[BLOG] Some social sciences links

Jul. 26th, 2016 07:47 pm
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  • Language Log considers the ideologies of digital scholarship.

  • Peter Rukavina considers what it means for archival purposes that Prince Edward Island used WordStar 2000.

  • The Russian Demographics Blog remaps the country by population and examines opinions in the European Parliament towards Russia.

  • Savage Minds considers what it means to be a participant-observer in as an ethnographer in the Ukrainian war.

  • Understanding Society's Daniel Little looks at the sociology of accident analysis.

Korean War Day Guest Host (Vids)

Jul. 26th, 2016 07:16 pm
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When I hosted Korean War Day over on Vintage_Ads, I embedded two movies in my journal over on LJ but embeds don't duplicate well, so here they area:

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Jul. 26th, 2016 06:44 pm
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So. Busy. Have had so much to do it seems like there is no time left for anything-- we lost four of our most experienced people at work this month, and several of them were the sort of people who hoard responsibilities, so that's been fun. And then the friends I do comics with decided we were running a kickstarter NEXT MONTH so there's all my non-work free time. And then con.txt is in TWO DAYS and I totally over-extended myself there so we'll see if I get any of the 17 things on my "pre-con panic" checklist done. And then there's what's happening with church...

*shoves the 5,000+ words of new kent parson fanfic under the couch* that's not mine I haven't had time to write haha funny story actually it just blew off this dumpster, I think it caught an updraft from the fire

Plus it was Heat Wave Time so as soon as I get home from work I just want to melt into a 2-dimensional puddle with maximum heat-shedding surface area. Will I get four cosplays finished in the next two days? Stay tuned!

Anyway one of the panels I'm doing at con.txt is for AO3 tips & tricks, so, circle mine, what useful thing about the AO3 do you think I should share (ways to use the archive, docs or help resources, external tools, etc.)

Good Things

Jul. 26th, 2016 09:54 pm
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I caught a lot of Pokémon this weekend, sitting in Castle Park between three Pokéstops all of which had lures running. This is despite the fact that I am truly terrible at throwing Pokéballs accurately and decent throws appear to be the only way to catch stuff once you hit the higher levels. But it was fun and sunny and then it was fun and raining and two dozen random players tried to squeeze into the bandstand and the rest of us huddled under the trees grinning at each other madly. Also I got to have coffee with [personal profile] daydreamweaver who was sitting in Cafe Nero... also catching Pokémon.

The whole gym battle business leaves me bewildered. There's one at Parkway Station where the bus stops for five minutes on the way home so I've been sending my Pokémon in, tapping the screen madly and failing to dodge or work out which types counter each other the best. Today I accidentally helped take the gym for my team. I doubt we held it for very long. My poor battered Tangella had returned to me by the time the bus got into town. But it amused me.

I'm also finding it funny that Team Mystic are actually the science team and are blue shirts, Team Valor are the red shirts, and Team Instinct are the yellow shirts. There ought to be Star Trek-Pokémon Go meta out there on the wilds of the internet but I can't find any.

Kheldar may or may not be playing the cat version of the game but he somehow managed to lose his collar today and came in to squeak worriedly at [personal profile] battlehamster until a replacement was found and put on him. He seems to associate the collar with good things, as if it's his cat passport to having a house and humans and regular meals and so he gets quite distressed when he loses it. Which he does occasionally because he is a cat that Goes Out And Has Adventures. Fortunately his humans are well prepared and keep spares in stock.
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Titre : Das Kind aus der Konservenbuchse
Auteur : Christine Nöstlinger
Langue : VF adaptée de l'allemand
Traduction : Le môme en conserve

(1ère parution : 1975)
Édition : Livre de Poche jeunesse
Format : poche, 215 pages

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Conclusion : Je ne me rappelle plus bien ce que j’avais pensé du décalage de Frédéric par rapport aux enfants normaux quand j’étais moi-même au CM1, malheureusement. Je ne sais pas non plus si le jeune lectorat est censé se réjouir de sa métamorphose, mais avec le recul je la trouve trop extrême et du coup malheureuse ; l’attitude de sa mère, en revanche, me plaît beaucoup !

[BLOG] Some politics links

Jul. 26th, 2016 03:53 pm
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  • Kieran Healy notes the role of social media in undermining the Turkish coup.

  • Joe. My. God. notes US Army Secretary Eric Fanning's ride as Grand Marshal in the San Diego pride parade.

  • The LRB Blog notes the aftermath of the Orange Order's fires in Northern Ireland.

  • Marginal Revolution looks at what might be a veto in Scotland and Northern Ireland on Brexit, and notes the continuing economic fallout.

  • The NYRB Daily looks at how ISIS thrives on chaos.

  • The Power and the Money's Noel Maurer reflects on the Turkish coup and notes Trump's odd Russophilia.

  • The Volokh Conspiracy considers if it is ever justifiable to overthrow a democratic government.

