R.L. Stine is doing 'Man-Thing' for Marvel.


There's an article about Stine and the title here.

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1963 #1

THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR: What exactly made those classic Marvel stories so revolutionary? Was it that the storytelling was more mature than DC?

ALAN MOORE: An extra dimension had been added to both the storytelling and the art. In a sense the DC characters at the time were archetypes to a certain degree. Archetype means they are one-dimensional. Stan Lee and his collaborators in terms of the story overlaid a second dimension of character. He gave them a few human problems. These weren't three-dimensional characters but they were of a dimension more than what we'd been used to, and something about the art kind of corresponded with that. With Kirby there was a level of attention to detail and texture and intensity about the art that seemed to give another dimension to the super-hero—to the comic book—than what was used at the time. It just seemed to be much more visceral, much more real. The Human Torch finding the Sub-Mariner in a bowery slum; that kind of had a visceral reality to it that was much more engaging.

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Star Wars Doctor Aphra #1

Doctor Aphra is in deep debt to a crime syndicate.

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Last time on Battlestar Galactica: Gods and Monsters, Doctor Baltar built a Cylon.

He rebuilt a Centurion, because his ego was provoked.

He unveiled it to the Fleet.

He brought it online, and it took a knee.. before Sharon Valerii (not the one who was Boomer, but the one who would later be Athena), the tolerated Cylon prisoner.

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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man: Spider-Man No More

So here we are with the conclusion of Miles' first title. After this there was the three-issue Cataclysm tie-in and then 'Miles Morales Spider-Man' before leading into 'Secret War' in which Miles moved to 616 (or whatever Marvel wants us to call it.)  This is a good drop-off point as any but if people want me to continue I will.

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A Look back at Golden Age Zatara and Silver Age Zatanna

Unfortunately, due to my not being able to get my hands on a copy of Zatanna's first appearance (Hawkman 4), I've decided to split it between her dad (who has an interesting history in his own right) and Zee herself.

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The War on Christmas

So I work retail and I chose to use "Happy Holidays," as my parting words and occasionally I get snap-back on it... Had someone ask me "If [I] don't say Merry Christmas anymore?"

Well I do... if I have any indication they celebrate Christmas, if they are buying a Christmas card, a Christmas movie, if they wish me a Merry Christmas... I'll say Merry Christmas to them, otherwise I just feel like being inclusive. It's not the store's policy; it's my own personal policy.

One Page from 1001 Nights of Snowfall

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The origin of Two-Face's coin

As per All-Star Batman (not to be confused with All-Star Batman and Robin)...

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1 page from issue 3, approximately 2 from issue 4.

Steve Rogers: Captain America #7

'A story that I know influenced this and had a big impact on me when I was younger was the end of the John Walker saga in “Captain America”; when the Skull had his consciousness put in a body that looked like Steve Rogers. As a kid I had a visceral reaction to that. The idea of that was terrifying. So it stuck with me. It’s one of my all-time favorite Cap stories.' - Nick Spencer

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Avengers #1.1

"I’ve been itching to tell this story for a long time. I love, as I did with Captain America: Man Out of Time, to be able to tell flashback stories within continuity..." -- Mark Waid

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