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"Manfried The Man is a comedy series about an anthropomorphic cat named Steve and his pet man, Manfried. A kind of reverse Garfield, Manfried annoys his owner by doing all the things that a cat would do and will make you question the nature of your relationship with your pets." - Caitlin Major

NSFW for some nudity. The main site is here.

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"I call Weapon Brown an “action parody”, in that it works just fine as a good ol’ fashioned post-apoc story, but takes on a new dimension when you see how well these loveable comic strip characters work in their new, “weaponized” roles. You could also say it is a recuperation of culture in the same vein as Fables or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, although I’m using work that is modern instead of antique."

- Jason Yungbluth

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David Tischman and Audrey Mok have recently started a fun little webcomic called Heroine Chic about fashion design in a world of superheroes.

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"Dogs are the hieroglyphs of blind emotion, inferiority, servile attachment, and gregariousness—the attributes of commonplace, stupidly passionate, and intellectually and imaginatively undeveloped men. Cats are the runes of beauty, invincibility, wonder, pride, freedom, coldness, self-sufficiency, and dainty individuality—the qualities of sensitive, enlightened, mentally developed, pagan, cynical, poetic, philosophic, dispassionate, reserved, independent, Nietzschean, unbroken, civilised, master-class men. The dog is a peasant and the cat is a gentleman."
- H. P. Lovecraft

This is an adaptation of Lovecraft's story from Jason Thompson.

Warning for animal cruelty.

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I was catching up on some of my web-comics, and I'd like to share a bit from But I'm a Cat Person by Erin Ptah. A comic that mashes up anime battle monster tropes, pop culture references, LBT (not so much the male G here, but I'm sure it'll show a bit) topics, and religion into a fun little series.

What really prompted this was the portrayal of Jesus (called Joshua Ben Joseph here, as Erin went and re-translated most of the location and personal names for fun), who is just this guy you know... but I feel I should first give a grounding on what the comic is about.

Four pages each from the first four chapters (except for two which I only use three), then four pages from interlude 3.

Trigger warning for some degendering/transphobia/homopobia

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