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It's Morphin Time!

 So while Marvel's releasing all their previews BOOM Studio decided to unveil something else that peaked my interest....
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Green Arrow #17 - The Killing Machine Part 1


"I've never done a book that's an action book like this, or a noir crime book. And that's something I really wanted to try. So there's that.
And for me, the challenge was trying to keep it really fast-paced. When issue #17 opens, my first issue, it really starts with a bang and moves really quickly from there." - Jeff Lemire

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist & Colorist: Andrea Sorrentino

7 of 22 pages

Warning: Violence

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All New All Different Marvel Solicitations

So, Marvel has released solicitations for 30 new books in their line. I thought I'd put up some of the ones that haven't already been posted.

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[Secret Wars] X-Tinction Agenda #1

"I'm picking up from the way [the original] X-Tinction Agenda ended, which is Rahne -- Wolfsbane -- and Havok staying behind to rebuild Genosha. So when we pick up with them, it's several years later and Havok's definitely his own man, he's not living under his brother's shadow. He's got a whole host of problems that are unique to him and unique to Genosha." - Marc Guggenheim

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One page from Secret War #3

I really wanted to post this page when the issue came out but I figured it would be posted in the main one. It hasn't, so here it is.

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Secret Wars #3: "The Eye of Doom"

"If you face a mirror, turn the lights off, say 'direct market' three times, and then turn the lights back on you'll see sad face Moebius. If you face a mirror, turn the lights off, say 'decompression' three times, and then turn the lights back on you'll see me burning money." - Jonathan Hickman

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Black Summer #2

"In a field as well-mined as the superhero genre, it's hard to find questions to ask that aren't also complex or self-referential, and I wanted something direct that stood on its own two feet. I like to try and find something to say about a genre without just finding a navel to gaze into." - Warren Ellis

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Spider-Woman's New Direction

Oh hey, Spider-Woman is now on her next creative change up already and it looks... well... different.

Just take a look.

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Smallville: Continuity #12

Or Smallville: Continuity #4 for those who brought the print version.

Last Clark & Lois moments in the series.

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