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There is so much here I don't know where to start.

The outfit, the character art, the really completely unexpected twist...The fact that China is given it's own hero during World War II is also notable.

Once Upon a time in China, 1944... )
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Were you lacking badass anti-heroines in you life? Here, let me help.

This is Fear. She likes guns, adventure, and v-necks. You can read more about her here, but her exciting introduction is below. 

Weapon of Choice: Tommy Gun )
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I didn't care for what DC did with the Blackhawks. Putting it simply, I think it ranged from dull in the 1960s to "you should just let it die with some dignity" almost anytime after that. That said I do love Zinda Blake, Lady Blackhawk. I really do. At least I love her modem incarnation. Yes, there are some things I'd rather not talk about, but when so many different writers handle these characters you have to have some give.

Have some scans light backstory )
Meet "The Blonde Bomber."

In Military Comics #20 (1943) a woman appears who attempts to become the first woman member of the Blackhawks. She looks and behaves will Zinda will almost two decades later.

Skip the back story and read the scans. That's why you're here right? )
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Read Blackhawk: The Man in the Iron Mask (part 1)

Blackhawk: The Man in the Iron Mask (part 2)

Or spoil yourself below, if you hate glorious sagas of adventure.

Six months has passed since the battle that took Andre. The Blackhawks have retuned to the area in memorial only to meet with deadly foes. They are saved by man whose head has been encased in an iron mask. They find this savior is their fallen friend, Andre. Andre has been horrifyingly disfigured by the circumstances of his supposed death, and has doomed himself to always wear the mask.
In attempt to save their teammate, the Blackhawks rescue a plastic surgeon from the axis powers only to find him to have gone mad while a prisoner.

EDIT: Fixed

Is there a bit of hope? )
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Read Blackhawk: The Man in the Iron Mask (part 1)

Or by in after a short summery below, if you're uncool that way.

Six months (and six issues) have passed since the battle that took Andre. The Blackhawks have returned to the area in memorial...but danger awaits them!

Military Comics #9 (also posted here)

Andre T_T )
Hey, fan fiction writers, want to make some dreams come true? I'll give you e-cookies and free press. 
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I has posted this on old s_d but it bears restoring.

This epic tale starts in Military Comics #3 which introduces “Chop-Chop.” Why they chose this plot to go with that introduction, I will forever wonder. Chop-chop will spend most of the issue stabbing at any drama that might hit the page. This is listed as being by Will Eisner, it more likely by Bob Powell or Dick French. Art is by Chuck Cuidera.

Oh, and chop-chop gets his own post later, so save up your thoughts.

Also posted here (word for word this time because I am lazy).

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You've been selected to do the first issue of a tittle called Patsy Pinup. You have a pick a pen name. What are you going to go with?

"Sista Swing" was the first guy's choice.

two pages, two stories )
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Hillman Publications was one of the smaller publishers of its day, dabbling in comics among other ventures. It's best known now for its aviation comics, and especially Airboy.

But this post features a truly obscure publication, "Joe College Comics". It's teenage romantic comedy hijinks in the tradition of Archie, but with slightly older protagonists.

Fair warning and trigger warning: The cover story heavily relies on ethnic stereotypes of Native Americans outdated even in the 1950s, and some subversions of same for comedy. Because of that, I am placing the cover under the cut as well. This story is a product of its time and uses slang and loaded words that are not acceptable by today's standards. It's also kind of sexist.

Joe College Comics, Winter 1950, is in the public domain, so the following story may be brought to you in its entirety.

These fellows aren't looking to scalp tickets )

Next time I'll be posting something a little more in line with what you've come to expect from me.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Image and video hosting by TinyPicI don't think explosives work that way...(Warning: This is not a paper scan and can be hard to read. Bonus Warning: It is a World War II comic, and it has racism of the "really, comic book? ugh." kind.)
Military Comics #20 July 1943 )
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As a general rule it sucks to be female in Military Comics. You show up, and, in three to five pages, you will die or betray everything you every believed in all for a hot guy you will never see again. At best you get out of there alive to never been seen again.

