Wednesday Reading Meme

Jul. 29th, 2015 05:36 pm
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Because it is sad not to make a meme post, even if I have read nothing! I have read nothing! Also I'm home now! [personal profile] lysimache is here and the dog is here and so is a small amount of Avengers stuff that I had been waiting for, because yay fandom presents. (Three Steve/Tony fanbooks and a miscellaneous assortment of SDCC stuff from someone on Tumblr, including a very nice Agent Carter S2 poster, one of those Skottie Young Secret Wars prints (!), some cute promo/ad Iron Man comics, that ESPN superhero Body issue, some coloring books and buttons, and an Avengers poster that says MAKE READING YOUR SUPERPOWER that Lysimache has claimed.)

I really enjoy that I am in a fandom with fanbooks. It's a lot like being in a fandom with zines again. Man, I miss zines. Okay, it's exactly like zines but without the fic. So... yay zines?

What I Just Finished Reading

Nothing! Because even though I have spent hours and hours on airplanes apparently what I wanted to read on them was comforting fanfiction where I already knew what was going to happen. So, uh, yeah. That.

What I'm Reading Now

Weirdly, I don't think there was anything in this week's comics I wanted to read. I read Thors (meh) and last week's Spider-Woman (also meh)

What I'm Reading Next

Hopefully books? I still have a bunch of comics to read for fic research. And I have a bunch of Amazon gift cards and am considering buying myself Reward Comic Books (okay, Reward Graphic Novels) for getting through my family vacation. I was going to buy the ones I actually need for fic research but I am seriously considering Capwolf and Iron Age instead or perhaps additionally. (Also, hey, hopefully I feel good enough now that I can write happy fic and not just sad fic, right?)

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

Jul. 29th, 2015 03:24 pm
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  • blogTO notes that ferry tickets for the Toronto Islands can now be bought online.

  • Discover's Crux considers SETI.

  • The Dragon's Gaze links to a paper considering habitable exoplanets around nearby red dwarf stars, defends the potential existence of exoplanets at Kapteyn's Star, and looks at the Epsilon Eridani system.

  • The Dragon's Tales notes that a second Scottish referendum on independence is possible, according to Alex Salmond.

  • Joe. My. God. notes that Mormons are unhappy with the Scouts' gay-friendly shift.

  • Language Hat considers the history of family name usage in Russia.

  • Languages of the World examines in two posts the argument that primitive peoples have simple languages.

  • Lawyers, Guns and Money considers the strategies of Spanish populist group Podemos.

  • Peter Watts considers the peculiar thing of people lacking large chunks of the brain who nonetheless seem normal.

  • Diane Duane, at Out of Ambit, is quite unhappy with an impending forced upgrade to Windows 10.

  • Personal Reflections' Jim Belshaw notes how labour-saving technologies improved the lives of women.

  • The Planetary Society Blog considers proposals to explore small solar system bodies.

  • The Power and the Money's Noel Maurer considers what would happen if Bernie Sanders won the nomination of the Democratic Party.

  • The Russian Demographics Blog links to statistics on the population of Abu Dhabi.

  • Window on Eurasia notes the depopulation of South Ossetia and looks at the Russian Orthodox Church's hostility to Ukraine's Uniate Catholics.

  • Yorkshire Ranter Alex Harrowell notes that although Labour apparently did a good job of convincing potential voters it was right, it did a worse job of getting them to vote.

More Reviews

Jul. 29th, 2015 11:35 am
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I would give the grey whales of this area five stars. Excellent viewing. Though perhaps not today, as it's foggy.

Seattle Review of Books: Talking with Nicola Griffith about the importance of counting women's stories.

Listened to Dark Eyes 4, which was again pretty disappointing, though I didn't make me want to break things like 3 did. They're back to linear storytelling for the Doctor, which helped, and the first two stories which were just sort of the Doctor and Liv bashing about London and Paris were fun, but once we got into the Master V. The Daleks V. the Sontarans V. the Doctor, OMG! I don't care! (Though Eight did manage to get amnesia at one point which pretty well never gets old). I think my problem with this series is that the moment the Master shows up, the companions change from characters to game pieces, and the writers don't seem to realise that. Molly is hardly there, though she gets some excellent scenes in the last act, and Liv spends half the time as a hostage (though we were fortunately in a mind control free zone this time around). I want Doctor Who to be about the Doctor and the companions sharing the universe, not the Doctor fighting people all the time, and the companions as liabilities. Spoilers: Read more... ) I'd heartily rec the first two Dark Eyes stories, and then probably just skip the next two.

