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Because I love Scarlet Spider, I'm gonna go ahead and shine the spotlight on these two characters. Also, I just spoiled that they're husbands, but since that reveal was over a dozen issues ago, I'm gonna go ahead.


I AM the police! )

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Can't get enough of the supporting cast of Scarlet Spider. Today, let's enjoy some of Aracely. With a side-order of Wally and Donald. Shall we?

It starts with Kaine being diplomatic as always. )

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Part of the reason this is awesome is because of Kaine's supporting cast. They're colorful, smart, helpful, and not side-kicky. They're really pushing their way into Kaine's life and Kaine can't push them out, and probably doesn't want to anyway.

Scans from Scarlet Spider #1 and #2 )

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Although we must note how sad it is that KAINE is FUNNIER than Peter Parker right now.

One page from the CBR preview )

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Newsarama has the preview for issue #2.

Looks like Kaine has also picked up another annoying Parker family trait.

Self-control. )
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Here we are with the penultimate issue of "The Clone Saga" miniseries. Once again, for those who are knew/have forgotten, this is a non-canon retelling of the infamous Spider-Man storyarc as it "should" have been. It follows the storyline of the original saga but makes some pretty big deviations as well. The fifth issue is no different in that regard.

Scans under the cut... )

char: kaine, char: scarlet spider/ben reilly, creator: howard mackie, creator: todd nauck, creator: tom defalco, event: clone saga, publisher: marvel comics, char: mary jane watson, char: spider-man/peter parker,
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Spectacular Spider-Girl (the digital Spider-Girl series) has wrapped up its first arc! In order to celebrate (and to pimp it a little, since the second arc is starting soon), I thought I'd do a wrapup post or two of the highlights.

Who Is Gwen Reilly? Part 1: In which May's clone discovers boys, heroics and murder. (Also, May has kind of an identity crisis.) )


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