Aug. 30th, 2016 07:43 pm
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So, I did the thing that seems to be spreading now and joined Imzy as calime ( I also have five invites, if anyone is interested. *pokes around on Imzy*

More team Cap issues

Aug. 30th, 2016 04:21 pm
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So we saw the mess that was Tony and Bucky… but did anyone consider the sheer unholy trainwreck that would have been Bucky and Wanda?

I mean, can you imagine it?

Wanda: Hey, I was Hydra too!

Bucky: I’m sorry to hear that?

Wanda: Yeah, I joined them to get revenge on Stark after some bomb he didn’t fire and probably didn’t even sell hit my parents!

Bucky: You… joined Hydra?

Wanda: Yeah, they gave me cool powers I can’t control and have used to kill hundreds of people with using the Hulk!

Bucky …

Wanda: But don’t worry! I left them to join up with a homicidal robot hell bent on killing the Avengers.

Bucky: Killing Steve.

Wanda: Well, I didn’t know him then.

Bucky: You willingly joined Hydra, and tried to kill Steve.



[PHOTO] To Cavendish Main Beach

Aug. 30th, 2016 11:31 am
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It's a short walk from the National Park facilities at Cavendish Main Beach to the beach proper, but I don't remember taking it before. My family tended to go to beaches further east in the National Park. It was almost as if Cavendish was reserved for its amusement parks.

This was a mistake.

To Cavendish Beach #pei #peinationalpark #cavendish #cavendishbeach #latergram

Beach road #pei #peinationalpark #cavendish #cavendishbeach #latergram

To the beach #pei #peinationalpark #cavendish #cavendishbeach #latergram #beach

From the walkway #pei #peinationalpark #cavendish #cavendishbeach #latergram #beach

Wind-blasted trees #pei #peinationalpark #cavendish #cavendishbeach #latergram #trees #beach

Stream to the beach #pei #peinationalpark #cavendish #cavendishbeach #latergram #stream #beach

Lectures d'août

Aug. 30th, 2016 05:09 pm
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Une maison de poupée, Henrik Ibsen ) 7/10

L'oiseau bleu ) 8/10

Contes des Vikings ) 7/10

Histoires à lire et à relire ) 7/10

Journal 3, Gravity Falls ) 9/10

Anthologie du Fantastique, tome 1 ) 8/10

Quinze millions pour un fantôme, Jean-François Ménard ) 6/10

Dipper and Mabel and the Curse of the Time Pirates' Treasure ) 7/10

Kissing the Witch, Emma Donoghue ) 7/10

La boîte en os, Antoinette Peské ) 7/10

Progression : 42/56
Risques de lecture : Une maison de poupée, Anthologie du fantastique, Quinze millions pour un fantôme, Kissing the Witch, La boîte en os -> 20/26

Rest In Peace, Gene Wilder

Aug. 30th, 2016 09:38 am
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Gene Wilder has passed away at the age of 83, as a result of complications from Alzheimer’s disease. May he rest in peace. He is most famous for his roles in Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory and Young Frankenstein. I avoided the former (well, except for the “there’s no earthly way of knowing” scene) but the latter is good. For Sherlock Holmes fans, he was Sigerson Holmes in The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother.

When I was 6, I loved Haunted Honeymoon, even if I now realize it wasn’t that great.
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- Quote of the [current reading]: In point of fact his women to date numbered only two, both dancing teachers, with whom his relations had been limited to rather half-hearted scufflings on divans, and it was for this reason that he had not joined the Oxford Group. He could not bring himself to publicly confess that his most poignant erotic memory was of a broken spring which twanged - oddly enough - on the note of B-flat. The observation said much for his ear but little for his powers of concentration.

- Reading, books 2016, 152.

149. Rotten Pomerack, by Merle Collins, 1992, is the second of Ms Collins' three volumes of poetry. Merle Collins was educated and has lived internationally but she was originally from Grenada, and was involved with government during the Grenada Revolution, and her poetry reflects those influences, although not in straightforward ways, which can make quoting excerpts of her work out of context problematic even when it's tempting to do so, because the meaning shifts so easily to almost an opposite of the poet's apparent intention. So I'm resisting my temptation to quote extracts from Up the Hill out of context because it appears to be about Bernard Coard in prison but is oblique enough to be open to extreme misinterpretation, and also because in Britain Mr Coard behaved as a hero who worked the problem of institutional racism in schools into the mainstream media and onto the parliamentary political agenda - while duly crediting all the people who worked with him - but in Grenada he is seen as half revolutionary hero and half folk-devil who was responsible for killing his peers without apparently pulling a trigger or maybe even giving an order. (4/5 the title describes the context of the contents so readers inclined towards literalism and face-value judgments should beware: crick crack!)

