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I promise this won't happen very often, but USA Congressional elections are today, so I'm going to post some of my own work, and get very earnest and political:

But it's short )
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Okay, here's the deal. If someone posts The Gutters, I post The Gutters. Let's see how far this goes.

Trigger warning for, like, sexual harassment of children? I don't know.
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With Gotham premiering today I figured some of you might find this amusing. From Dorkly.

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Now, it's been a while since I last posted anything so forgive me if I mess up.

This here is a webcomic I happened into a little while ago, and it's repeatedly brought a smile on my lips with every update so I thought to share.

Industrial strength cuteness under the cut. Be forewarned. )

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If it's all right with the mods, I'm going to make occasional posts about webcomics here.

For my first installment of "It came from the Internet," Liz Climo.

Liz Climo has been posting cute little animal cartoons on Tumblr for a while now.

Here are a handful: )
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This contains spoilers for Mass Effect 3. So if you're thinking of playing those games and want to know as little as possible going in, stop right here and don't look under the cut.

In Mass Effect 2, when you visit the planet Ilium one of the people you see is a krogan named Charr, who is reciting poetry. Charr's intended audience is his asari girlfriend, because they're having problems in their relationship and he's trying to convince her not to break up with him. This unofficial comic posted on The Escapist is about him and how the events of the third game affect him.

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It's been too long since I did a Fanart Thursday, to the point where I'm not sure if this is six days late or one day early...

Now when I say Bear Robin, I don't mean Dick Grayson as a hairy gay guy... though if that image gives you a warm happy feeling, far be it from me to diillusion you... you can come back later and join us if you'd like to savour it for a while...

No, I mean that a little more... literally.

Courtesy of the fabulously weird imagination of Cale Atkinson, and featuring a lot of gifs; the Caped Crusader and the Bear Wonder.

The first adventure of the Diverse Duo )

The new, SECOND adventure )
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Okay, it is Thursday somewhere and Batman day here, so... JL8 Batman strikes a pose.

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I somehow managed to not pay attention to the fact that DC Comics have declared July 23 "Batman Day", to celebrate 75 years of his publication.... I feel slightly embarassed about that, as I should have thought to propose an event in advance.

On the other hand, nothing to stop me declaring one now! :)

Batman and Sons has a few words to say on the matter )
So, to celebrate the admittedly impressive milestone,  if you have a favourite Batman moment, image or story, let's see it (Or you can request one if there's one you've always wanted to see!)

Happy Batday!
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Apologies, I feel we should have done something to celebrate this, but then again, EVERY Day, Week and Month is Pride Day, Week and Month on Scans Daily.... :)

But even so, I did find this over on Tumblr by one Jenny Salume, which seemed quite apt, despite it's name being

'No Homo' )
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You've probably heard this story already after it broke at the weekend, but just in case, it's too good a story to NOT share.

Wait a minute... THAT Bill? )
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The present Bad Machinery arc is all about a resurgence in mods, the British fashion subculture—a trend which deeply annoys our working-class intellectual, Shauna, who's a fan of actual Modernism (the artistic/philosophical movement). This irritation ends up bringing about unexpected developments:

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