If you have your own title though, things turn out alright for you. For example see X of the Underground, a female member of the European underground resistance.

All stories and most art by Vernon Henkel (The Space Legion, Marvel titles during the early 1950s, mostly stuck to artwork after the 1940s).

Military Comics #8 )

Military Comics#10 )

Military Comics #11 )
You can read her appearance in #12  here. Go  here for #13.

Can we have a crossdressing for justice tag? I miss the crossdressing for justice tag.
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Inferior Man would appear to be the product of many authors and artist, but this creation was all the product of Al Jaffee. 

3 pages and one story of the Inferior Man )
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When it was superhero chic to wear gold and purple one brave pharmacist would jump on to the scene dressed in black, a skull and crossbones across his chest.

The Black Terror hit the superhero boom in Exciting Comics #9 published by Standard Comics(to become Nedor. Six months after his introduction, he had his own comic. The only other character from the publisher to have the honor being the Fighting Yank.

Since his golden age run he has been echoed by others and revived to make a number of appearances. Most recently he is appearing in Project Superpowers. I wanted to show off how much of a loser interesting he was. Then I remembered this is scans_daily and you'd rather see him get run over by a helicopter and attacked by plants. So, you're getting both.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic From Exciting Comics #9 (May 1942) )

Black Terror supports quite a few writers who ended up big names.
Richard Hughes who writes the story above and Patricia Highsmith...who didn't write anything in this post, but she did work on them!


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Upon learning about the death of Sheldon Moldoff, I decided to show you his work.

From All-Star Comic #6 (August-September 1941), The Justice Society Initiates Johnny Thunder. Four and a half pages from what would have been a 60-something page comic.

The moment I realized I would always want to love Hawkgirl found within )
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[personal profile] mistygeek's post on Flame Girl reminded me of some more awesomely cracky moments from Fox Features Syndicate. Such as the time Jo-Jo, Fox's resident Tarzan clone, fought a bunch of Vikings on surfboards.

Yes, Viking Surfers (well, technically Viking wind surfers but still..)

Eleven Pages from JoJo Congo King #11 (1948) )
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When The Flame's popularity began to fade a attempt was made to refresh the Big 3 member with partner in Wonderworld #30 (Oct. 1941). Writer Basil Berold is actually Lou Fine. Fine took over all the work on the The Flame after Will Eisner left.

Flame Girl has one of the most overly dramatic introduction ads I have ever seen. I looked for the issue because of the ad. You can see it here or under the cut.
The Flame lay there, on the ground, helpless, dying… and if he passed on, so would all those innocent people whom he had sworn to protect….But there was still one way could come to their rescue, by passing the secret of his flame powers on to the one person he could trust the most….Linda Dale… )
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It feels weird posting with 24 hours of my last post, but it is just so quite today. Have a kick ass lady who gets tied up as much as Wonder Woman.

This is introduction of Señorita Rio, bewitching American secret agent, disguised as a Brazilian entertainer. Art by Nick Cardy, story by an unknown author.
Hard to read, but worth the look. ) Edit 02/28 - I thought since there weren't many comments on here, it wasn't getting many views. Guess I was wrong! I put the images on tinypic in case this doesn't come back soon, Lets see how long it takes before these images are replaced with cute teenaged girls in the bathroom.  

Page 01//  02 // 03  // 04//  05 // 06 // 07 // 08
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"I knew all about men... because I'd studied every textbook and thesis on the subject! But one day a rebellious student trapped me wit a real, live man...and nothing in those textbooks could show me how to keep from falling in love with the perfect example of the undesirable male!"

Undesirable Male! )Here some links for when my Photobucket is down.

"Undesirable male" - 01 // 02 // 03  //04 // 05 //06  // 07 and the Short - He's My Boss!

Here is the first story from #1, " Campus Loves's "Love's Victory." And if you are still in the mood for 1950s romance (and delicious Matt Baker art), check out  Pictorial Romances #17 (and #9)


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