Two more quotes. )

A Journey, by Merle Collins

a journey, perhaps, in search of my soul?
of the power behind my sunday-school self?

God, they told me then
made me
in his own image and likeness.


I have the words of the language
they gave me for God's
but the goddess inside changed the music.
I learnt the gestures and movements
they told me were God's
but the goddess inside keeps revolting

and the Goddess grows stronger
Sunday-school voices are fainter
and perhaps this painful dying
this constant questioning
is really a recreation of self

or do i just linger here
as i lingered there
because it's seductive
and i'm seeking an answer
that doesn't exist?

Really Short Reviews

Aug. 30th, 2016 12:34 pm
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A few weeks ago I went through a small impromptu historical romance binge. I'm not sure why. Every so often I think to myself that, even though I'm the most non-romantic person I know, I should really get in on this romance novel thing. Support women writers and etc. A few years back this led to me reading Lord of Scoundrels which I quite liked, despite it pinging any number of my f/m cold zones (not actually squicks, just things that immediately disappoint me when I see them).

This time was a mixed bag.

The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLean: I actually posted about this while I was reading it. I enjoyed about 90% of the book and then toward the end it fell apart. Read more... )

Silk Is for Seduction by Loretta Chase: The best of the bunch, and the best-suited to my particular taste. Read more... )

Three Weeks With Lady X by Eloisa James: Involves a heroine with trust issues and abandonment issues, so you'd think it would be pretty much up my alley. Read more... )

I feel pretty comfortable recommending SIFS to the semi-discerning reader of relaxing candy books. I still have a small list of some others that I might want to try some day (searching "cold bitchy heroine" on a review site is not very effective). But for right now I have a deep romance fatigue.

Out today – Lioness of Cygnus Five!

Aug. 30th, 2016 09:13 am
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Well, I said I would release it in August, and I have just scraped in.

Bar a bit of formatting and making sure the links worked, it was ready last week, but I had forgotten that I was going on my summer holidays, and I didn’t want to release it while I was away in case something went wrong which I needed to fix. So, here I am back, the links are all tested. Amazon reports zero spelling mistakes, and I think we’re as ready to go as we ever will be.


You can buy it here

via an extremely cool link that takes you to whatever is the correct Amazon for your country 🙂


Aurora Campos’s days of heroism are behind her. Deemed a shameful failure, she now captains Froward, a prison transport filled with criminals sent out to colonise new worlds for the Kingdom.

Bryant Jones, technocrat and falsely accused ‘murderer’, is not going to let his future be taken away by this low-tech luddite of a woman and her backward society. He’s staging a break out from Aurora’s brig when the Froward is shot down around them.

Cygnus Five is a failing colony. Starving convicts have taken over and found themselves a spaceship wrecker among the ruins of an abandoned alien city. The only way off-world is the Governor’s launch, sealed in its silo beneath the convicts’ headquarters. But as they team up to capture it, Aurora and Bryant discover love, institutional betrayal and the lurking remnants of a self-destructive alien civilization. Soon they have bigger problems on their hands than their own survival.

When they arrived, Aurora thought she had only her crew to rescue. As it turns out, she has to save the whole world.

Lioness of Cygnus Five – an excerpt

I’ve made this book a Kindle exclusive, so I can run a giveaway for its launch. If you get it any time during the period 1st-5th of September, it will be free. So if you’re curious about trying my SF/Space Opera, but you’re not sure if you’ll like it, you’ll be able to get it in that period, risk and expense free.

(I’ll remind you again on the 1st when the giveaway actually starts.)

Please, if you do try it and enjoy it, consider leaving me a review on Amazon. I don’t have the backing of a publisher for this one, so I need help getting the word out there about it. Thank you!

Get it here!

Mirrored from Alex Beecroft - Author of Gay Historical and Fantasy Fiction.

SAV Dante

Aug. 30th, 2016 11:52 am
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One of my most uncreative renders! Studio Art Vartanian did almost all of the design work. I posed the boy a little and added lights.

This tough guy is one of SAV’s characters for Michael 4. He comes with his own custom hair & eyebrow props.

