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Recently, I've gone back and had a re-read of some of my Minx books. For those of you who don't know, Minx was DC's attempt at a line catering to teenage girls by publishing digest sized complete stories for sale in book shops. The line died because nobody bought them, though this is most likely because retailers didn't know whether they belonged in the young adult section or in the graphic novel section with Watchmen and Judge Dredd (i.e., not where the Twilight set might wander). There's been no talk of bringing Minx back, or even if DC want to have another go with trying a similar publishing experiment. I do half expect that the end of the next DC crossover will reveal that Drama Jane, is being brought into DC continuity so that she can be forgotten about by more readers.

This extract is from Re-Gifters by Mike Carey (now writing Unwritten and assorted X-books) and Sonny Liew (last seen in the blockbusting Sense and Sensibility. The team wrote the excellent My Faith in Frankie, which was a Minx book before there was Minx.

As for Regifters, it's the story of a (South) Korean girl living in LA called Dixie/ Dik Seong Jen/ Jen Dickson. Dixie practices hapkido and has a crush onAdam, a boy in her class. Her mum makes jewellery which she sells to a shop in Koreatown and in the first extract, Dixie is taking the latest batch to the store.  )

Our second part is getting ready for a party )

Coming soon - more Minx
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Ages ago, I posted something from Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2 about Nursery 2 and the kids that lived there. Since then, I've finished reading the whole thing and was moderately disappointed by the ending.

The only one that had any sort of reference before or after that story, and received some form of personality was Strange Josie )
As readers of Ultimate Doom #4 will know... that's not how it ended.
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More of the veil behind Tommy's invisible world is parted away, as Tommy comes closer to enlightenment.

Behold Leviathan.  )
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Lizzie Hexam is one of three main characters in Mike Carey and Peter Gross's Vertigo-published series The Unwritten, which began in 2009.

She didn't start out as a main character - although she has definitely become one - but she was present in the series right from issue #1.

She is awesome because she's the catalyst for a great deal of the action that takes place in the first four issues. She asks thoughtful questions, is resourceful and enigmatic, saves the life of main-character-from-the-start Tom Taylor - the son of a writer (missing when the story starts) who wrote a popular series of novels centered around a boy wizard named Tommy Taylor - at least once, and is generally great. She's also a London-dwelling character from a Dickens novel.

- The post might be slightly NSFW due to some of the language in the scans.
- Also, I apologize for the quality of one of the scans which I made myself. I'll get a better-quality one up as soon as I can. For now I just hope that what's going on is clear enough to be understood.

Lizzie is someone who certainly knows how to make an entrance. )

Long story short: Lizzie is a fascinating character. She's important to the story of The Unwritten, and Mike Carey and Peter Gross are clearly willing to spend time and effort on her, which is awesome by itself. I can't wait to get the third trade in January March to pick up where I left off!

Scans used in this post )
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From Fantastic Four Annual #2 by Mike Carey and Stuart Immonen (the definitive Ultimate Fantastic Four artist for me) comes this tale of smart kids and giant monsters.

In the Ultimate Universe, the Baxter Building houses the Nursery, an army R&D facility that took the best and brightest of teenaged super geniueses. Run by the father of Sue (biology genius) and Johnny (no sort of genius) Storm, Reed Richards joined the programme. In the Ultimate universe, Reed, Johnny, Ben, Sue and Victor are involved in an transdimensional transportation accident, giving them their powers.

The Baxter Building was used to house the Fantastic Four and the Nursery moved to Pinhead Buttes, Oregon for Nursery 2.

Let's look at the kids in the nursery
Control yourself, take only what you need from it )

And they were never seen again
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One scan from X-Force V2 #27, one and a half pages from X-Men Legacy #237

Passive powers deserve respect too.... )

tags: char: wolverine/james logan, char: cypher/doug ramsey, char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, char: domino/neena thurman, char: cable/nathan summers, char: cyclops/scott summer, title: x-men legacy, title: x-force, creator: mike carey, creator: greg land
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Since [personal profile] suzene recently gave us a brief look at what's happening in The Unwritten #12 (and despite the fact that since "unwritten" still describes, for the moment, one of my papers for this semester), I thought I'd do a post about what Mike Carey and Peter Gross have in store for us for next week and the two months after that.

ETA: The images should be displaying correctly now.

Three pretty covers and their solicits under the cut )

For all trade-waiters (and trade collectors!) out there, The Unwritten Vol. 2: Inside Man (which collects issues 6-12) has been solicited for August 11. I'm looking forward to it very, very much. ♥

suggested tags
creator: mike carey, creator: peter gross, creator: yuko shimizu, title: the unwritten, publisher: vertigo, char: tommy taylor, genre: solicitations, medium: cover
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Title: Unwritten #12 - Eliza Mae Hertford's Willowbank Tales (DC-Vertigo, 2010, 22 pages)
Creators: Mike Carey (writing), Peter Gross, Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon (art)
Availability: On sale now

So, are you guys tired of people talking about what a fantastic series Unwritten is yet? Because, really, it is.

And, somehow, even moreso when it takes a breather from the main story. So we start with a man rabbit man minor character who tried to steal Tommy Taylor's map in the past and wound up paying an unexpected price.

You can't even keep the fucking geography straight! )

A bit of warning on this issue: it ends up in a pretty dark place. Well worth reading, just maybe not alone at night, depending on how active your imagination is after the lights go out.


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