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What If #19: Vision Conquered the World

The divergence point is based on a storyline where the Vision had to take control over the Avengers while many were missing during Secret Wars, went a bit crazy, and took over control of every computer on Earth. In canon, the Avengers convinced him taking over the world was bad, and he released control. But what if he didn't?

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Sam Wilson: Captain America #18

"I absolutely believe you can write superhero comics where violence is either peripheral, or even entirely absent. The point of superhero comics is to inspire people to try to be their best selves. They're about people trying to help others and make the world a better place, not a more violent one. Now of course, they take place in a fantasy world where certain things, like vigilantism, are laudable. But even still- I try to find ways to make sure the violence is either justified by some moral criteria, or as an incomplete solution. Usually, the violence in my books is stuff that passes the time until someone comes up with the real solution. Though I've by no means got a perfect record on this front- again, fantasy world, "good" violence, all part of the show. Still try. Some superheroes really benefit from tacking towards nonviolence btw: Superman and Fantastic Four come to mind immediately. Cap, in my mind, comes very close to the line- he's a soldier, but he should always be reluctant to fight. Has to be a necessity. Same for Sam, btw, which is why my favorite arc is Americops, because really, it all kicks off with him trying to PREVENT a fight." -- Nick Spencer

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Guess who's coming to Bludhaven - Nightwing #16 preview

Courtesy of Comics Alliance

Now, as we sort of know, there are few people Damian actually likes. He respects a couple, loathes several and disdains nearly everyone else on the planet. But people he actually LIKES, we're probably limited to Colin (who seems to been lost in the New52) and of course, his big brother and favourite partner in crimefighting, Nightwing.

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So what could possibly increase tensions between them?

Perhaps the only thing that Damian is ALWAYS concerned about

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Ordinary #3

"Michael goes from being a bit of a douche-bag to the world’s biggest underdog. We didn’t want to shrink from his failings at the start of the story. He’s wrecked his marriage, rarely sees his son, drinks too much, lets his work colleague down. He’s Mr. Unreliable. You know those are all unlikable qualities. But then he gets his quest: get to Manhattan and rescue his son when the world around him has turned into a surreal war zone. And he alone has no powers. Suddenly he’s the hero and all the odds are stacked against him. Hopefully, that makes people root for him. And he grows as the story continues. He has an arc. He’s not the same guy by the end."

- Rob Williams

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Mod Post - Frame Rates

Hi again

Another chance to open up a slightly broader discussion than usual, any comic related TV or movie projects you have enjoyed, been annoyed at, or want to recommend to others.

Is Justice League Action action packed or a damp squib?

Is the notion of a Flash/Supergirl crossover musical episode with Darren Criss playing the Music Meister something to be embraced, or avoided?

Is TV Iron Fist's Kun-Lun being a multi-ethnic extradimensional realm enough to get it away from the "White Saviour" trope?

Feel free to share your opinions here.
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The Dark Knight Returns #2

"Batman isn't interesting because he has a cool car. It's great that he has a cool car. But he's interesting because he straightens the world out. And he brings order to a very chaotic world. Especially when you're a child. You need somebody, even if it's a fictional character, to tell you that the world makes sense and that the good guys can win. That's what these heroes are for."

- Frank Miller

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Teen Titans: Earth One Vol. 1

"The fun for me is seeing these characters, who are very grounded and very realistic kids, and then have these insane things starting to happen, and then having them be able to react to it the way maybe a normal teenager would, as opposed to a teenager who's grown up in 50 years of superheroes flying around them." - Jeff Lemire

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