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Hullo! Longtime reader and fan, bringing for your holiday enjoyment, a nice tale of "Times Past". As context, please refer to the "Grand Guignol" arc of James Robinson's Starman. First to share are two panels from the original story, and the re-telling. Please enjoy this as much as I have through the years. If the HTML gets borked, please change up as necessary or notify me.

A Society of their Own )

Hoping I get all the right tags here. If not, please adjust as needed.
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Mmmmm,Tim Mandrake art.


Char:The Spectre/Jim Corrigan,Creator:Tim Mandrake,creator:John Ostrander,Publisher:DC comics

Read more... )
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Peekaboo! He SEE'S YOU!!!

Some new characters debut in Batman: Brave and the Bold's next episode "In the Chill of the Night" (Currently available via iTunes)

Beware episode spoilers underneath )

tags: char: batman/bruce wayne, char: spectre/jim corrigan, creator: jim aparo, creator: john byrne (and I'm loathe to add any more tags in case it spoils the episode for anyone)
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In response to the discussion about the preview of BL Green Arrow.

Two pages from Zero Hour 0 )

Suggested Tags: event: zero hour, creator: dan jurgens, char: green arrow/oliver queen, char: green lantern/hal jordan, char: green lantern/kyle rayner, char: batgirl/oracle/barbara gordon, char: spectre/jim corrigan, char: damage/grant emerson
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Both by Matt Wagner, but they go in opposite directions.
Spoilers for the first trade of Madame Xanadu )

title: madame xanadu
char: madame xanadu
char: the spectre/jim corrigan
title: sandman mystery theatre


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