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You've probably heard this story already after it broke at the weekend, but just in case, it's too good a story to NOT share.

Wait a minute... THAT Bill? )
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The present Bad Machinery arc is all about a resurgence in mods, the British fashion subculture—a trend which deeply annoys our working-class intellectual, Shauna, who's a fan of actual Modernism (the artistic/philosophical movement). This irritation ends up bringing about unexpected developments:

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Ron Randall's Trekker is back as a webcomic!  Those of you who are getting to meet Mercy St. Clair, the greatest bounty hunter of the 23rd century, for the first time, are in for a real treat!  Here's a few scans from the latest story, "The Train to Avalon Bay":The quality of Mercy.... )

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Hi folks!

"Erstwhile" is a webcomic project that takes the Grimm fairy tales and illustrates them in various artists' styles.

I've randomly chosen a bit of "Brother and Sister" to give you a taste of the wonders in store.

Once upon a time, there were a brother and sister, who lived with an evil stepmother and her one-eyed daughter... )

The webcomic can be found here: http://www.erstwhiletales.com/ where they are currently telling the tale of King Thrushbeard.

Your thoughts and comments?

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Following up on the How to Aim post, Grrlpower gives more advice on how to avoid collateral damage!

Comic within )
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That last post on "How to Aim" reminded me of something in Love and Capes and superheroes actually thinking things through.

How to prevent Darkest Night is a few simple steps... )
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A new comic from Grrlpower gives advice every blasty superhero should follow!

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Yeah, yeah, I know my rep.

Here, in light of the recent Batman and Robin Annual #2, is a story of a dark avenger of the night and his first night with a sidekick, and what led him to taking one on in the first place.

And it's probably NOT for the reason you're imagining )
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So I comic that I really enjoyed ended recently. It had some interesting philosophy and great running gags.

And now it's gone.
All that can be done now is to honor it's memory.
who wants some

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I wish I had made some posts about this comic before. I don't know if it would have helped Mark Leiknes keep it going but now we'll never know.

If you want to check out more of this the site is still up here. Reruns of the strip are on gocomics here
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I don't know how to describe this comic other than that it leaves me smiling every single page. It's about teenagers investigating mysteries. It's adventurous and happy and essentially pure fun in visual form. I don't know how he does it.

Mild spoilers below cut, but nothing big really.

Wear a coat when it's cold. Be less angry at everything )
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I have nothing but love for this malevolent bird. Meet Grump, the African Grey.



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