He looks like somebody, yeah? I guess he looks like a chinnier Daniel Craig, or at least like a character Daniel Craig might have played.

RIP Mynock june 1997 - 30.08.2016

Aug. 30th, 2016 10:54 am
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19 years is a long time, but it doesn't feel long enough. Hopefully you'll go and meet up with the Old Dragon cat again; do say hi for me too. I will miss you.
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siadea said: I will say that having an insta-mind-control switch in your head is legit concerning, though? It seemed to take effect DESPITE his very conscious resistance: I wouldn’t be surprised if the mind control is more than ‘difficult therapy and hard work’ can excise. (Seems like a job for Wanda, honestly.)

We’ll never know, because Steve Rogers couldn’t be bothered to try. This is a man who works with someone who has been mindcontrolled (Clint), an ex neo-nazi mindcontroller (Wanda), and a guy who’s destructive trigger is ‘whenever he gets mad’. Somehow, none of that was a problem until he came to Bucky.

Who knows of the instant mind control switch? Zemo, since it seems like he murdered everyone else who knew about it. Are you saying that Steve, who was willing to throw the world down the toilet to make sure Bucky was safe, would suddenly find it too hard to track down and stop those who knew how to trigger him?

Let’s face it, Steve wasn’t fighting for Bucky, he wasn’t fighting for the accords. The was one man’s selfish crusade to save the last scrap of his past and, when he realised it wasn’t what he thought it was, he threw it away too.
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Until they figure out how to get this stuff out of my head, I think going back under is the best thing. For everybody.






Tarot notebook project

Aug. 29th, 2016 09:02 pm
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I'm making a book, which I'm going to sell on Amazon and Lulu. This is not because I have any expectation of getting noteworthy amounts of money, but because I wanted a tarot printed notebook/workbook so I don't have to write "SIX OF CUPS" and "THE MOON" etc. at the top of each page of a spiral notebook or paper in a binder, and then try to draw stick-figure cards so I can make notes about symbolism.

So I though, I'll make a quick document with the name of the card at the top of each page, a small Rider-Waite pic, and maybe a few sections for "symbolism" and "associations" (I want a tarot songlist) and suchlike, and print it and throw that in a binder. Then I decided that was annoying boring work, and went looking for a Tarot Workbook/Notebook on Amazon. Found some; none looked good--they were all loaded with explanations and "how to read the cards" sections. I didn't want that; just wanted pages to write my notes in.

But I can do better than a binder! )

Mental Health Lessons from Civil War

Aug. 30th, 2016 03:42 am
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If you have the ‘bad’ kind of mental illness, or deal with it in ways people don’t like: You’re made the villain, no one listens and they always make it your fault, not matter what you do.

If you have the ‘good’ kind of mental illness, or deal with it in ways people approve: People will help you up until it’s clear its going to be too much of a bother, then they prefer to leave you on ice in the hopes you magically get better, rather than supporting you through that long hard road.


Aug. 29th, 2016 10:22 pm
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Dickensian is a big budget fanfic that serves as a prequel mashup of various of Dickens's works. The main works featured are Great Expectations, Bleak House, A Christmas Carol, and Oliver Twist. So, pretty much, most of the ones most people can name even if they've never read Dickens, or only have if it was assigned in school, though characters from several other books have minor roles, and there are references to other characters and books.

The central plotline is Inspector Bucket from Bleak House investigating the murder of Jacob Marley (Or, as I liked to call him, "Victorian Donald Trump." Go ahead look up a picture. They went out of their way there.) from A Christmas Carol, and the primarily secondary plotlines are the finacial difficulties of the Barbary family and eventual pregnancy of the future Lady Dedlock, Honoria Barbary (Bleak House), and Merrywether Compeyson's seduction of Amelia Havisham (Great Expectations)*, with lots of other, slightly smaller plotlines running around and intersecting. The Oliver Twist plots were, IMO, largely the weakest part. Nancy was a darling and the Artful Dodger was entertaiing, but a lot of it focused on the Bumbles, who had good actors and so were EXTRA irritating, the portrayal of Fagin was still somewhat antisemitic, even though they did seem to try to make that aspect better, and it was very awkward and diffiuclt to watch nancy and Bill Sykes but all lovey dovey when you know what happens. (And even more awkward to read tumblr posts by people who had no idea what their future was).

