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Vinland Saga

Written and drawn by Makoto Yukimura.
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First glimpe of new Jem and the Holograms comic from IDW

Now amongst my other varied and sundry interests (and more of them in a forthcoming post), I have a soft spot for the old Jem cartoon (Which I now realise is almost 30 years old)... or more particularly for a couple of the aspects of the cartoon.

For those too young to remember Jem, it was the (and I say this now to avoid accidentally stumbling upon the term later on) "Truly Outrageous" story of Jerrica Benton, CEO of Starlight Records, who moonlighted as up and coming rock star Jem (With her little sister and friends making the group "Jem and the Holograms".

At any rate... there's a live action movie out next year (Which based on word of mouth is a little more low key and doesn't even include rival band The Misfits by most accounts), and in advance of that IDW have a new comic, and... it's not quite what I was expecting in terms of style....

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Superman/Wonder Woman and the importance of keeping your flowers oiled

Not really a fan of the Superman/Wonder Woman romance. I like Superman better relating to NORMAL people, desperately wanting to fit in with normal people, and the idea of him having a relationship with an Amazonian princess/demigoddess with magical powers strikes me as odd. I would have preferred to see a Wonder Woman/Orion relationship (god-mindset in common, rage issues, both warriors) as the creators of the recent run of Wonder Woman had originally planned...and Superman still in a relationship with Lois.

However, collecting entries for my KRYPTONIAN BESTIARY Tumblr, we've had a pretty cracktastic recent story ("Metamorphosis", Superman/Wonder Woman #12) that is not without some interesting insight into their relationship...

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All-New Invaders #11

"I don’t personally believe Jim Hammond has had a lot of personality given to him. He always feels a little bit boring, like a bit of a cipher. His costume is just a red onesie, which wasn’t very interesting. And that’s great for me, because it’s something I like doing — giving characters that haven’t had any personality a great one." -- James Robinson

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GD 216 panels

Gold Digger 216 had an abnormally high number of panels that I found hilarious without even needing to know the wider issue context.

So without further adieu,

The Panels! Warning, may contain unrequited robo crushes, and emergency t-shirtings. Mostly SFW but with some sexiness, and an Optimus Prime dakimakura. )

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #4: Tales from T.H.E. P.I.T.

"We're planning to make it the dominant comic book universe. All the ingredients are there." - Tom Scioli

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New Avengers #26: "Cages"

"In any story, characters… plot… these things are primary and must be done well for a book to be considered successful, but I think that the stories that are really, really special have themes that resonate." - Jonathan Hickman

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Jump Start--Takujo no Ageha

Hi folks!

One of the ways Weekly Shounen Jump stays on top of the sales charts is by "churn", ending old series and starting new ones in their manga anthology magazine. Now, sometimes this happens naturally, as the recent run of Naruto reached a good point to end the series. But more often, it's a series that used to be popular but has gone downhill (Psyren for example) or a recent entry that didn't catch on (for example, Barrage.) In these cases, the writer has to wrap everything up in three or four chapters, so the story has some kind of ending.

Generally, the Jump editorial people want three new series to start each quarter of the year; which means that it's time for the online edition to have another round of "Jump Start." This last week, the first of the new series debuted, Takujo no AGEHA.

It's about ping-pong, or as they persistently refer to it here, table tennis. 18 pages of 55.

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Next week, it's E-Robot, with the power of weaponized fanservice.

Your thoughts and comments?