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I haven't touched on comics in a long time, but I've been following Kaine and Aracely in New Warriors. Fortunately, our faves left in Houston haven't been completely forgotten.

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I am craving barbecue, so you get Kaine and Aracely eating barbecue. 3 pages from Scarlet Spider #6.

Dark Spider is a terrible name, Kaine )
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Kaine is Peter Parker's cranky little clone brother, who got stuck with the name Scarlet Spider and now stuck with a bunch of teenagers. WOE IS HE.


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Because I love Scarlet Spider, I'm gonna go ahead and shine the spotlight on these two characters. Also, I just spoiled that they're husbands, but since that reveal was over a dozen issues ago, I'm gonna go ahead.


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Can't get enough of the supporting cast of Scarlet Spider. Today, let's enjoy some of Aracely. With a side-order of Wally and Donald. Shall we?

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Part of the reason this is awesome is because of Kaine's supporting cast. They're colorful, smart, helpful, and not side-kicky. They're really pushing their way into Kaine's life and Kaine can't push them out, and probably doesn't want to anyway.

Scans from Scarlet Spider #1 and #2 )

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Although we must note how sad it is that KAINE is FUNNIER than Peter Parker right now.

One page from the CBR preview )

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Newsarama has the preview for issue #2.

Looks like Kaine has also picked up another annoying Parker family trait.

Self-control. )


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