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For those who don't know, Two-Face was set to appear in the old Batman television show. Harlan Ellison even wrote up a treatment for it. Unfortunately, it never saw the light of day. There's more on it here.

Recently however DC has published the story in comic format using Ellison's original treatment as the basis. Four pages from it are below.

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Two and a bit pages of an eight page story, in which Nightwing is Nightwing, and Batman trolls Two-Face

From legendary writer Len Wein, and Spanish artist Victor Ibanez we see the...

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When we last left the story, our fearless hero was facing impossible odds: a city in turmoil, an apparently unstoppable supervillain behind it all, and his trusted mentor nowhere to be found. He's got one shot: a counter-stratagem that might turn everything around...

... or it just might crash and burn, leaving Tim to join his predecessor in the line of Good Soldiers behind glass in the Batcave.

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It's the end of the road... and things get a little bit ugly.

Well, uglier than usual, given "Big Bad Harv's" side of things.

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Courtesy of Deptford, as always.

Though this tale may be at an end, I do hope some of you have looked at some of his other strips. They are well and truly something else.

And happy holidays, everyone.
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It's a Two-Face Two-for-One Two-day!

And I don't recall offhand if there was anything too bad in the preceding comics, but things get a little darker here...

Edit: Whoops, had them in reverse order...

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As always, thanks to Deptford for creating these.


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