dear yuleperson, 2014 edition

Oct. 25th, 2014 10:17 pm
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As always, my previous exchange letters are filed under my dear author tag, recs are at AO3 or pinboard and pretty much anything there in terms of preference or even story ideas for other fandoms is fair game if you're looking for inspiration. My tip-of-the-iceberg preferences meander around a bit, but if I said I loved something three years ago, it's still a safe bet.

general things )

Colditz (2005), Enlisted (TV), Tennis RPF, The State Within, Would I Lie To You? RPF, Manhattan (TV) )

Dear Yuletide Writer

Oct. 26th, 2014 12:47 pm
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you so much for writing a story for me! I've tried to put plenty of information for each fandom, but if you would like to write something completely different please feel free! I am also happy for you to include as many or as few of the nominated characters as you wish. If you're not sure about anything, or want to do a crossover with another fandom and need to check if I know it, just ask my partner [personal profile] st_aurafina.

Things I enjoy: stories about female characters, plot, character interaction, gen fic or any of femslash/het/slash, exploring a canon world. I also like OCs as a way to expand the canon universe, so if that's a direction you want to go, that would be great too. AUs are fine – both in the sense of a deviation from canon and a completely different world – as long as they're not mundane AUs. (Modern AUs are fine, as long as they're not mundane modern AUs – superpowered coffee shops or high school on a Zeppelin would be just fine!)

Things I don't enjoy: non-con or rape, non-canon character deaths (canon deaths are fair game), adult/teen or adult/child sexual interaction, zombies, apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic AUs, mundane AUs.

Baker Street )

Daredevil (comics) )

Emma Frost (comic) )

The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner )

Storm )

The Tribe - Ambelin Kwaymullina

(SPOILERS for books one and two – please don't read unless you've read the books, because there are story-destroying spoilers here! If this interests you and you'd like to read the books, head over to The Firstwood to check them out!)

The Tribe - Ambelin Kwaymullina MAJOR SPOILERS )

Yuletide Letter 2014

Oct. 26th, 2014 01:34 am
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Dear Yuletide Writer

*This isn't finished*

You are brilliant for agreeing to write for me and I hope you have fun doing it. My requests are below and you may find the optional details helpful to use as inspiration. I am excited about fic for any one of these sources or characters!

Things I like )

Swallows and Amazons - Arthur Ransome - Nancy Blackett, Susan Walker )

Miss Marple - Agatha Christie - Jane Marple )

Chalet School - Elinor M. Brent-Dyer - Peggy Bettany, Bride Bettany )

Dark Is Rising Sequence - Susan Cooper - Jane Drew, Mary Stanton )

Gotham Central - Crispus Allen, Josephine MacDonald, Marcus Driver, Renee Montoya )

I just want to reiterate that I'll love absolutely anything involving those characters, so feel free to ignore my prompts and go for something that inspires you. Thank you so, so much for writing for me.

yuletide letter

Oct. 25th, 2014 08:14 pm
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Here is my placeholder for my Yuletide letter, presuming I ever get my brain together enough to finish the sign-up process.

(no subject)

Oct. 25th, 2014 08:42 pm
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My dad has spent the day watching the Twilight movies and I'm not sure what to make of that.

I am...slightly caught up on Sleepy Hollow. And by slightly, I mean this week I am only three episodes behind instead of four. Yes, that includes the episode that aired this week. I guess I'll have to get a little closer to caught up soon though, or I'll lose access to my free episode backlog.

I am also still enjoying The Flash. I've been watching each episode a couple times, so I catch a lot more things than I would if I was only watching one time.
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Can we just stop and talk about this for a minute?

Thresh doesn’t make an alliance. Thresh doesn’t waste time liking her. Thresh knows that either he must kill her or she must kill him for one of them to win.

But this is the only way he can repay her for protecting Rue when he couldn’t. It’s the only way he can repay her for honoring Rue when he couldn’t. He honors her by sparing her friend, the girl who would have died for her.

The revolution really doesn’t start with Katniss.

It starts with Rue.


This is exactly the point I’ve been trying to make for years. Okay, so the revolution gets it’s kindling with Katniss. She volunteers, well that’s new, she rebels in the display of talents by shooting the apple. This triggers her perfect score, okay. These aren’t really “Revolutionary” though. 

