All-New Invaders #9

'I just really love Deathlok. Sometimes it comes down to that. At the time I pitched this idea to Marvel they were fine with it. The idea was that they're doing this new "Deathlok" series so why not give the other guys one last go?' -- James Robinson

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Heavy Metal: H.P. Lovecraft's "From Beyond"

P. Craig Russell's psychedelic adaptation of Lovecraft's "mad science" tale, originally written in 1920 and published in 1934. From Heavy Metal Vol. 18, No. 2 (May 1994).

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Avengers #36: "Universal Avengers"

"I'd like to do a New Mutants book, but that's not what Marvel is interested in, and to be frank, not where the money is for me." - Jonathan Hickman

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X-Force #10: "Nothing Man"

The return of ForgetMeNot, the X-Men whose power is that nobody can remember him...

'The MU is a violent place. That's something I suspect a lot of readers unthinkingly overlook (another clever subconscious act of self-trickery, perhaps). We use terms like "all-action!" and "then they battle!" because it distinguishes the depicted violence from the real thing, which by the way is sordid and unbeautiful and uncinematic, and if you've ever been unlucky enough to witness true physical destruction then it festers in the mind of the beholder like a psychic cancer . . . I kind of decided that if any book was going to go spelunking for some value in reminding readers of the truth -- that scenes including violence are automatically about violence -- then [X-Force]'d be the one . . . You don't get to enjoy a book about violence without it occasionally turning 'round to bite you on the arse. Sorry.' - Si Spurrier

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Iron Marshal #1

Hi folks!

You may have noticed in the occasional requests threads that I have been making requests for scans of Jademan Comics. I finally found one of my own issues.

For those of you are younger, or missed them when they were around, Jademan Comics were an attempt by entrepreneur Tony Wong to bring his successful Hong Kong comics to an English-speaking audience. They had a decent spread of genres, but he decided the market was best for kung fu comics.

These tended to be long-running soap operas filled with dozens of characters, who solved all their problems with martial arts. (Martial arts was also often the cause of all their problems.) Jademan was an early adopter of computer coloring, so often had some interesting effects.

Unfortunately, Mr. Wong got caught doing something illegal with money (the details are lost to my memory), went to jail, and the company's overseas ventures collapsed.

Eleven pages of thirty-three--I'm unsure of the copyright status of Jademan in the U.S., but some of the licenses were picked up by other Hong Kong comics companies.

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Your thoughts and comments?

Transformers: RID #33

Things have been abit quiet around here lately in regards to new Transformers pages since the end of the Dark Cybertron arc. IDW has a new arc coming out soon actually, called the Combiner Wars. RID #33 leads into it abit, and since #34 just came out I'm putting a few pages up. 

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AXIS Hobgoblin #1

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How can an evil magnificent bastard, be even more magnificent? By going legit!!!

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Uber #16

"As a British White Dude I'm painfully aware that I'm going to have to step carefully writing American race-related issues." -- Kieron Gillen

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She-Hulk #7 - "Small Victories"

Interviewer: In our initial interview you talked about Javier Pulido's sense of design and page layouts. How has that manifested in some of the pages you've seen so far? Are there some sequences from the first couple issues that you were especially impressed by?

Charles Soule: Literally every sequence, and that isn't puffery. Javier is brilliant -- he's a pure storyteller, and he takes every one of my ideas and makes them more interesting. He's told me repeatedly that all he needs is a good story. Give him that, and he can work miracles, and it's certainly been the case on "She-Hulk." Honestly, my scripts are pretty tight -- or at least I think so until Javier gets his hands on them. He tends to break them apart a little and reconfigure the paneling in large and small ways to make something new that's a killer synthesis of both of our takes. Just a true collaboration.


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Chilling Adventures in Sorcery as Told by Sabrina

In 1972, Archie Comics made its first major venture, since the MLJ days, into horror, with the series Chilling Adventures in Sorcery as Told by Sabrina. (This is not to be confused with the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina title launched earlier this very month in the wake of Afterlife with Archie's success.) Loosely patterned after the EC and other horror comics of the fifties, it was an anthology title hosted--for its first two issues--by everyone's favourite Teenage Witch, written and drawn by regulars from Archie's creative team: writer Frank Doyle and, in the stories excerpted here, Dan DeCarlo and Rudy Lapick on art.

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