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I know Free Comic Book Day has come and gone but I wasn't aware of the Amazing Spider-Man backup story until I got it from Comixology and it apparently wasn't posted here so without further ado...

'Dead No More' )
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Story behind the cut. )

creator: max fiumara,title: amazing spider-man,char: rhino/aleksei sytsevich,char: spider-man/peter parker, creator: joe kelly,creator: javier pulido
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So, after gathering up my pulls this week, I noticed I had a couple bucks to spare. I'd been thinking about picking up Blackest Night: Superman, but man, with Pet Avengers over I needed something fun. Then I had a better thought.
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I have to say that this is possibly the first comic I have ever bought with the express purpose of posting it here...

So without further ado, from the pages of Spider-Man and Friends #37 may I present, the Marvel heroes (and a couple of villains) as you've probably never seen them before..

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I always like the Defenders it was an offbeat book from Marvels bronze age. It didn't have alot of big names in it so they could be free with the interaction and turn up the drama. I'd like to see the book come back as a non canon experience set in a retro 1983 ( a true bronze age book)taking advantage of history. Sort of like the retro Sentry book , but more serious :)


...and they had great villains like Egghead and the headmen !
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