S.H.I.E.L.D. #3

'The mission statement from editor Tom Brevoort was, “We want this to be the TV show as if they had an unlimited budget.” No heroes or villains are off-limits.' -- Mark Waid

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Ultimate Fantastic Four #54: Salem's Seven Part 1


After Mark Millar left Ultimate Fantastic Four, a new writer came in and started writing the book. His name is Mike Carey, better known for his work with the series Lucifer and The Unwritten. During his run, the Ultimate Fantastic Four faced a lot of odd figures and notable figures, including Thanos of all people. However, this here is the last story arc for the series (regular anyways, since what comes after this is a tie-in to Ultimatum) and that’s the focus.

Pencils By: Tyler Kirkham
Colors By: Blond
Inks By: No one

7 pages of 22

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Boys' Night

Here's a webcomic from Sassquach. The full story is fairly long (30 pages or so) so I'm posting the first four and then linking to the rest. It's written by Max Landis, the writer for Chronicle.

Just a basic warning for adult language and themes, nothing too bad.

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Sonic Universe: Spark of Life

Sonic Universe. A side-story comic spun off a comic based on a video game character. Not exactly where one would expect to find high quality stuff.

Fortunately, however, Archie and writer Ian Flynn defy expectations, and put at least as much effort into the character-centric side stories as they do the main book... which is itself better than one may expect ^^

In this case? The story of an AI, Nicole, in....

The Spark of Life!

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Wolverines #11

"One of the nice things about this particular group (X-23, Daken, Mystique, Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike, plus a new character I can’t wait for people to meet) is that they don’t have to always act in a particularly heroic way – and it’s certainly not predictable. Deathstrike doesn’t solve problems the same way, say, Captain America would – and she doesn’t have to, either. It opens a lot of story possibilities I think Ray and I are having a great time with." - Charles Soule

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Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #6: "Not in Continuity"

'Is this story even in continuity? Are YOU even in continuity? LOOK IN THE MIRROR – WHAT IF YOU’RE NOT?' - Marvel's solicitation copy for this issue

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Effigy #1

"I think it’s impossible not to be very aware of the celebrity culture and the way it dominates. It’s taken over a lot from what used to be news in America, and as I thought about that stuff, it all sorta combined. Celebrity culture and that sort of fame is somewhat similar to religion, and all that made me decide to do a cult-mystery story based around this new religion."

- Tim Seeley

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New Avengers #31: "Rabum Alal"

"Some people don't believe in magic, but if you have children then you know it's real." - Jonathan Hickman

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