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Well, that won't do. Have two pages under here.

Long story short: Batgirl is going to war full-out against Knightfall. Naturally, she calls in the Canary for a war council.

And then this happens. )
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Hello! I am actually making a post for the first time since April 2013! (Huzzah!)

The moment many of us have been waiting for has finally happened within the pages of Batman/Superman #8. It took nearly three years for it to happen, but I suppose better late than never.

Putting aside the fact that this story is a continuation of Paul Levitz' 2.5-year-old meandering narrative (which in my opinion is the major flaw with this crossover), I actually enjoyed this issue on its own merits. I mostly loved it for the beautiful art from Jae Lee and the character moments we got between Bruce and Helena Wayne.

Particularly these pages )
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And this was honestly the only exciting thing that happened this issue.

Well, there's also Little Desaad being all cute and adorable hugging his purple cat, but that's covered in another story.


4 scans + Desaad's origin behind cut. )
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And by Huntress, I mean the Huntress identity not the woman behind the mask. We already know the story of the woman behind the mask. Mostly.

3.5 scans behind cut )
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I initially had reservations about this issue given how poorly executed this series has been under Levitz, but this one actually genuinely surprised me with solid characterisation and a compelling storyline.

So why do we fall, Bruce? Errrr...ummm...Helena? )
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So y'all remember how Paul Levitz originally fridged Selina Wayne to give her daughter Helena a reason to become the Huntress in 1977?

If not, no worries, I can quickly remind you. )

But now the question is, how did he update her origin for the year 2012?

Well....Let's just say icon says all.... )

Trigger Warning for Gore
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It's that time of year again folks. That time of year where yours truly is yet another year older but still perpetually young as always. Aside from the fact that I have the best birthday ever (off on Labour Day, got paid this past Friday, new Doctor Who this past Saturday, new Worlds' Finest later this week with BatCat goodness, what more could I ask for?), to celebrate I'll share with you one of my *very* favourite pre-Crisis stories featuring another fellow Virgo and one that's very dear to me of course.

I give you pre-Crisis Huntress and Power Girl in all their femslashy glory on their native world of Earth-2, kicking ass and taking names. ^_^

Reload Image

Hehe...we all know what you *really* mean by that Pee Gee ;) )
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I apologise for the scans being of shitty quality, I screencapped them from my iPhone.

I actually liked this issue much better than the last, and as usual, the flashback story is more interesting than the present one.

When in Rome... )


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