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A couple of Easter... well egg related scans

Now, I take Easter quite seriously, it being THE major Christian festival of the year, so in the interests of personal taste I shall refrain from making any religious themed Easter posts, but acknowledging there are a large number of people who enjoy the secular side of things, a couple of scans which are kinda-sorta easter related.

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Commissioned FanArt Sunday!

While I like Fan Art, I can't draw a lick. So I've had some fan art commissioned.

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Sex Criminals #5 - "Going Down"

"There’s a lot of comics that peddle in titillation and sensationalism but are there comics capital-A about sex? Not that I can think of. Which was part of what drew me to the idea of the project. I don’t think of a drawing that gazes surreptitiously up at the pudendum of a woman as she kicks another woman in the face so hard we see both her tits and her ass in the same pose as being about sex, I guess." -- Matt Fraction

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Time to post some Rude pictures of Wonder Woman!

"What's this?" I hear you say... "Icon_UK posting rude pictures? Of Wonder Woman no less? On Scans_Daily? Has he gone insane?"

Well, I can't speak to the accuracy of that last part but I should make it clear, I didn't say rude pictures...

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Ms. Marvel #2

When last we left our intrepid heroine, she had broken out of the Inhuman cocoon looking like Ms. Marvel in her classic outfit. Confused and disturbed by what's going on, she reflexively changes form several times as she stumbles towards the riverside.


Around 6 2/3 pages of 20.

Wolverine #3-4 - "Rogue Logan," Parts 3 & 4

'Imagine this conversation: "So, what's your name?" "Logan." "And your first name?" "I prefer not to use it." "But if you did?" "It's James." And that's that. The fact that he doesn't go by his original name is meaningful, and we'll get into that. And for those people who think that "but if you did?" should be followed by "snikt," oh grow up...' - Paul Cornell

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The artists' series: Jae Lee - Part 2

Part 1 here: http://scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/4625802.html

Following his Jim Lee/Whilce Portacio/Bill Sienkiewicz (lite) style during his earliest Marvel stint, Jae Lee was snapped up by Image founder Jim Lee to illustrate an early WildCATS mini-series.

Soon after he launched a creator owned title, Hellshock, refining his art atyle in the process.

9 scans under the cut.

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These scans from:
WildCATS Trilogy #3, November 1993
Hellshock (Vol1) #1,July 1994

From Uncanny X-Men #20

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sorry sorry sorry, been a whil since i posted, forgot to put it behind the cut.
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Promo image released for DC's next event "Future's End"

Since Forever Evil seems determined to live up to it's name by never actually coming to an end, it's hardly a surprise that the next event is already being marketed before the present one is finished.

And if 'Forever Evil' went on forever, how can 'Future's End' end? )

Robin Alive?

HeroComplex just featured the covers for the upcoming one-shot, Robin Rises: Omega and the 33rd issue of, get this: Batman and Robin.

Check it:Alfred. Alfred, where is my cow? )