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It's been too long since I did a Fanart Thursday, to the point where I'm not sure if this is six days late or one day early...

Now when I say Bear Robin, I don't mean Dick Grayson as a hairy gay guy... though if that image gives you a warm happy feeling, far be it from me to diillusion you... you can come back later and join us if you'd like to savour it for a while...

No, I mean that a little more... literally.

Courtesy of the fabulously weird imagination of Cale Atkinson, and featuring a lot of gifs; the Caped Crusader and the Bear Wonder.

The first adventure of the Diverse Duo )

The new, SECOND adventure )
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Okay, it is Thursday somewhere and Batman day here, so... JL8 Batman strikes a pose.

Read more... )
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I somehow managed to not pay attention to the fact that DC Comics have declared July 23 "Batman Day", to celebrate 75 years of his publication.... I feel slightly embarassed about that, as I should have thought to propose an event in advance.

On the other hand, nothing to stop me declaring one now! :)

Batman and Sons has a few words to say on the matter )
So, to celebrate the admittedly impressive milestone,  if you have a favourite Batman moment, image or story, let's see it (Or you can request one if there's one you've always wanted to see!)

Happy Batday!
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Apologies, I feel we should have done something to celebrate this, but then again, EVERY Day, Week and Month is Pride Day, Week and Month on Scans Daily.... :)

But even so, I did find this over on Tumblr by one Jenny Salume, which seemed quite apt, despite it's name being

'No Homo' )
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You've probably heard this story already after it broke at the weekend, but just in case, it's too good a story to NOT share.

Wait a minute... THAT Bill? )
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The present Bad Machinery arc is all about a resurgence in mods, the British fashion subculture—a trend which deeply annoys our working-class intellectual, Shauna, who's a fan of actual Modernism (the artistic/philosophical movement). This irritation ends up bringing about unexpected developments:

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Ron Randall's Trekker is back as a webcomic!  Those of you who are getting to meet Mercy St. Clair, the greatest bounty hunter of the 23rd century, for the first time, are in for a real treat!  Here's a few scans from the latest story, "The Train to Avalon Bay":The quality of Mercy.... )

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Hi folks!

"Erstwhile" is a webcomic project that takes the Grimm fairy tales and illustrates them in various artists' styles.

I've randomly chosen a bit of "Brother and Sister" to give you a taste of the wonders in store.

Once upon a time, there were a brother and sister, who lived with an evil stepmother and her one-eyed daughter... )

The webcomic can be found here: http://www.erstwhiletales.com/ where they are currently telling the tale of King Thrushbeard.

Your thoughts and comments?

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Following up on the How to Aim post, Grrlpower gives more advice on how to avoid collateral damage!

Comic within )
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That last post on "How to Aim" reminded me of something in Love and Capes and superheroes actually thinking things through.

How to prevent Darkest Night is a few simple steps... )
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Yeah, yeah, I know my rep.

Here, in light of the recent Batman and Robin Annual #2, is a story of a dark avenger of the night and his first night with a sidekick, and what led him to taking one on in the first place.

And it's probably NOT for the reason you're imagining )


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