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fish are you ok? )

You sure ’bout this, Tombstone? Bringin’ someone back from the dead ain’t no easy task. We shall need… to ROCK! YEAOW!" (Sick Jackson tunes start bombing on a magical boombox nearby) (Tombstone and Talon start synchronized Moonwalking)

For those who need the reference, the magical spell is a chant from Michael Jackon's Wanna Be Startin Something (the Internet says it was originally taken from Manu Dibango's Soul Makossa, with some phonetic garbling). I was very amused at how the task of bringing someone back from the dead was actually very easy.

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Power Man and Iron Fist #5 by David F. Walker and fill in artist Flaviano was as much fun as the rest of the series has been. In fact, it was even more fun, as the Heroes for Hire took on an 80s relic, avenged a hot dog cart, got some new wheels and met their adoring public.

It's all told in flashback, through a series of unreliable narrators telling the story to a call-in radio station.
Here's how it went down )


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