It’s not even revolutionary when Peeta professes his love, because, let’s face it, the rules of the game haven’t changed. They’re still just two kids who would have to KILL each other to win. Without a doubt, it would bring some interest to the games, so the Capitol makes propaganda about it. The “Star Crossed Lovers” in a game of life and death.

But what changes the game is Rue. Right away from her introduction in the books we know Rue is going to be somewhat of a big deal. She was compared to the most important character to Katniss, Prim, so that’s a huge indicator. She’s small, young, she’s what Prim would have been.

So Katniss instantly feels a subconscious pull toward her. 

When they meet in the trees, Katniss could have killed Rue easily, and Rue probably could have pulled a sneak attack or alerted the Careers of Katniss’s presence. Instead, Rue points out the Tracker Jacker nest.

Then it escalates, Rue and Katniss become an odd team, they’re an alliance, which is never new in the Hunger Games, as forming teams and then betraying them at the end seems to be a common, but there’s is different. It’s close, it’s sisterly, protective.

And then Rue get’s impaled. Katniss kills her first tribute with ease after that. Comparing it to hunting game. Katniss holds Rue, she cries, and then she sings. She sings for Rue a song of promised safety and warmth, something completely absent in the arena. 

And this is where the metaphorical canon fires. Katniss could have left Rue, the hovercraft would have been along to pick her up, but she can’t. She’s morally obligated to love this girl as much as possible. And this is where the revolution starts. 

She honors the dead. She honors a dead tribute from a district she’d never seen, a person she’d known for only a short period of time. But she throws away Hunger Games norms. She rejects them completely.

In the Hunger Games you’re supposed to kill mercilessly and leave the victims for the plain box they’re shipped home in. 

Katniss gives Rue a funeral in the Games, she decorates the body, she makes it look like Rue is sleeping. Like no harm had come. Katniss just ignited the coals that Rue had placed.

Rue’s District sends a parachute. Homemade bread. 

Then Thresh kills Clove and distracts Cato by taking his bag. 

The fire is going now, and the actions in Catching Fire are even more obvious.

The Speech for Rue. Peeta’s painting. Everything eludes back to this one little girl who became Katniss’s family.

So the revolution never started with Katniss, she was just the tinder for Rue’s ignition. 

Rue was the real Mockingjay.

Also, who’s four note whistle is constantly attached to the trailers?

Rue’s whistle.

Rue is omnipresent in the books and movies, and I absolutely love it.

The rebellion was started because the innocence of a black girl was defiled.

That is a powerful statement that a lot of people gloss over for this book

Hunger Games, rue
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I was about to post this year's Yuletide letter when I realised that I never linked to the fic I wrote for kindkit last year!

So go on and do not stop by silveronthetree
(Biggles Series - W. E. Johns. Teen And Up Audiences. 4097 words. Biggles/Algy Lacey, Mahoney, Major Mullen, Henry "The Professor" Watkins, "Mac" Maclaren.)
During the events of the short story 'The Great Arena' from Biggles of the Camel Squadron, the members of 266 Squadron spend an evening trying to trick German intelligence into thinking they are "as green as grass and over in France for the first time" before acting as bait to even the odds and put a stop the slaughter of new pilots by the Von Doering circus. In the original story the events of that evening were barely touched upon, so here is what might have happened.

I'd been itching to write a Biggles fic for years and I finally had the excuse to write one and the motivation to finish it. This involved all my favourite things about the Biggles books - the boys, their planes and a First World War setting.


Oct. 25th, 2014 05:02 pm
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All the comics mockery coming from people who appear to be in comics fandoms solely for the live action movies is starting to get annoying. Without comics and the people who create and buy comics and have done for decades there would be none of the live action superheroes everyone is so in love with now. So, y'know, if comics people are kinda depressed about the fact that the characters they love have been deconstructed and rebuilt in ways they don't recognize and often don't care for, please don't make fun of them, or of those original characters who may seem silly, but have been many years in the making on paper.

They are loved, still.

