously enough, during [its] writing [...] I was utterly convinced that what I was writing was absolute unreadable gibberish and that it would hammer the final nail into the coffin of my fledgling career as a writer of American super-hero comics. The success and popularity of the story took me entirely by surprise and encouraged me to go on to produce the entirely unreadable gibberish which has since become my stock-in-trade."
--Grant Morrison, Introduction to Animal Man TPB vol. 1, 1991

Trigger warning for violence/gore.

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'The “crisis” is now the default superhero storytelling mode. Every comic book hero — TV heroes too, like “Doctor Who” — must inevitably, relentlessly, repeatedly face a dedicated threat to his or her very essence and core. It’s no longer sufficient to commit a weird sort of crime in Gotham City; any given baddie has to gnaw at the very roots of Batman’s being, fuck up the private lives of his friends and relatives, make him doubt his raison d’etre, set his postal district on fire and blow up his cave. Poor old Batman seems to lurch from one apocalyptic life-ruin epic to another these days with barely a pause for breath, making me long for the days when he jumped around at night helping people or solving mysteries that didn’t lead to some aeons-spanning plot by the ultimate villain to do the ultimate Bad Thing. And the Caped Crusader’s not the only perma-victim of the Ebola-like “crisis” epidemic. For a while it was genuinely thrilling to watch our heroes facing such directly focused threats to their meaning and relevance, but now the “crisis” approach, where every day is “The Day Evil Won,” is beginning to feel like another grim, played-out sales strategy with diminishing creative returns.' -- Grant Morrison

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"I've known Joe [Casey] for years and we're both devotees of the King and his Kosmos, but Captain Victory marks our first collaboration and our first chance to indulge in some Kirby-related celestial hi-jinks together. You know the drill, space soldiers; Don't ask! Just buy!" - Grant Morrison

"There is a moment that occurs in the history of any artistic medium that truly defines it. This is one of those moments. Our sixth issue is the reason Johannes Gutenberg birthed his culture-altering invention. In the face of what we've accomplished here, even sliced bread can suck it. And on top of the massive creative achievement of having all these artists contributing to this issue, we'll also -- once and for all -- make explicit the conceptual connection that Kirby himself only hinted at in his run. The true history of Captain Victory will finally be revealed! It's all-new and it's all-gods, not to mention exposing the dark side of Victory's origins. Retailers worldwide should order big and order often." - Joe Casey

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