Deathstroke: Rebirth #1 - "The Professional, Prologue"

"As a person of faith, I find writing bloody carnage to be a real challenge because it directly contradicts my own core values. Therefore, it seems odd if not ridiculous for an ordained Baptist pastor to be writing a book about a cold-blooded killer—unless the book is less about glorifying the two-dimensional narrative and devaluing of human life in favor of making the book about the consequences of violence and the ultimate toll that lifestyle takes on you." -- Christopher James Priest

"Deathstroke by Priest and Pagulayan will be the smartest and most nuanced approach to the character you've ever seen." -- Editor Alex Antone

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Lifeform continued with the continuance of its threat.

Its first part'd ended with that mutated man taking a direct hit from a rocket launcher.

He'd fallen into the ocean bordering Connecticut, smoke roiling off his body.

That, by any understanding, should have been the end of him.

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The Hellblazer - Rebirth #1

"Part of the brief that editorial gave me was to take John Constantine back to his roots, so I suddenly had the luxury of all that great continuity to play with. Which is pretty great. I’m able to reference pieces of his past, like the tree tattoo on his arse, and at the same time not ignore his recent adventures in NYC.
To me it’s all part of that tapestry that came before. I think I got lucky in the “Rebirth” event as I didn’t pick up a character who’d been broken and really needed that much “fixing.” He might have taken a wrong turn or two over twenty plus years, but all I had to do was dust him off, do right by his past, and double down on his Englishness."

- Simon Oliver

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Off-Topic Tuesday!

In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like.

Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

The Olympics has come to an end with Great Britain doing remarkably well in the medal stakes (Not that I'm gloating)

Germany has released plans to recommend Civil Defence precautions

Apparently ramen noodles are now a more valuable trade commodity than tobacco in US prisons... Who knew

Bleach Series Finale


It's weird but... it's time to say goodbye to another big manga series that's been running for years now. Time to say goodbye to Bleach!

Here's some key moments from the last two chapters that are work looking at.

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Sexton Blake, Shared Universes, and Superman Precursors

I apologize for not posting lately; but I've been lost since late July in the world of Sexton Blake. American readers might say, "Who?" but those who know the history of detective novels especially in Britain will be familiar with the name...and with Waldo the Wonder-Man, one of several precursors of Superman. Oh, the main influences were Philip Wylie's GLADIATOR, Flash Gordon and Doc Savage. But Waldo has his place.

Warning: I will be linking to some archives that occasionally use racist language. Do not click on those links and start reading those archives if such totally ruins your enjoyment of reading stories. And of course, linking to those archives does not mean any endorsement of such offensive language. Reading them, for love of the story or the characters, is in spite of such offensive terms.

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Axe Anarchy: The Graphic Novel Chapter 1


In 2012, AXE released Anarchy - the brand's first male/female paired fragrance. We knew that as soon as both genders had the AXE effect, chaos was inevitable. The only challenge was bringing this anarchy to life online for a demographic that's increasingly hard to engage. Our solution was to do more than just involve consumers - we decided to create the campaign with them. To do this, we embraced a genre that has fueled fantasies for decades and then reinvented it for a generation raised on the real-time web. Anarchy: The Graphic Novel was written by - and starring - its readers. - Press Release from Razorteeth

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Franchesco

Oh boy, have I uncovered something special today folks.

This was released to the public for free back in 2012 for all to read, enjoy, and download in PDF form. The site that hosted it no longer exists today though. So, it's lost to time except for what little I actually have.

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Ada Lovelace: The Byronic Woman. Now in paperback

Last year on FCBD I picked up a hefty hardcover based on buzz from I'm not even sure where.

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