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Feb. 5th, 2016 04:56 pm
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And, just while I'm thinking of it: I feel so incredibly nerdy that my main interest right now is fantrolls, fantrolls, fantrolls.

I mean, it's not my only interest? And it's not my only fandom. But it feels kind of dreadful that the only thing I really draw is fantrolls. My Exalted group asked me to draw the circle and I just.. haven't, because I bullied myself into learning to draw for my webcomic, then for fantrolls, and those are the only things I really have any desire to draw.

And I'm drawing all the time right now, because it's easy and not tiring and I don't have to worry about swooning, if I'm just sitting down and drawing while talking / watching people play vidyagames / doing whatever. Unlike writing, which I can also sit and do,

... I guess the problem here is less "nerdy because all I draw is fantrolls and comics", and more "feel hideously nerdy that all I am doing these days is reading and drawing and writing". Like, those have got to be the most boring goddamn interests compared to like, rock-climbing and ice-skating and everything else that everyone not sick is doing. People ask me if I want to do things, I say no, because it'll completely wipe me out, and then all I have when they ask if there's anything else I'm doing is reading/writing/drawing.

I can't even bake anymore, which at least has tangible results that other people appreciate (and can spark up neat conversations!), because it makes me sick. FML. >:c

Seductive Jalique

Feb. 5th, 2016 11:55 pm
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nsfw )

Sorry, this is up at the last minute. I wasted the morning on non-art stuff.

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Feb. 5th, 2016 04:46 pm
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I feel weird about putting information out about myself on tumblr, haha. Oh, dear. It's always like "please, sirs, ask me about myself!" - or at least, that's the way that it feels - and it's like, nnnnnnnnnnno.

I mean, I'm not really bothered by writing for kink memes, which is why I've mentioned it a few times. but then people message me and are like "HEY HEY LINK LINKS", and.. why? It's one thing for people to know I write porn. That's nbd! It's a whole different thing for them to see what I choose to write and what I don't, which is why I don't post it with my name on it. :'| Or I keep it friends-locked.

IDK. I guess I sort of have, on the NSFF tumblr, but that's not actual smut??? It is "soft fade to black before anything actually happens", "here is a description of the scene without the actual porn" fic. So obvs that doesn't count.

.......... lol, now I'm having flash-backs to college :1

(I can't help but feel that sending people links to stuff that I've written, even if asked, is a little inherently inappropriate, though. Because then they feel obliged to tell me what they think about it, and what if they dislike it? Then they'd feel as if they had to lie, or else risk being rude through not responding! So unfortunate.)
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"Blank Maps" by Cold Specks, from 2012's I Predict a Graceful Expulsion

y'know what? shutting up now.

Feb. 5th, 2016 09:41 am
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I was feeling kinda whiny this morning about my day, my week, my life--you know how those days go--I'm waking up almost as tired as I was when I went to bed and there's a long, long list of things that have to get done.

But my morning did not start with a giant smoking wreck of an upside down crane on it, so.*

*yes, i know the day is young. SHUT UP.
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[title]: "By Each Let This Be Heard"
[author]: splash_the_cat
[fandom]: Jupiter Ascending
[details]: PG. Caine Wise. Stinger Apini. Caine/Stinger. Jupiter/Caine. Language. 2549 words. Posted 02/05/2016.
[summary]: Caine brings Stinger a drink on the anniversary of their courts martial
[notes]: for the fuckyeahjupiterascending.tumblr.com Challenge 10: Anniversary

On AO3
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Casil has immersed herself fully in a flawed understanding of disability that I tend to think of as the “character balance” fallacy. In a tabletop RPG, character types are generally written to be balanced, so that each player will have a fun and interesting experience. A swordfighter might be better at up-close combat but vulnerable to magical attacks, for example, while a mage might have the ability to shoot long-distance firebolts but be unable to wear much armor. Ideally, characters have equal advantages and disadvantages. Some games even have systems where you can “buy” advantages with disadvantages. Want more points to spend on more impressive spells? Find something that will make your character’s life more difficult, and maybe you can make that work.

Excerpted from Human flaws and disability: NOT the same thing by Tili Sokolov, because it struck me that it was an unusual but apropos perspective. I got there via Jim Hines' No, We’re Not All Disabled, a very even-toned takedown of the original blog post in question. Note that the original post, which Hines quotes extensively, is the kind of ablist bullshit that makes a weird vein pop in my forehead, so. Content note to those who don't need that toxicity in their lives on a Friday afternoon.