  • Window on Eurasia looks at instability in the Donbas, suggests Turkey is distracting people from Russia, looks at low levels of Russophone assimilation in Estonia, considers ideological struggles in Belarus, and looks at immigration restrictionism in Russia versus Central Asia.

[BLOG] Some popular culture links

Jul. 26th, 2016 03:48 pm
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  • The Big Picture reports from Boston's Methadone Mile.

  • The Broadside Blog celebrates its seventh anniversary.

  • Dangerous Minds shares vintage photos of Kate Bush.

  • Language Hat considers the position of Chinese poetry.

  • Otto Pohl reflects on his visit to Almaty.

  • Torontoist reports on how Torontonians are hacking Pokémon Go.

[BLOG] Some science links

Jul. 26th, 2016 03:39 pm
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  • blogTO looks back on a Toronto heat wave in 1935.

  • Centauri Dreams looks at the K2-72 and Kepler-80 systems.

  • D-Brief reports on early signs of global warming in Siberia and looks at how African honeyguide birds work together with human hunters.

  • The Dragon's Gaze looks at the search for habitable planets around red dwarfs, looks at the habitability of planets with eccentric orbits, and notes that warm Jupiters can co-exist with smaller planets nearby.

  • The Dragon's Tales look at a proposed Europa mission, and notes an astrobiological model of Titan's atmosphere.

  • Imageo shares Juno's first view of Jupiter.

  • The Planetary Society Blog reports about the Planetary Society's presence at San Diego Comic-Con.


Jul. 26th, 2016 03:02 pm
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Been a long time since I've pimped a comm! *twirls pimp cane*

PokeStop - a Pokémon Go community

Go! Go! Go! =D

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Jul. 26th, 2016 10:28 am
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 Eeek...a huge emergency project just landed in my lap. So much for playing today.

OK, maybe I can get a tag of two out but not likely.

Fact checking

Jul. 26th, 2016 10:12 am
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 So I'm fleshing out a story idea with faeries, changelings, and kidnapped children. At the end, a number of previously kidnapped children are rescued from faerie and not all of them have family living any longer. I already have a character in mind who will take them in, but I am thinking this isn't so easy a thing to do in our world any longer. The old "My distant relative died and now I'm their guardian" doesn't hold up without paperwork and a database entry right?

So maybe I need to get a local sherif involved who'd be willing to falsify records when it's the right thing to do. The character do not have access to forgers or hackers.

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Hayada, the White-Gloved General
Universe: Disabled Cyborgs
Word Count: 1700
Summary: Toshi Hayada was a mediocre pianist but a brilliant soldier. And then he got blown up.
Notes: This story was prompted by [personal profile] md84  who requested the premise therein. It was sponsored by the Patreon crowd. You don't need to read any of Disabled Cyborgs to understand this story; Hayada's first appearance was merely a one-line reference in Portia, the Mechanical Girl.

The Hayada family was known for two things: musical skill, and deafness.

Hearing aids, auditory grafts, and cochlear implants were, of course, out of the question. If their bodies were ever modified, they would be cyborgs, and cyborg musicians were held to drastically different musical standards. Borgs had mechanical dexterity, could hit more notes than human anatomy allowed, but everyone agreed that they were nothing better than fancy player pianos, incapable of the human drama and emotion and brilliant imperfection that made music great. So, for the sake of their careers, the Hayadas not only embraced their deafness, but played it up—after all, what showed the drama and tragedy of human life and art but its inherent obsolescence?

Mrs. Hayada was a world-renowned cellist, Mr. Hayada a much beloved organist. Their two daughters, Mei and Kimiko, had respectable careers on the oboe and the bassoon, respectively. In between them was their brother Toshi, who nobody ever called Toshi—his temperament earned him the nickname 'Old Man' at nine.

Old Man Hayada's hearing was the best in family. His musical skills, sadly, were not.

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I've photoblogged about Rollo Bay, my mother's family's home community in eastern Prince Edward Island near Souris in the past. I was again taken this visit by the beauty of my uncle's gardens, predominantly but not exclusively flowers well-suited to the region. The red poppies alone are glorious.








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4 things make a post

Jul. 26th, 2016 01:33 pm
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Life has been... yesterday I woke up and the water felt like acid against my eyes. There's a level of exhaustion where your eyes start to ache without the ability to tear up anymore. It's not a good thing when that level of exhaustion is where you are on the first morning of a work week.

Yesterday I went to sleep at 9:30pm and today woke up... merely human levels of exhausted. Like, yawning through work, mild headache, difficulty focusing tired, instead of about to collapse tired. Sigh.

Anyway, I have nothing to report or update, so instead let me just share some cool things.

