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Sorry guys, no Bat-rogue here. I just wanted to share one of my most favorite, lesser known Vertigo comics, that I took a look at off a whim and fell in love with and dreamt about.

Enigma, by Peter Milligan.

There is a lot I cannot in good faith spoil in this post, but mostly this works around how, when you don't grow up around the usual social constructs, you tend to see the world a lot differently.

This post would be about an unnamed man sees the world, because he pretty much.... grew up in a well in Arizona. And got godlike powers simply because nothing told him he couldn't have them.

I have a great great weakness for theological/mythological subversion.

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Here's my contribution to today's romance theme.

Taken from the I ♥ Marvel - My Mutant Heart one-shot.

Wherein hardboiled private detective Chandler breaks his number one rule and falls hard for the person he's meant to be tailing.

2.6 pages out of 8 beneath the cut.

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Part 3 of the Idiot Root from Batman 473

We find our hero at the mercy of Doctor Crosby in the good doctor's Amazon hideout.

7 scans pages of a 21 page story after the cut

Hope you enjoy,

Much love, Budige

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To complement [personal profile] glprime's excellent Amalgam Comics entries, here's possibly the strangest book they put out, in terms of out-there combinations:

Generation Hex was an amalgamation of mutant teen team Generation X with Jonah Hex and various other DC Wild West characters.

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publisher: amalgam, creator: adam pollina, creator: peter milligan
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But does anyone know what this is from? I just came across it trying to find more information or scans of this intriguing X-Statix character. Plus, it's nice to see Wanda when she wasn't so darned crazy with the whole killing Avengers, boning Clint, and wiping out most of the mutant population (not to say I didn't like any of that, I did). Seems though she might be coming back soon as a Secret Avenger, so here's hoping.

Suggested tags: char: wanda maximof/scarlet witch, char: moonbeam/ dead girl, title: X-Statix

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Because Scans_Daily 3.0 has been criminally short on scans from Peter Milligan's X-Force run, I seek to correct that with these scenes, taken from X-Force #124, with guest artist Darwyn Cooke on art duties.

I loved this run in many ways, which both satarized the cult of celebrity and the media, but also managed to make stereotypes into strongly defined characters in between the high body count. I always thought it was a bold move of Marvel to associate this sort of material with brand X. Also, I think I'm right in saying, had the first on-panel gay kiss in Marvel comics, several years before the media claimed that was in the recent X-Factor issue.

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