Now this just reminds me that I need to write more about "how (not to) write disability" and I've been putting it off.

fic rec: Zinc Man (The Americans)

Feb. 5th, 2016 11:58 am
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Zinc Man, by Selena

Tags: Case Fic, Afghanistan, set mid-s3

Characters: Elizabeth Jennings, Philip Jennings, Arkady Ivanovich, Gabriel, Oleg Igorevich Burov, Yuri Victorovich Silfigarow (OC)

Summary: Elizabeth and Philip are charged with tracking down a young soldier from Afghanistan who has gone rogue. But what will they find? (6007 words)

This is the same level of honest writing and authentic feel that I’ve come to expect from the show itself. Really, this could have easily been an episode.

I recommend this fic even if you have never watchted The Americans. The story stands on its own, it’s like a mini-episode. (Does contain a significant s2 spoiler, though.)

The Incite Mill

Feb. 5th, 2016 10:11 pm
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The Incite Mill is yet another movie starring Tatsuya Fujiwara as part of a group of people being compelled to kill one another! I'm really impressed that there's more than one of them.

A group of people sign up for a 7-day job – supposedly a psychology experiment – for which they will be paid something like $100 an hour. The 10 participants are locked up together, and given some instructions: they must all stay in their rooms after 10 pm, and when a crime happens, they are to solve it – the successful 'detective' is the person who can convince a majority of the others of their solution. The culprit is jailed; the game ends after 7 days, or when there are only 2 people left free.

To make the gamemakers intent extra clear, once they get to their rooms, they discover they each have the key to a box with a weapon in it.

It's a pretty cheap-looking movie and I was dubious at first, but I ended up really enjoying it. There were some lovely disturbing moments, like after the first person dies and they discover there is a room that is just 8 holes for coffins. (I am not so sure about the couple who later use one of the holes for making out in.) And I did get surprised by what went down at the end, which is a good quality in what is essentially a string of murder mysteries.

My favourite character was the middle-aged lady who loved mysteries and who was killed after she snuck out her room at night cos the book she'd taken to bed ended on a cliffhanger. Which, you know, is totally a reasonable thing to risk death over ;) I was sad when she died.

Fujiwara gets a leg injury at the end that means he spends the last 10 minutes limping, and I was thinking that people must really like making Fujiwara pretend to limp – when I watched, I spent most of the time wishing someone would give his character a properly fitted prosthetic leg; it looked painful. But it turns out The Incite Mill has the same directer as Monsterz so it's really just the one guy. This film was much better than Monsterz, though (thank god).

I'm a bit sad I didn't take the movie to L's to watch together, but oh well, I can always pressure him to watch it later.


Feb. 4th, 2016 11:30 pm
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Swung by Purple's desk on my way in to tell him to find a hat (so he could lift it to me, for technical victories); he'd apparently just headed off for what turned out to be lunch.

I had lunch with the guy who used to be on the A-Team but who was in HR now. From his perspective, I've "come out of [my] shell" quite a bit, what with asking awkward questions in front of all-hands meetings and such, compared to going "aaaaa wtf icebreaker woe :(" -- from mine, I've certainly gained confidence about what exactly will go over well here, but I haven't exaaaaaactly been terrified of public speaking for 20 years, and I'm still an introvert. It costs to be socially On, except with a very narrow range of people. (It may, come to think of it, help that I've been spending several hours a week with one of those people fairly regularly for the past two years.)

Madam Standards dropped by to thank me for putting a reminder about dietary information on the potluck sign-ups.

Purple returned from lunch to tell me that one of his friends had told him: "Wow, your friend [Azure] has some big, um ... balls?" re: last week's pointed question. Heh.

My whole team has been hit by the plague. The Stage Manager sounds about like I feel, and was also from-home on Monday and Tuesday. I'm feeling much better! (I'm still coughing, and still have a damaged throat.) Purple was out with it last week, I think, but for him it was just a head cold.

I have not yet got the information for User Acceptance Testing for the new helldesk software iteration. There are some things that ARE APPARENTLY NOT WORKING AS THEY OUGHT, THE BASTARDS, and I am threatening to assemble a crew of engineers in someone's office. Pitchforks optional.

There was an emergency team ping from the other end of campus. I didn't take it. There was a second ping, still calling for people. I eyed it. The third ping was much more emphatic. I grabbed my gloves and bag and hustled (mindful of my delicate lungs). By the time I arrived, of course, the area was saturated with security, and what they'd needed the emergency team for was crowd control. (In the event of a medical situation, the last thing you need is onlookers going all popcorn.gif.) So I headed back down.

