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From Newsarama, in the issue that would have been neater if it had come out BEFORE Forever Evil (And perhaps for obvious reasons, Nightwing didn't get a "Villains cover" issue (which given all the others had tied up heroes on those covers has to be some sort of cosmic irony))

Three pages under the cut, by Kyle Higgins and, I think, new regular artist Will Conrad

As Prankster's backstory is revealed )
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I've bemoaned, in the past, what the DCnU cost Dick Grayson, gone was his long history as Robin, his maturation into Nightwing, his role as team leader, and the fact he lived in a world beyond Gotham (not always far away, but beyond the city limits). The reboot had him ousted as Batman and losing Damian as his snidekick (That's like a sidekick, but well, more snarky) and living in Gotham City.

What plots they set him up with tended to get sidetracked by "Events", like his annoyingly Gotham-centric new family history for "Night of the Owls", which ended in nothing, as the "Talon" title (Which in fairness is a good deal of fun and you should check it out) sort of took over where I might have thought a new Nightwing arc would start (since Talon is all about a former rebellious Talon seeking to dismantle the remains of the Court of Owls powerbase) and the less said about the overblown nothing that was "The Death of the Family" the better IMHO...

So now we have Brett Booth, fresh of the Teen Titans, as new artist coming to join Kyle Higgins, and they've changed as much as possible, and frankly, it's the sort of start this title has needed since the reboot IMHO.

Chicago, Chicago, that toddling town... )


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