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Day 19: Character you used to hate/dislike, but now you don’t - Main Post

I had to think long and hard for this one, because there are few characters I hate/dislike to begin with....

So I had to amend it internally to a character who was, for the longest time, just... "Blaaaaaah!" until a major revamp...

At last, a Man of Steel I can root for! )
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31 Days of Scans, Day 18: Best Butt - Helena Wayne

Here to compete against [personal profile] icon_uk's Discowing butt post, I bring you the even better booty of Gotham across two DC Universes.

Hailing from the superior Golden Age world of Earth-2, Helena Wayne has had the privilege to have both Bruce and Selina as her parents, whose genetic make-up led to this lovely young Huntress:

 photo ButtPreview.png

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Spider-Woman's new costume, and an 80's music group re-imagined

It's been revealed that Jessica Drew is getting a new costume, designed by Krist Anka, in the near future, her first redesigned costume since 1978.

From the 1970's to the 2010's... )

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31 Days of Scans - Best Butt: The Not-Racist Butt

I had considered several varieties of butts for today's post, ranging from head- to gun- to cigarette-, but I think this butt in particular is one that we at scans_daily can all agree to.

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Day 18: Best Butt? - Main Post

Now my past few “Main posts” have tended towards the verbose, but I suspect that I don’t really need to be for this one, as the scans will do most of the work.

If you can’t work out who I would nominate for this, then I think it’s safe to say that either you are new here (in which case “Hi!”) or you haven’t been paying attention! :)

Who else COULD it be, but the owner of the most maximus of gluteus

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31 Days of Scans - Favorite Legacy Hero: Kaitou Kid

To call Magic Kaito's Kaitou Kid a "hero" would be somewhat stretching the term, but the guy's heart is in the right place and he's got a no-kill policy, so I suppose that's good enough. More importantly, I'm lukewarm at best and outright hostile to most other legacy heroes in comics, and I've already covered one of the few exceptions in yesterday's post, so...

Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

A torch of thievery, passed from father to son. )
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Batman #37: Hooray for Clinophobia!

No spoilers yonder for Batman #37 (BECAUSE SH*T WENT DOWN, YO), but there is one nice little callback from Death of the Family, showing how much ol' Mister J loves setting up his punchlines.

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Day 17: Favorite legacy hero (Hero that took on a previous hero’s ID)

Now I am very tempted to suggest Jason Todd 1.0 or Tim Drake for this one, for taking on the role of Robin, each in their own way (Sorry Jason Todd 2.0 fans, I appreciate your POV, I just happen not to agree with it)

Technically Dick Grayson was not the first Nightwing, but since no one on Earth had any real clue about an identity that Superman used when he wanted to be a Batman-esque superhero when visiting Kandor, I think that would be a stretch too far.

Mile Morales would be another fine candidate, but instead I’m going to be just a little obvious and go for the first sidekick actually achieve what had only been intimated in the past (and which Dick had actually subverted by becoming his own, different, hero)

A guy I first knew as Kid Flash

Wally West )

Inhuman #7 - "Out of the Darkness"

'I see Maximus as what I call a "charming maniac." He's fun -- you'd love to go out drinking with him. The question is whether you'd survive the night.' -- Charles Soule

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