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Geoff Johns: "And I have to say, the reaction to what we've been doing with Diana, I'm very, very grateful that the hardcore Wonder Woman fans have responded to it, because we're putting everything we have into it. We're very lucky that we get to work with this character. I really appreciate the nuance and complexity of Diana. I feel really good about Jay and I pulling those out and looking at those and realizing them and shining a light on them and saying, "Look how amazing and powerful and wonderful this character is." There's a reason she's so unique among every DC comic."

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Writer: Barbara Randall Kesel
Artist: Irene Koh
Colorist: Wendy Broome

Well this just popped into my field of view very recently. Let's take a look at one of the latest stories from Sensation Comics.

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Recently, the question came up as to whether or not Geoff Johns has improved in writing Wonder Woman. Since I can't find relevant scans for the first issue of Darkseid War, and I have to wait a while before I can post the scans I found of the second issue due to house rules, I thought I'd post this bit from the Amazo storyline that came right before.

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So I posted some tidbits about the upcoming Earth One: Wonder Woman book, and some discussion came about based on how the character has changed. I thought I'd post a bit that shows why the Earth One book is important in showing a different side of Wondy (though from what I've heard, Geoff Johns has improved in writing her recently.)

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