I have been slowly making my way through an album that Purple had mentioned that he was digging (it's good; not the sort of thing that I would have picked up myself, but good) and therefore was lost in a combination of chill noise and inbox when the Commandant poked me in the arm. "Augh! Don't *do* that!!" I said. No, the Lunatic will not notice your approach! This is why there is the doorbell! They have apparently filed a ticket to get the room they're planning to use for the potluck next week, but it is (likely) caught in some godforsaken corner of the helldesk, since the Dean hasn't seen it. I gave sage advice. The fact that I am helping plan my own goodbye party is not lost on anyone.

Eventually the building got cold and lonely enough that I needed to not be alone in there. So I pinged Purple, gathered up my gear, stuffed some stuff in the outgoing mail, dropped the portable hard drive back on R's desk, and wandered down to Purple's office. He was chatting with someone at their cube when I wandered by. I waved, drifted into his office, dropped my bag, drifted out, made myself a cup of tea, and settled in with the iPad quite cozily. His office is warm.

He came back in. We talked for a while. If ever I find myself near Palo Alto at the time of a beer bash, I should consider myself his guest. Was that lemongrass? No, it was "sweet orange" tea; I'd been looking for mint but didn't see any. Had I looked in the other, unlabeled drawer? No? Oh, that's where it might have been. I suggested a "MAYBE TEA?" label to go with the "TEA" label -- sometimes there is tea in that drawer, and sometimes there is not. Purple evidenced amusement at the thought of opening the "maybe" drawer and wondering wtf is in these bags, if there's doubt as to the tea status. I declared that the herbal ones would go in that drawer... This idea met with his approval.

Eventually, we braved the cold and the lingering smell of natural gas that nobody has ever got pinned down and the uncertain traffic in the parking lot. A little bird pecked about, nearly camouflaging itself against the white line, before flittering out of sight. There has been a wire coat hanger stuffed behind one of the pedestrian crossing signs, apparently for days, though this is the first time I noticed it. I held out my arm, and Purple obligingly shuffled closer so I could loop my arm through his as we stood there, chatting about things you find on Goodreads, and old movies, and all manner of wackiness.

It's almost Friday...

Feb. 4th, 2016 10:34 pm
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This weekend's to-do list? To complete everything that I didn't get done from last weekend's to-do list.

Which is, uh, basically everything on it. Oops.

Muselist! Finally made one!

Feb. 4th, 2016 10:51 pm
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Klarion Bleak
DC Comics
[personal profile] beneathbluerafters

Peter A. Walter VI
Steam Powered Giraffe
[personal profile] greeterings

HOMELESS / INACTIVE FOR WHATEVER REASON, they're either new or rusty, IDK

The great thief BANDETTE!
[personal profile] enlever

Jayden "Mouse" Revell
The Movement (DC New 52)
[personal profile] princeofrats

Ned The Piemaker
Pushing Daisies
[personal profile] bakethedead

Undertale (Pacifist ending!)
[personal profile] shonenspearit

Jane / MAX
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
[personal profile] seventyoddyears

Todd "Squee!" Casil
JTHM / Squee!
[personal profile] squeekofterror

Final Fantasy VI
[personal profile] uwaaooo

Coding from here!, [community profile] tookthestars

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

Feb. 4th, 2016 08:16 pm
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  • blogTO depicts a new Toronto condo tower that will also be a vertical forest.

  • D-Brief notes the latest German success with nuclear fusion.

  • The Dragon's Gaze notes the discovery of Jupiter analog HD 32963b.

  • The Dragon's Tales provides updates about the Russian wars in Syria and Ukraine.

  • Geocurrents examines the demographic history of the Philippines.

  • Language Log notes odd sound borrowings into Taiwanese.
  • Une heure de peine's Denis Colombi notes that sociology by its nature is political but not normative.

  • Window on Eurasia notes Russian fears that Belarus is drifting westwards and argues Kaliningraders are shifting towards a Europe-oriented identity.

Throwback Thursday

Feb. 4th, 2016 05:00 pm
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I Had to Laugh
4 February 2010

I cheated on my comicbook store and snagged the rest of the issues I wanted this week (nothing was actually on my pull list).

