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I don't know if I'd say that Storm is my favorite female character (mostly because I'm not sure I'd say I have "favorites" per se) but she's certainly up there. And since there were requests for Storm scans, I'm going to share some scans of her very earliest appearances, so you can know she was awesome from the very beginning. I'll also be interspersing it with other scans from the same issues that amuse me.

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So, the last (apparently now lost) post about the latest Wolverine and the X-men issue threw up some discussion about whether or not Colossus was "fixated" on Kitty Pryde and how healthy their relationship was.

So, on a related note I present some somewhat context-less pages from Uncanny X-men #507 by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson, in which Piotr gets a tattoo.


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one page and 2/3 from today's adjectiveless )

this is a good title right now for those who are into leader!storm.

the team is storm, domino, pixie, psylocke & token dude piotr.
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ComicBookResources has the preview as the mindless matchups continue.

I gotta chuckle out of this, but I am not spending money out of it. Let me spare you and save you some cash and show you on page from the preview.

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Here are some black and white preview pages from Marvel Previews #99 which was released this Wednesday. It looks like Psylocke will be very busy in 2012 since she's in all three issues previewed. Take a look: Read more... )
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It's not often I deliberately buy a comic to showcase it here, normally my recent purchases and longboxes are adequate, but this one appealed to me a lot, as it raises some interesting questions (notably about one of the oldest groups in the Marvel universe which I don't think have ever been asked before) but doesn't provide pat answers.

One of my earliest comic reading memories was of a subplot in an old Inhumans issue (With early George Perez art), where a woman, her hair withered and grey and her face and skin covered in all manner of boils, blotches and wrinkles, pleads with Black Bolt to be allowed to use the Mists. Despite some (Gorgon for one) objecting to such a request being made out of vanity, Black Bolt permitted it, perhaps out of sympathy with her plight. And she later emerged from the mists looking like this;

Now as a kid, I don't think I was vain, but I was aware that I was perhaps never going to be amongst the greatest looking people on Earth, so there was a certain element of wish fulfilment that there might be a magical process which would make me special somehow (but handsome to boot), but in retrospect, is it a "Looks ARE everything" message here? I don't know, but one likes to think it's a story of compassion leading to lessening the pain of an individual.

Now, taking that story in a slightly different direction, from: Uncanny X-Men: First Class #1 and #2(and republished in the UK as this years X-Men First Class Annual) I present approximately 14 pages from a 44 page story) where the X-Men discover....

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