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"They’re raised outside of Gotham and come to fix it: 'We see all the war and trouble, have incredible power, and will come to your city and show you how to get it done.' That comes from when I went to Iraq. We felt like a superpower coming to fix a place and learning it’s a much more complicated situation than we realized. Batman, who’s been in those gutters for his whole career, encounters these bright eyed, bushy-tailed characters. That comes from my CIA stuff." -- Tom King

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Skipping forward a touch from out looks at earlier DC superheroes and villains, we come to Pamela Isley, aka Poison Ivy, who was introduced in Batman 181 back in 1966.

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"I went back and did a lot of reading of first issues of Batman. It seemed like the general pattern was to introduce a villain as your huge contribution to the Bat universe. I didn't want to do that, so I went the opposite way and I introduced a hero." - Tom King

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"He's not a quipper. He doesn't make silly jokes. And if he does, it's because he wants to distract you. Every word and action Batman does have a goal to it. In that sense, Batman is an easy character to dialogue. But I think that can be a trap too. You can get it stuck too dark and dank. You have to be aware of your subject and be aware that Batman is smart enough to realize that although he is driven all of the time, being driven all of the time is not productive." - Tom King

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"I was a fat kid. I was a nerd. I read comics when comics were definitely not cool so I got bullied like nothing else. I remember when I was a kid in movies, bullies were the bad guys but at my school, the bullies were the cool kids and everybody was rooting for them. And they were rooting against me. And that's why I gravitated toward Batman. He was the guy that if the bullies hit you, he'd hit them back. He was the guy on the other side of that fist." - Tom King

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Scott Snyder: I’ve given [Tom King] a lot of advice – probably too much – but one thing I do remember saying early on is, remember that part of the fun of Batman is that he always wins.

Tom King: I think what he just said is the most important advice, cause I’m kind of a dirge-y writer. I write books like Vision and Omega Men and they’re definitely written in a minor key, of like, what a tragedy life is. So I have to remind myself that, when I was a kid, I read comics for the heroes. And I think the most noble thing comics do is, they give someone who’s had a tough day five minutes away from that tough day. And they give someone an adrenaline rush and show them that, in the end, the good guys win.

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Let's face it, we all knew a crossover was coming eventually in Rebirth. Now, DC did say there would be breaks to allow the bi-weekly series to stay on schedule. This sounds like this crossover over will be that.

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During No Man's Land Batman notices that the neon lights are still on in Chinatown, and attracting people to their sex trade even with the rest of Gotham bereft of power. He finds Lynx the only surviving member of the Ghost Dragons gang wiped out by a coalition of gangs and shows her the reason why...

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