Also, hey. Long time. There will be some kind of fic soon. I hope.
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James Potter loved Buddy Holly and styled his hair into a messy quiff from time to time in order to look like him

Mrs. Weasley still knits a sweater for Fred every Christmas

Ginny Weasley is bisexual (she just is)

Harry still struggles with PTSD but it’s more manageable now 

Hermione casually mentioned Disney World during Sunday dinner at the Burrow once and Mr. Weasley asked so many questions, they all (Potters + Weasleys + Teddy) decided to take a vacation there so he could see the park for himself rather than be told

And they were very Muggle about the whole thing and flew; Mr. Weasley happy-cried when he saw the plane

One of the first things Neville did as a Hogwarts professor was instill a strict “No bullying” policy

Hermione insists on taking the family to visit Lockhart at St. Mungo’s once every few months because she hates how he never has visitors. When Ron complains, she reminds him it was his wand that backfired and put him there in the first place (which annoys Ron because really, if it hadn’t backfired, his memory would have been tampered with; Hermione always magically goes deaf when he brings this up)

Dean and Seamus share a flat and spend most of their time creating wizard comics, which Dean does the art for

Lavender Brown lived and bears scars from where Greyback attacked her, much like Bill Weasley

Pansy Parkinson grew out of her prejudices and now runs a successful boutique in Diagon Alley

Draco Malfoy is an incredibly involved father and never misses Scorpius’ quidditch matches

Harry and Ginny keep their wands strapped to their thighs with a holster

When asked why he named his son after two emotionally manipulative men, Harry commented “Because he’s my child, not yours. Feel free to name your own kid Lupin Hagrid” then promptly disapparated for work.
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So [community profile] femslashexopened yesterday, and all y'all should go check it out, because there's 190 entries this year, or something unreal. Archive is here.

I got two amazing stories for micro fandoms, ones that I've been trying to get people into for years, which just blows me away. I love both of them to bits, and everyone should go read them OMG right now!

Title: Ties That Bind
Author: [personal profile] garrideb
Fandom: Dor | String (2006)
Characters: Meera/Zeenat, Zeenat/Amir, Saba, Ila
Rating: G
Word Count: 3,300
Summary: Three outside-POV glimpses of Meera and Zeenat as they settle into their new life.
Notes: Gorgeous look at what happens to these two after the film, how they grow into each other's lives, and how their relationship affects the people near them. I love the different points of view, and there's some really sweet poly bits.

Title: lose something every day
Author: [ profile] Damkianna
Fandom: Sinbad (2012)
Characters: Nala/Rina, ensemble
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 8,300
Summary: Five things Rina stole from Nala, and one thing Nala gave her. Episode tags for 1.01-1.06, kind of accidentally.
Notes: The writing here is gorgeous. It captures the personality of the characters perfectly, and is one of the best enemies into friends into lovers fic I've ever read. Plus it's got great scenes from the rest of the gang. Love it.

I also wrote two stories, which are no where near as good as the above, but here they are in any case.

Title: A Touch of Warmth
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV) (Jenny/Katrina)
Rating/contents: Explicit (contains a failed suicide attempt, depression, canon-typical violence, neglect of minors, and references to under-age masturbation)
Word Count: 3,700
Notes: Jossed by now, but good up to 2x04. Thank you to [personal profile] healingmirth for the beta.
Summary: Or, five times Katrina helped Jenny out, even when she didn't have a clue what the hell was going on.

Title: Stitches in Red Thread and in Black
Fandom: Les Misérables (2012) (Cosette/Éponine)
Rating/contents: Teen (contains major character death [Marius; plus Les Amis and Javert as in canon, almost entirely off page], injuries, and angst.)
Word Count: 700
Notes: Drabble sequence. Mostly follows the chronology of the 2012 film version, but has a few nods to the book. Thank you to Nenya for beta reading.
Summary: Glimpses of a life Éponine and Cosette might have shared.

Babbling About Nothing

Oct. 25th, 2014 10:04 pm
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I am on holiday!

I've known that I had holiday coming up for a while. I spent Friday running around handing over unresolved issues to colleagues and making sure that everything was ship shape and Bristol fashion at my site. But it's only really just sunk in today that I have a week off work. My brain is very special sometimes.

