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Also, Kate is still awesome. God, they need to make a Young Avengers show, just to how the rest of the world how awesome she is.

Anyway, Hawkeye has proven to be the best thing Marvel has right now, with possible exception to Winter Soldier, Daredevil, and a small handful of other titles. But, the one problem I, and many othes had was Clint sleeping with Cherry, despite him being in a relationship with Jessica Drew at the time.

And in this issue, she apparently confronts him about it.

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And how does Hawkeye celebrate such a day as this?

Well, by getting caught in the middle of a very strange love pentagon between the woman Bendis put him with, the woman Fraction's put him with, the woman Whedon sort of-but not quite hinted he was with, and the woman he used to be with and still has strong feelings for of course!

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The origins of this posting came about when I saw this image on e-bay

I thought that this was a lovely sketch-card of Aurora and Northstar by an artist named Sara Richard.

and wanted to see more of her work...

When I saw THESE images I knew I had a new artist to keep an eye on )

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Greetings True Believers!

A nice issue.

Cap says something that I think is totally spot-on.

Mockingbird gives a certain twosome the stink-eye.

Wong is a sour-puss.

And it's time for an Avengers sleep-over and draft!


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I *really* like these panels.

I realize some people dislike the "interview" panels the preface many avengers book but on the whole I think they're a great idea. They show that the humanity of the Marvel universe.

From New Avengers #16
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