SEVEN SOLDIERS OF SATURDAY: The SSOV against-- each other!


One difference between DC and Marvel is, when DC heroes meet, they usually shake hands and beat up the bad guys, like in the classic "Crisis on Earth-One" when the Justice Society meets the Justice League, and they immediately are smiling and working and each other, comparing notes and power rings or whatever. When two Marvel characters meet, their first instinct is to fight each other, an instinct that goes back to the Timely days when the Human Torch and Sub-Mariner first met---and immediately fought--each other. Usually after that, each team-up is preceded by a misunderstanding and a fight between the two super-characters or super-teams.

(One quibble I had with Kurt Busiek's JLA/AVENGERS project is that the JLA should have tried to smilingly make friends with the Avengers, and the Avengers should have been suspicious of these srangers and tried to pick a fight...)

So Leading Comics #6, "The Treasure that Time Forgot", is an eye-opener for early DC teams. In which early pairs of heroes, or teams-within-teams, of the Seven Soldiers of Victory got tricked into fighting, almost killing each other.

18 and 2/3 pages out of 56. I think. I had to mix'n'match this one, and there's a lot I had to leave out.

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Alan Moore's The Courtyard

"The Courtyard was my attempt to write a story within the mythology of H.P. Lovecraft that did not try to regurgitate Lovecraft's style. It was an attempt to write a Lovecraftian story that was set in what was then the near future rather than in a Lovecraftian Era. As such, I thought it was a very successful story and it has always been a little favorite of mine in terms of my horror output."
--Alan Moore,

16 pages of 48 (Two issues; 8 each of 24). Trigger warning for gore.

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Mercury Heat #3

"Earth in the future has solved various major problems we face. One of them is the Environment. Between now and then, humanity got serious, and decided having a sustainable planet to live on was probably a good thing. As such, rather than the present where we'll probably shrug and say we care about the environment while carrying on eating crisps (or chips) out of plastic bags for the convenience, in this future they'll be utterly horrified at the waste in the same way we're horrified at various barbaric acts from our past. This is a fundamental thing that people believe, and those who don't are pretty much viewed in the same way we view Nazis." -- Kieron Gillen

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Another Matt Murdock had part of his life story published.

It was posthumously done, by his great-great-grandson.

It was narrated by that " playboy industrialist " of the same name and heard by the Watcher-stand-in of 2005's series of What If stories, a talented hacker who'd set up his computer to make multiversal TCP/IP connections.

(Presumably, he's either interning for AIM or been interned by ARMOR since.)

The latter'd found the former's work by looking to see if Daredevil was on Earth-717 as he was on 616.

He found that the Devil of Hell's Kitchen apparently wasn't- instead, the Devil Who Dares had definitely been.

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[Secret Wars] Inferno #4-5

"He's an artistic, slightly introverted, gentle giant who loses all impulse control when someone he loves is put at risk. She's an extroverted, obsessive planner who lives out loud because she's considered every angle and knows exactly how she wants to react. Part of it is that opposites attract. Part of it is that they make each other better people." - Dennis Hopeless

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NS - New Black Widow Series

Marvel has announced yet another brand new series, but this time... this one sounds very promising.

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Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #15 (The "season" finale)

"I think that was the idea from the start, to do something that wasn’t really being done. So we have a companion who’s much older than normal – the think I always repeat in interviews like this is that if Alice was being played by a real-world actor, she’d be much older than Matt Smith and there’d automatically be a kind of mitigating of the Doctor’s authority. Alice is someone who won’t take any of the Doctor’s crap – and there is some crap occasionally from him, and I’m glad Clara in the new series isn’t taking it either." - Al Ewing

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Providence #4: "White Apes"

"It’s a repurposing of the Lovecraft pastiche to make it a vehicle that tells us more about Lovecraft and his world rather than simply extending the roll call of unpronounceable gods. And rather than regurgitating tropes that were brand new and exciting back in the 1920’s, I wanted to create stories that were true to the essence of Lovecraft, but were as shocking and unprecedented as Lovecraft’s stories were when they first started to appear in small circulation fanzines and in the pages of Weird Tales." - Alan Moore

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Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #44 - "The Not Knowing"

"It’s interesting – in real life, I can’t imagine what it would take for the wider world to show even a modicum of forgiveness and understanding towards a convicted mass murderer/despot/war criminal. I can’t think of mitigating circumstances compelling enough for the man on the street – much less the victims of said criminal – to say, ‘He’s not all bad.’ You could find out that the criminal suffered as a child, or started off on the road to his future crimes with the best of intentions, or whatever, but I doubt it would be enough to even partly rehabilitate him in the eyes of the public. And yet… in the world of fiction, things can be a little different." -- James Roberts

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Dead Space #0-1


Writer: Anthony Johnson
Artist: Ben Templesmith

Well folks, it's October... so it's time to look at some horror comics! In particular, let's start the month off with a comic book story set within the universe of Dead Space!

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