1. I saw a rec for this story on twitter and it's turned out to be absolutely amazing. Part fanfic, part poem, part parody, part original SFF: Especially Heinous: 272 Views of Law & Order SVU. Ostensibly it's a short reaction/reivew/summary of every episode of L&O: SVU that's ever aired, but really it's... something else entirely. A factual description of what happens on the show, and a description that has nothing to do with the show at the same time. Over the seasons it develops its own plot, with its own AU and shipping, and the ending is straight out of fandom's greatest desire.

It's difficult to summarize this story, or to pick one except to demonstrate all that it is. I'm torn between quoting something profound and something hilarious, since this story has both. The hilarious bits are mostly one-liners, strewn like punctuation. I literally laughed out loud every time I hit one. But I'll have to quote a sequence without them:

“Misleader”: Father Jones has never touched a child, but when he closes his eyes at night, he still remembers his high school girlfriend: her soft thighs, her lined hands, the way she dropped off that roof like a falcon.

“Chat Room”: Convinced that her teenaged daughter is in danger from cyber predators, a father takes a crowbar to the family computer. He throws the remaining pieces into the fireplace, strikes a match. His daughter complains of a light head, a burning in her chest. She calls him “Mom” with tears in her voice. She dies on a Saturday.

“Contact”: Stabler discovers that his wife believes she saw a UFO, back when she was in her early twenties. He lies awake all night, wondering if this explains the memory loss, the PTSD, the night terrors. His wife wakes up weeping and screaming, on cue.

“Remorse”: At night, Stabler makes a list of the day’s regrets. “Didn’t tell Benson,” he scrawls. “Ate more burrito than I had room for. Misspent that gift card. Hit that guy harder than I meant to.” His wife comes up behind him and rubs his shoulder idly before crawling into bed. “Haven’t told my wife today. Will probably not tell her tomorrow.”

Just. READ THIS STORY. It's so good. It's part essay, part fiction, part fanfic, and wholly wonderful.

2. One of my friends who started out as a nail polish blogger has been quietly making jewelry for the last few years, and now, finally, has launched her own store on Etsy. I'm super excited about this because she is, like me, a child immigrant, and getting herself to a place where she could admit to being an artist and taking a risk has been pretty huge. Anyway, this is her store.

The jewelry is all pretty affordable and she ships worldwide. For me highlights include: this Slytherin owl, sunflower bracelet, rose guitar pendant and the steampunk owl.

And of course, if you know people who might be into this kind of jewelry, spreading the word would be appreciated.

3. So I've recced [archiveofourown.org profile] emungere's fics here before - I think I've read her Hannibal stuff dozens upon dozens of times by now - and now I'm reccing her original fic (which I... don't think I've done before? Maybe I have). She's about to release the 4th book in her original series, and so for a day the first book was free on amazon. However I am a giant failboat who's been buried under stuff and I didn't realize this was happening until it was too late to fit it into a post.

So, Songs You Know By Heart is now 0.99$, which I think is still a pretty sweet deal. I enjoyed this book a lot, it deals with a lot of weird issues regarding consent and does so reasonably well, I think. If you want any spoilers I'm here for that, of course.

4. Two small things happened lately that made me think the universe doesn't ENTIRELY hate me. A few days ago in one of my mad dashes in between a billion things, I had to go to the pool (therapy for my back, which is now on a very specific schedule since I have a therapist for a while), and when I got dressed after swimming -> hot tub -> shower, I found a clean pair of underwear in my pool bag. I cannot describe from a gesture from above that was. I hadn't packed it! Because I forgot, as usual. My pool bag is like 50% clothes and objects that I really should have taken upstairs and washed but keep forgetting. And here! A clean pair of underwear! O_O I felt blessed.

And then today, my building at work, which is a pokestop, had a lure module plugged in by someone who wasn't me. I went to buy a soda and spent like 20 minutes sitting on the porch catching pokemon. It was SO GREAT. Which is to say, [personal profile] inkstone has started [community profile] pokestop! For all the Pokemon Go gamers who are on DW.
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The Cloud Roads is the first installment of Martha Wells’ Books of the Raksura series, a vivid and imaginative secondary world fantasy populated by a wealth of strange and fascinating creatures. Primary attention is given to the Raksura, a species of reptilian shapeshifters with a curious insectile social structure. This book is driven by worldbuilding, and as such, it must introduce a point-of-view that can ease the reader into the rich vitality of the setting, one piece at a time. Moon’s backstory as it is given is far from original, but as a vagabond traveler orphaned at a young age, he serves the book’s needs perfectly.

A well-rounded review requires revealing to the reader some things that the protagonist himself is initially ignorant of. Moon begins the story as a solitary being, camouflaged among strangers and unable to answer even the simplest questions about what he is or where he came from. The only others of his kind who he knew are long-dead. He does know a few things about himself, some of which he reveals to the readers, and others which he holds back. But the first turn of the plot is stated in the very beginning of chapter one, before doubling back to expose the transition in full.

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Crossposted to hazelgold.net.


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