This is a fairly infamous story from Junji Ito (at least among his American fans) for reasons that will become clear to you as you read it. It's gross. Very gross.

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First announcements re Marvel's post I v X event - ResurreXion

Marvel have been releasing teaser images for the event which will, perhaps, mend some fences between Mutants and Inhumans after the revelations of "Death of X" and "I v X"... or might not

Click to embiggen

(I HATE that spelling, just from the get go, but that's neither here nor there)

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NoScans: UN names Wonder Woman an Honorary Ambassador

The Associated Press reports:

"The United Nations celebrated Wonder Woman's 75th birthday on Friday by naming the comic book character as its new Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Woman and Girls, despite frustration from both inside and outside the world organization that the spot should go to a real — and less sexualized — woman."

Full story here.

The Vision #11 - "You and I Were Born for Better Things"

"That new Vision comic by Tom King and Gabriel H. Walta is exactly as great as everyone's been saying." -- Brian K. Vaughan

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Sam Wilson: Captain America #13

"John [Walker] is just such a fantastic character for the Marvel Universe... His is a voice I think is somewhat lacking in the Marvel Universe. I’m very excited to push him forward and put the spotlight back on him." - Nick Spencer

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FanComic: The Tail Of Baxter Stockman

Been too long since I posted anything, but I thought I should share this since the artist I commissioned recently finished it, and I an desperate to get some feed back on my writing/story telling skills.

Be warn, there are a few grammar errors, but what do you expect from a low budget fan-commissioned comic?
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NS: Civil War II: Rush of Blood #6 Preview

The latest preview for Marvel's current event has come out. Feel free to discuss below.

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Horizon #1

"There was a discussion back in the beginning about where to set this book in time. For a while it was quite a ways into the future, but Sean Mackiewicz (Skybound Editorial Director) said that it should take place in the very near future, a world we can clearly recognize outside our windows. That was a real light bulb moment for me, and what you’ll find is that this version of Earth has accelerated levels of all the awful qualities/traits that are threatening to engulf us now. They were more wasteful and careless with their environment, a lot more intolerant as the complexion of the world changed, and they were often paralyzed by fear and easily led into the waiting arms of demagogues and misery pimps.

If anything, some of the stuff in the book doesn’t really seem that far-fetched anymore, and I have to say that every day it gets a little easier to write a book about someone looking down their nose at humanity, and wanting to stomp us into the ground once and for all. I mean, it’s really easy to get into the mind frame of Zhia and her crew when I’m hearing about George Zimmerman auctioning off the gun he used to murder Trayvon Martin, which happened the exact same week I was writing #12. Truth is always stranger."

- Brandon Thomas

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Karnak #5 - "The Flaw in All Things, Part 5"

"Honestly, I think the set-up is so simple, but the character runs so deep and strange, that I just hope other people are as fascinated by the weird little bastard as I am. He does incredibly altruistic things for really kind of screwed-up deeply personal reasons, and does them in such a violent and misanthropic way that he might actually be the villain of the piece." -- Warren Ellis

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Astro City #39 - "The Party of the First Part"

"Too many modern superheroes just superhero all the time. They don’t have a context in which their life has texture and connections beyond the adventures. Heck, Batman is often like that, treating Bruce as an afterthought that doesn’t much contribute to stories. But if you decide — hey, Bronze Age Batgirl became a Congresswoman, so her thing that makes her different is politics, you’ve got a direction to send her whether she’s an adult, a college student, whatever. She’s an activist as Barbara; that gives her texture. Kara/Linda being an actress, or being in education, is texture, it’s specifics. You can pick one and run with it, even if it’s just an interest, not yet a career. It gives the character roots outside the action, outside the superpower kabuki show." -- Kurt Busiek

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A quick look at: Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi

This is a little spotlight on Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi.

When introduced she's part of the ignored harem of the Emperor of Konan, and she's deeply in love with and devoted to the Emperor. She is also one of the seven chosen guardians for the Priestess of Suzaku (as is the Emperor), and she has the gift of super human strength. We later discover she's Assigned Male at Birth... And the characters after this point vary in how they treat her.

The text itself, really confuses the line between gay drag queen/okama, and trans woman... owing part to different cultural norms, and just the general confusion that people have on the issue. Presented here are some early scenes dealing with her outing... the reason behind her feminine presentation, and her ultimate fate... warning for some homophobic, and transmisogynistic content.

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STAR TREK TNG: THE SPACE BETWEEN #3 takes place during the 7th season of NEXT GENERATION. The bad guys of the story deliberatly target Deanna Troi, so she has a purpose in the story. Also, it takes place during her romantic relationship with Worf.

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