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Okay, I actually didn't have a lot of time to think about this (just got back from Dragon*Con, forgot all about internet responsibilities, etc.), so I'm sure there's something out there I hate MORE... but I'm going to go with my gut and say Starfire.

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This scan will never get old, and while this is not the first time I've posted it I figure this is perfect for a favorite villain post.

My favorite villain is Galactus, Devourer of Worlds.

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Why? Because first Galactus was in a lot of ways Trope Codifier for all other Cosmic beings that came after him (and was shamelessly ripped off as Unicron and Imperiex). Unlike most villains there's no real way to fight him, he's a Lovecraftian cosmic horror that predates our Universe and unlike Cthulhu and company is alive and well in the present day. This unfortunately makes him a prime target of the Worf effect, but such is the fate of all cool and powerful characters, unfortunately. Especially in the realm of comic-bookdom.

Galactus is scarier than other villains for the same reason the Great Old Ones are scarier than demons: the most terrifying villain imaginable is one to whom humans are nothing but ants that he doesn't notice or bear real malice to. Galactus predated most of these and helped offer a new and frankly awesome kind of villain that Marvel *still* does better than DC, with the exception of the Anti-Monitor, Mageddon, and Final Crisis Darkseid.

And also because he owned Thanos. XP.

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You may remember that in addition to adding a gay cast member, Archie Comics had a publicity stunt where they finally allowed Archie to choose between Veronica and Betty, and followed the two separate paths for three issues each.

Evidently, it did well for them, since there's now a new newsstand magazine called "Life With Archie" which continues the stories of the Andrews, both versions. Technically, these are interquels, between the second and third issues of the original storylines. Four pages from #1, where conflict is introduced by means of a villain....

In Riverdale's darkest hour, a hero will rise... )

And now, over to Betty-World.

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Your thoughts and comments?

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Who is my favorite villian... well, let's jsut say he justifies the phrase "Who afraid fo the big bad wolf" because he is by definition the worse person that even the Joker would cringe at, and he only second to the "Inhuman Flame" so you know he a lame wad, that's right, it's Drago Wolf.

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A combination of 'favourite villain' and a belated 'series I could read over and over'...

Read or Dream, the follow-up series to Read or Die, follows the Paper Sisters - Michelle Chan, Maggie Mui, and Anita King - 3 Hong Kong papermasters who work as detectives, focussing on books (theoretically). It doesn't have much in the way of actual villains (unlike Read or Die or ROD the TV), but there are a couple...

And this is the introduction of one of them - the only recurring one, actually...

We are the Paper Sisters Detective Agency... )

8.6 pages out of 26.
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This would have been up earlier, but my internet connection has been dodgy today.

Today we celebrate our favourite comic book villains, (and I blather on about my favourite). What makes a great villain? Depends on the story, I suppose. Different kinds of stories need different kinds of evil-doers. But the basics: clarity of purpose, a distinct voice, an equally great nemesis. All of these are more important than a cool name or costume. (Where would Dr. Doom be otherwise, amirite?) There are a ridiculous number of great and memorable villains in comics, and if you're having trouble figuring out yours, IGN has got a top 100 for you here.

I grew up watching X-Men and Batman TAS and my best-of list is heavily populated by villains I first encountered in those series: Poison Ivy, Magneto, Mr. Sinster, the Joker. But my most enduring villainous love, has got to be Lex Luthor. (So unusual, I know. XD)

I actually first met him through the Superman comics my neighbor collected. I bought the X-books, he bought the Superman and Bat-books, and we traded on Thursdays. I guess I saw something in those comics (awful though many of them were!), because after that I was all over the Superman cartoon and Lois & Clark, and savoring every Lex episode. By the time Justice League and Smallville came around, I was an accept-no-substitutes Lex Luthor stan.

So what's so great about Lex Luthor? Well, a couple of things imho. Read more... )

So who are your favourite villains?
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Hey folks, today we're asking what your favorite event is.

As for me... )

So how about you, what comics event really got your attention?
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My choice combines what would've been my choice for favorite artist (Alan Davis) and a legendary writer who hadn't devolved into a cliched hack yet (Chris Claremont). I give you:

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Hey everyone, [personal profile] kingrockwell here, I'll be your guest host on the 30-Day Meme for the next two days. Today we'll be looking at the storyline/book you could read over and over again.

Mine's under the cut )

So what's yours, [community profile] scans_daily?
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I choose Starfire of Tameran.

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I'll admit that the fanservice bit threw me off and made me take her less seriously. As did my assumption that the comics character served as comic relief the way the cartoon one did. The more I read about comics Starfire though, and about her past and how she'd overcome it to frankly be one of the few members of the Wolfman-era Titans to avoid massive Wangst storylines in the present day......the more I came to appreciate this character.

Besides she's one of the few who can make a Classical-Age attitude to military dress work like a charm. I found Comics-Starfire more worthy of respect in some ways because the Proud Warrior Race parts of her personality did not come to dominate all of her personality at the expense of the rest of it. To me, it was this balanced approach and that Starfire's been in fights with beings like Trigon and Imperiex and ended up being a real made-of-win fighter in them......I really wish they did more with these sides of Starfire's character than they did in the cartoon. She's the rare Titan whose original comics version was actually superior to the Cartoon version.


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