I actually listed the three main plotlines in opposite order of my personal interest. Inspector Bucket was fun and the murder mystery made for a good unifying plotline, but I never really cared who killed Marley, especially since almost all the possible suspects were still around years later in their own books, so you knew it was unlike that the killer would actually be punished when discovered. But the Barbarys and Havishams? Oh, all the drama and angst and secrets and doomed siblings. Especially the doomed siblings. Both Arthur Havisham and Frances Barbary love their sisters very much, but they're also overflowing with bitterness over how their more charming and loved sisters have been favored over them, though for different reasons. I've seen some people jokingly say that a theme of the show is that siblings ruin everything, but it would actually be accuruate to say that people's lives were ruined because siblings wouldn't put aside their issues and just sit down and TALK and work things out before things went too far. Also, Merrywether Compeyson ruins everything. EVERYTHING. His abuses of both Havisham siblings would probably be triggering to some people, but it's not gratuitous, and for once a show doesn't give us an abuser portrayed but an attractive and decently charismatic white guy and leave any room for woobification or reading him as "misunderstood" or redeemable, especially as he starts wrecking other peoples' lives to keep the Havishams isolated from outside help or influence. At the end of the day, the shows was all "Ok, mmmmaybe he actually was fond of Arthur and mmmmaybe he actually did fall in love with Amelia, but he is Satan, Evil Incarnate, a vile greedy abuser who ruins everything and aren't you mad at us for not going completely off script to have Magwitch show up and kill him RIGHT NOW?"

The first few episodes were well done but slow, but once it got going, it REALLY got going. There was talk about a second season following the same characters, but that talk was officially put to rest recently. Honestly, I'm glad? Because while I would have enjoyed a second season about characters from other books, there wasn't anywhere else to go in most cases except to just jump right into the main canons of the books. Everyone was in place and suitably sad and miserable as they waited for their respective Dickens canons to take over after their tragic backstories.

*Gillian Anderson played the latest BBC versions of both Lady Dedlock and Miss Havisham before this series, so I get an extra kick out of the fact that Dickensian made them be best friends here.
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I've been thinking about the direction of A Bit More Detail, and my social media presence generally, quite a lot recently.

What do you think about blogging? You're reading this: Why do you read this and other blogs? What do you want to get from them?
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The new index is a GO!  I’ll be updating it as more articles come in, but as of now, I at least have the basics up!

I of course welcome more articles folks recommend.  My big requirements are:

  • It be written in language people can understand even if they haven’t been in the community long
  • It is of immediate practical use (so no stuff on the philosophical theory behind plurality, sorry–besides, @solipsistful has that covered way better)
  • Is written in a way that acknowledges the basic humanity of plurals (so yeah, I’m not posting stuff that, say, recommends completely discounting system members’ needs and importance)
Oh man, I’m so excited, I’ve been working on this since June! :D
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I’ve been thinking about posting here again (for things other than exchange letters) a whole bunch lately, especially with rumors of Tumblr’s increasing instability as a platform, and my lack of motivation to check out this Imzy thing. Oh, I’m sure if that’s where the next great migration lands, I’ll wind up following. But in the meantime, I miss this space, the sense of having a stable ’home’ for my fannish/private self online. I doubt I’ll ever post more than sporadically, since a lot of my internet/social media time is taken up by my more public persona, but even so.

femslashex banner featuring Jane and Petra from Jane the Virgin

Anyway, speaking of exchanges, sign-ups are open for [community profile] femslashex, and you should totally get in on it. It’s become my favorite annual fannish event, for fairly obvious reasons ... all femslash, massively multifandom, and includes fanart. I really like this trend in fanwork exchanges, even though there are a fairly small number of fanart pieces every year; I’m not sure if it’s the problem with outreach to fanartists (this is definitely an issue, and one I’m at a loss with), the number of people only requesting fanfic, or both. (Request fanart, people. Please? I mean, I get wanting a story, but we make nice things toooo, and we want to make them for you!)

covers for the five Craft Sequence books, by Max Gladstone

Also, possibly because I’ve become a heavy Goodreads user in the past year (and am thus much more conscious of what I’ve read when), I find myself wanting so many small SFF book fandoms lately. So I made a fairly tl;dr post over on my tumblr with some recs for books you should read and sign up for in exchanges! And now I’m going to crosspost it here.

The Craft Sequence, by Max Gladstone )

Wayfarers, by Becky Chambers )

The Arcadia Project, by Mishell Baker )

Yuletide, here I come.


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