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This is a repost of mine from two years ago. With Halloween on the horizon I figured I'd post some old EC comics if I have the time. If you have any requests let me know and I'll see if I can post it. This also applies to Junji Ito's work as well.

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Aug. 9th, 2013 05:19 pm
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So just a warning: this story is gross. Really gross. Not *violent* or *gory* but it's ummm... well you'll have to see for yourself. Don't eat anything before reading it, though.

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Kris Straub, creator of horror/creepypasta site Ichor Falls (probably best known for the Candle Cove story) and the comedic webcomic Chainsawsuit has another comic that I only recently discovered, despite the fact that he's been doing it since October of last year, called Broodhollow. Set in the town of Broodhollow (just down the tracks from Ichor Falls) in the 1930s, it follows Wadsworth Zane (a down on his luck encyclopedia salesman) after coming to Broodhollow on family business.

20 pages from the first half of the currently extant comics under the cut.

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And, being the December 31st installment, I think that's a good place to leave off.
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Rejoice! On this day I bring to you several pages of a manga series which is practically two manga in one: Me and the Devil Blues.

Me and the Devil Blues, you may know, is also the name of a song by legendary blues artist Robert Johnson. This is no coincidence, for this manga is about Robert Johnson... kinda. Not much is known about Johnson's life, and this manga is not meant to be biographical (indeed, it only ever calls the protagonist "RJ", and not his real name). Instead, it takes elements of Johnson's life and mythos and writes a pseudo-Southern Gothic tale (er, kinda--I'll get to that later).

The mythos of Johnson that it incorporates is the legend that he met the Devil at a crossroad and sold his soul to become a master musician.

So it begins... )

41 pictures from three chapters below the cut. The chapters are 48-54 pages long, so these are still within 1/3 of each.
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Here's a bit from IDW's Free Comic Book Day Judge Dredd issue.

The first chapter of Judge Death's first appearance, which is conveniently 1/3rd of the story. (Yes, I could post the whole thing, but I want you to buy the collection.)

Lo, there shall come a Dark Judge )

Your thoughts and comments?
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I promised Steve Gerber, and by golly, I'm delivering. Mr. Gerber did a number of oddball titles for Marvel in the 1970s, including The Man-Thing.

Like the Swamp Thing, created almost simultaneously over at DC, Man-Thing was originally a scientist, Ted Sallis. He was working on recreating the Super-Soldier serum that created Captain America when there was an explosion and he was flung into the Florida swamp. There, the chemicals reacted with the mysterious forces in the Swamp (the Nexus of Reality) to create a muck-monster out of Sallis's body.

Unlike Swamp Thing, Man-Thing did not have access to Ted Sallis' memories most of the time. It shambled about mindlessly, drawn or repelled by human emotions. In particular, fear annoyed Man-Thing, and it would attack the source of that emotion. And "Whatsoever knows fear...burns at the Man-Thing's touch!"

Given this, Man-Thing is usually less of a protagonist, and more of a force of nature that other characters who the story is actually about interact with. This story is not an exception.

Six pages of 18 from #9, five of 17 from #10 )

Your thoughts and comments?
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S_D'er [profile] liekomgwtfbbq asked for "some of DC's mystic characters doing what they do" over in the latest requests post, and mentioned Phantom Stranger and Traci 13 specifically. Traci I've got none of except the Blue Beetle appearances, but I have got a Phantom Stranger issue, #25, coming to you from 1969 and the pens of Len Wein and Jim Aparo. This is a standalone issue dealing with voodoo and a serpent cult. If any of those three key words are triggery for you, beware of what's below the cut.

Sometimes, what the Phantom Stranger does is...not very much, beyond issuing the standard Mysterious Asshole Warnings, then standing back and letting his warn-ee's own character lead them to their own mystical fate or not, as the case may be, rather than intervening proactively on their behalf. This is one such case, in which jerkass filmmaker Jim Colter - travels to tropical Costa Roja to film, and mightily disrespect, the cult and its legendary Dance of the Serpent.

It does not go well for him, and after being royally dissed more than once by Colter, PS is ready to leave him to his fate. He ends up with a curse on his head courtesy of the High Serpent Priest -


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"The Little Green God of Agony" was a serialized webcomic based on a Stephen King short story that was published on his website for free over several weeks. As such, I'll only post the opening pages with a link to the rest of the story.

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This is a repost of an older entry here from a little over two years ago which I figured might be good for Halloween.

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