I got Indomitable Iron Man because of the Cornell story, but I ended up enjoying pretty much everything. The whole comic reads like fic that's not especially picky about canon continuity (in the Cornell story, everyone knows that Tony is Iron Man and Thor is alive, and it's apparently set in present day. In the Chaykin one, Tony is one year sober but living on the East Coast, and Pepper is working for him). Anyway, they're all kind of nifty in a cracked kind of way, and there's two cute Steve moments:

In "Multitasking" by Howard V. Chaykin, Tony's fighting a running battle with a... whatever/who cares, while bantering with Pepper and fielding emergency calls from around the city. Like this one:

In Duane Swierczynski's "Brainchild" (a cracked future AU, which is something I would Never Ever write), Tony has a rather Reed Richards moment and locks himself in a monolith so he can solve the world's problems With Science. Steve takes this with his usual grace and maturity:

Stories! XD

Feb. 4th, 2016 06:28 pm
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I've been quite prolific writing with [profile] frostydragon! We've been tackling 2 fics at the same time, and since there is likely to be more updates more rapidly than I seem to be keeping up here, I figure I'll just drop the links to the stories here, and if you're interested, you can check them out :)

The first one is a Loki fic:

The other is a Rise of the Guardian fic that I posted the first chapter two post ago.

Other than writing, I've been doing the same old same old. Looking very forward to finishing the current class I'm in! Yay to being in the final week! 8 more to go after this one! =D

I haven't been around much, so if I'm missing out on anything poke me and let me know :P
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The Toast's Nicole Chong has a great extended interview with journalist Sarah Jeong, talking about Jeong's new book examining the new realities and visible downsides of the Internet.

The Toast: If has always been mostly garbage, why did you write this book now? Do you think we’re better positioned in terms of either will or technology to take more of the garbage out?

Sarah Jeong: The book positions online harassment as part of a larger category of long-extant problems, but when it comes down to it, it’s still a book about online harassment. One of the things I wanted to do with the book was to hammer in how online harassment has been around forever — but I don’t think there would have been an audience for the book until fairly recently. There’s a lot more mainstream awareness of harassment and online misogyny in particular.

Why do you think that is? More media coverage, more survivors of online harassment speaking out?

100% media coverage. Part of that has to do with journalists being aggressively harassed — the journalists then turn around and use their platforms to show the world what is happening to them.

But that’s not the whole story. The Internet now includes a much broader swath of the entire population, which means that the old trite victim-blaming along the lines of “it’s just the Internet” doesn’t work so well. We now recognize the Internet as just another arena for our day-to-day lives, a place that’s no less real than the offline world. The Internet’s ubiquity also means that large-scale incidents of harassment become very large-scale, sucking in celebrities, journalists, even entire media organizations.
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National Geographic's Laurel Neme writes about an interesting event in Sri Lanka.

During the past several years, I've watched country after country destroy their stockpiles of confiscated elephant ivory, preventing that ivory from somehow slipping back into the black market and symbolically demonstrating commitment to stopping the illegal trade.

But to my mind, something that’s always been missing is an apology: No country has ever formally said sorry for its complicity in the trade. Tomorrow Sri Lanka will hold a religious ceremony to do just that.

“We have to apologize,” said the Venerable Omalpe Sobitha Thero, the Buddhist priest who will lead the service. “Those elephants were victimized by the cruelty of certain people. But all of human society is responsible. We destroyed those innocent lives to take those tusks. We have to ask for pardon from them.”

Sri Lanka’s destruction of its ivory—the first by a country in South Asia—brings to 16 the total so far. (For the other countries, see the chart below.) The ivory will be crushed at an iconic oceanside park in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital, then burned in a city incinerator.

The ivory—the country’s entire stockpile—came from a single shipment of 359 tusks, weighing 1.5 tons, seized by customs authorities at the Port of Colombo in May 2012. The shipment was in transit from Kenya to Dubai. DNA testing later showed that the tusks came from Tanzania.
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The Toronto Star's Robert Benzie reports on a controversy that, thankfully, never happened. I do wonder what will end up happening in the future, with this and other culture clashes.

Premier Kathleen Wynne was honoured by Sikh leaders at the Golden Temple despite a media-fuelled controversy swirling around her visit to the holy shrine.

Wynne was warmly welcomed Sunday, receiving the “siropa” robe of honour at the Sikh faith’s most sacred site.

A large and aggressive throng of Indian news photographers accompanied the premier — here leading an Ontario trade delegation — as she toured the sprawling temple for two hours.

The second biggest story on the front page of Sunday’s Hindustan Times, one of India’s major newspapers, was about the “pro-gay” premier, who is travelling with her spouse, Jane Rounthwaite.

According to the Times, “the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee … would not welcome her with a ‘siropa’ … during her visit to the Golden Temple as she is a supporter of same-sex marriages.”

But Wynne was presented with the orange cotton robe in a private ceremony at the end of a tour that also saw her preparing chapati in the massive kitchen that serves 70,000 free meals to pilgrims every day.


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