So I've spent today doing all the laundry. All of it. And all my weekend chores. And catching up with the two episodes of Sleepy Hollow Season 2 that have aired in the UK so far, and the first episode of Agents of SHIELD Season 2 because Channel 4 just loves us all to be so far behind the rest of the TV watching world with this that I'm sure some viewers have resorted to downloading it elsewhere. Oh, and I've read Neil Gaiman's The Sleeper and the Spindle today too. It's amazing what I can get done when [personal profile] battlehamster disappears off to a LRP for 10 hours ;)

Meanwhile poor Kheldar has spent the evening hiding under a variety of furniture because someone has been having a fireworks party. Shadow has spent part of the day grumbling about the fact that it is Saturday and his weekday routine has been disturbed and rest of it demanding lap time and then grumbling about it being the Wrong Lap. To be fair he may not have been grumbling the whole time. At one point he was exiled to the Great Outdoors. He proceeded to sit in front of the balcony doors like a furry pyramid of doom, opening and closing his mouth. He may just have been exercising his jaw muscles at that point and not grumbling at all. Previous experience with less sound proofed doors suggests that he was still grumbling though...

(no subject)

Oct. 25th, 2014 04:18 pm
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I have successfully yuletide-sign-upped! Well, assuming I didn't screw up my bucket offer again this year. I decided to be conservative and only offered 60 fandoms this time (...though it would have been 96 if I'd included my six requests and the 30 nominated fandoms that I'd already written or been gifted in exchanges.)

Anyway I'm not doing a yuletide letter this year out of a sad and ineffective protest against the increasing amounts of pressure put on both writers and requesters re: optional letters which are optional, but here is a repost of my requests this year, just for posterity:

Young Wizards )

Munchers )

Ashers )

Lucky Starr )

Lovelace and Babbage )

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot )

If there's anything else my writer needs to know, they have ten years' worth of YT under this tag to comb through, but really, it's all in the signup, don't worry.

Vid: Salute (DCU)

Oct. 25th, 2014 09:07 pm
shinyjenni: Steph eating popcorn and wearing 3D glasses (does it have a bat on it?)
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Title: Salute
Fandom: DC animated (see below for full source list)
Characters: Many! See below for complete list in order of appearance.
Music: Little Mix
Content notes: some fast cuts and bright flashes
Summary: "Athena knows the League could use more female members."
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] silly_cleo for betaing!
Spoilers: Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
Download: here (3:58 minutes, 172MB) or here (87MB) | subtitle .srt
Also available from: Youtube | AO3 | Tumblr

streaming and lyrics under the cut )

List of sources )

List of characters in order of appearance )

And Christmas

Oct. 25th, 2014 11:37 am
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My family is going to be out of town on Christmas so I am, for only the second time in my life, going to have to figure out what to do with myself for the holiday without them. The previous time I had plans that came to naught when I became ill and thus spent Christmas alone with a cold in a chilly basement room. I trust there will be no repeat of that disaster, at least.

My very good friend L— thinks that she will do a Christmas eve dinner and I can contribute some dishes and help her cook so I think that determines what I shall do on the eve. I should inquire of her if she likes chestnuts. If so I could lay in a supply. But there shall certainly be plum pudding this year as I like it and so I should get ready to make one very soon.

The day itself will still be open. My family never did much of anything on Christmas day except for church and I am not one for that. Perhaps I should organize some sort of jolly Wassail party where we drink homebrewed Christmas ale or mulled hard cider.

(no subject)

Oct. 25th, 2014 01:48 pm
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Dear Yuletide Author - PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE!!

I'm not into incest, high school AUs, or non-con. I'm fine with porn, and if you wanna get kinky, casual BDSM type stuff (not really into lifestyle power exchanges). I like stories with space adventures, established relationships, new relationships, making out, relationships that aren't essential to the plot, mystery, and dark dystopian governments.


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Scans Daily
Founded by girl geeks and members of the slash fandom, [community profile] scans_daily strives to provide an atmosphere which is LGBTQ-friendly, anti-racist, anti-ableist, woman-friendly and otherwise discrimination and harassment free.

Bottom line: If slash, feminism or anti-oppressive practice makes you react negatively, [community profile] scans_daily is probably not for you.

Please read the community ethos and rules before posting or commenting.

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