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I wanted to showcase one of the relationship dynamics that came out of the New 52 reboot that I really liked. Kara and Siobhan the Silver Banshee

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So I've decided to post issue 29 and 31 together (Issue 30 is a Will Pfeifer story, that I actually really like, and may post after this is all over)... Not a lot of narrative consequence happens in 29 So I thought we'd plow through.

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No sooner does Kara declare that she will save Thomas life, than an armored man appears out of nowhere, and shoots her with a Kryptonite bullet. everyone else seems locked in time, and unable to re-act but very slowly Superman is able to shoot the man with his heat vision, this causes them to teleport to somewhere else...

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I'm gonna say while it had some high points, Supergirl Vol 5 was a bit of a mess until Sterling Gates took over as writer. Kelly Puckett's storyline about cancer, isn't as off kilter as the quick change retcons around her origin, and reason for being on Earth... but is probably the weirdest arc in the book... so let's take a look at it.

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After an exhaustingly long day (for me that is), I now bring you the introduction of Kara's new gal pal and roommate in the form of....

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