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Recently, the question came up as to whether or not Geoff Johns has improved in writing Wonder Woman. Since I can't find relevant scans for the first issue of Darkseid War, and I have to wait a while before I can post the scans I found of the second issue due to house rules, I thought I'd post this bit from the Amazo storyline that came right before.

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So I posted some tidbits about the upcoming Earth One: Wonder Woman book, and some discussion came about based on how the character has changed. I thought I'd post a bit that shows why the Earth One book is important in showing a different side of Wondy (though from what I've heard, Geoff Johns has improved in writing her recently.)

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IGN Comics: Are there any plans for you to write Wonder Woman down the road?

Pfeifer: It'd be interesting. I might actually be doing an issue or two that sort of ties in with Amazons Attack. I'm not quite sure when they'll be scheduled, but there have been some talks. These series are so tightly tied that maybe I'll take a crack at it. I'm not sure how that affects Jodi's schedule. I'm certainly not replacing her on the book, but there's been some talk of maybe me doing an issue or two. That'd be fun. It's certainly a high profile book, and a DC book that has been appearing since the early forties. It's always fun to take on those iconic characters.

Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist: Pete Woods
Colorist: Brent Anderson

7 1/3 pages out of 22

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Geoff Johns: "A lot of the elements and a lot of the character and a lot of the revelations and mythologies point back to Diana. And this is a journey for Diana and almost a reaffirmation of what Wonder Woman is, and what she represents. So it's going to explore all of that, and then on the story side, it's going to reveal a lot of secrets about the DC universe and our characters that we don't know. Jay [Jason Fabok] and I are really trying to make this an epic event book in the monthly book, but there's also a level of mystery to it."
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From Peter J. Tomasi's twitter page. A presumably less "racy" version of them in bed.Read more... )


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