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I was catching up on some of my web-comics, and I'd like to share a bit from But I'm a Cat Person by Erin Ptah. A comic that mashes up anime battle monster tropes, pop culture references, LBT (not so much the male G here, but I'm sure it'll show a bit) topics, and religion into a fun little series.

What really prompted this was the portrayal of Jesus (called Joshua Ben Joseph here, as Erin went and re-translated most of the location and personal names for fun), who is just this guy you know... but I feel I should first give a grounding on what the comic is about.

Four pages each from the first four chapters (except for two which I only use three), then four pages from interlude 3.

Trigger warning for some degendering/transphobia/homopobia

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An installment of the webcomic Abnormality, a onetime Cracked.com feature by Winston Rowntree of Subnormality notoriety.

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A Japanese manga artist who has done work for Gamefreak, and did the manga for Pokemon Gold and Silver, has been posting "2.5D" comics using cut out characters in 3D enviroments.

It's kinda neat

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Here's a webcomic from Sassquach. The full story is fairly long (30 pages or so) so I'm posting the first four and then linking to the rest. It's written by Max Landis, the writer for Chronicle.

Just a basic warning for adult language and themes, nothing too bad.

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The Golden Binding started as a sort of illustrated radio play on youtube, and was relaunched late last year as a traditional web comic.

A small independent bookstore, The Golden Binding, is going out of business soon; the employees have just received it's last ever shipment, and are cleaning up for the night, while discussing the ramifications this will have on their lives. When five minutes to go a trio of young men walk in, full of rudeness, and snark.

Five strips *note to the mods: I have permission from the author, a friend, to go one over the limit* )
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With the kind permission of the creator Sam of Charmingly Antiquated (A site well worth a browse), I am pleased to share her story of

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Found on Liz Climo's Tumblr page

There are the occasional superhero reference, but it's mostly fun, low-key, funny animal comics.

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For those of you not familiar with JL8 it's a depiction of the JLA as if they were 8-year-olds. For Valentine's Day 2015, the author has created these charming Valentine's Day Cards.

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The Perry Bible Fellowship has been coming out with several new strips recently, I thought these were the funniest ones.

'The Jubilee' and 'Cats' )


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