The house we're staying in while here has a really good SF DVD collection, so Nenya and I have watched, so far, Star Trek "Operation – Annihilate" which was the blueray one with the new special effects, though these didn't apply to the slug things that still looked like fried eggs. Anyway, good for h/c but had both Nenya and I yelling, "THAT'S WHAT RADIATION IS!" at the screen. Then we watched Stargate: Atlantis "McKay and Mrs. Miller" because Nenya hadn't met Jeanie Miller yet, which was still good, though I find my tolerance for Rodney has gone down since I was in SGA fandom. Jeanie's still aces though, and SAAAAAAAAAAAAAM. Also watched Quantum Leap "Honeymoon Express" which has one of the best Sam/Al scenes in it, and surprisingly good consent issues, considering it was 198whatever. Oh, and the villain was oddly hot.

At the rate I'm going through my (Probably Totally Pie in the Sky) Reading List, I fully expect to be through it by the time I'm forty, if then. Anyway, finished another one.

Parable of the Talents (Earthseed #2) by Octavia E. Butler
I liked this one much better than Sower, it felt like it had more shape and more of a point. (Butler mentioned that it was meant to be one book, but got too long, so she basically hacked the first part off. Which kind of shows.) I really liked the lens of Lauren's daughter writing about Lauren as a way to come to terms with her mother and what she had done. It was such a fascinating relationship and one not easily resolved. Of the four characters that get first person voices in the book, each sees God, the world and the other view point characters completely differently, which is something a lot of books try for, but few manage so well.

Butler also said that the book was about what people did when faced with a broken country, and how different solutions came in conflict and how each worked out. Which is like jam for me, and I loved how what worked for Lauren wasn't what worked for other people, but that some approaches were obviously wrong, though you could see why people took them up.

On that note, Butler has come back around to slavery, and first person accounts thereof, so warnings for everything, OMG! It was really interesting to read this in the same year as Kindred, as it deals with some of the same themes, but at opposite ends of her career. I'm sad that Butler didn't get a chance to finish the third book, even though this one stands fine without and is a good ending.


-does the dance of joy-

Short skirt, high waist

Jul. 29th, 2015 09:09 pm
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Once again, I had a simple concept, and I managed to make it take longer than it needed to take. I could have framed it differently and let certain material settings be. I had a shot that looked much like this seven hours ago. Blah.

win 10

Jul. 29th, 2015 01:42 pm
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i upgraded today... I was going to wait but didnt.

I like the layout more than i did for win 8, and the fact everything is just THERE instead of having two home screens.... but I can't get cortana to work because my mic drivers fell out and i can't find them on the lenovo site :(

Umrao Jaan (1981)

Jul. 29th, 2015 03:37 pm
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I thought I'd make a writing-related post today (a new trick I've stumbled on) but I'm not really ready to put it into words yet, so, movie review!

I first heard about Umrao Jaan from [personal profile] stepquietly, when I was staying with her in Mumbai. I knew there was a remake that wasn't very popular, and one day we were in a video store (I've enjoyed a lot of Indian films and finding them online with English subtitles, especially older stuff, is always a hassle, so being in Mumbai I was really happy to buy some) and I bought a bunch of films, this one included.

I... tend not to like movies made before I was born, unless they were made in the country of my birth or somewhere adjacent to it. Look, everyone in film school had a sin, and this was mine, OK? It is EXTREMELY difficult to convince myself to watch old movies I didn't grow up with. So, despite the fact that I've enjoyed old movies before (my response to a lot of "classics' being screened at film school was 'well, that wasn't that bad!') I never have high expectations, and in this case thought the movie would be nice, I'd enjoy the anthropological value of Bollywood in the 70s/80s, and that's it.

It ended up liking this movie a lot, a lot, a lot more than I expected.

spoilers? )
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The French court in 1778 was so decadent that they regularly indulged not only in watching interpretative dance but also wore interpretative hairstyles. Marie Antoinette once (but only once obviously darlings!) sported a hairdo commemorating a naval battle between French and British ships, which the British won but the French celebrated as a victory anyway... or maybe she hated the French and was mocking them... or had so little sense of propriety that she was subsequently notorious for suggesting poor people with no bread should eat brioche instead. Whatevz, SHIP HATS.

She is a frigate tight and brave
As ever stemmed the dashing wave;
Her men are staunch to their fav'rite launch,
And when the foe shall meet our fire,
Sooner than strike we'll all expire,
On board of the Arethusa!

[/suggestive lyrics]

Four more images of coiffures à la Belle Poule )

5 Coiffure à la Belle Poule, illustration inspired by Marie Antoinette, after 1778

::watches flist click over to etsy to look for ship hats::

Seven Kingdoms - The Characters

Jul. 29th, 2015 01:14 pm
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I have played so much of Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem (or "7KPP" as the fandom fondly refers to it) in the last 9-10 days, it is faintly embarrassing. Okay, more than faintly. I've been using the game as a kind of comfort food substitute and I'll admit it's been damaging my productivity (but not, as you'll see, my creativity). The upside to this is, I have a lot more to say on the subject, as I predicted I would in my first proper review. I now even have a special Tumblr tag, black-list-able, for all the spam I post while I'm in the middle of a new playthrough. I have hundreds of savegames. I've unlocked 63 achievements -- not all of them, but a lot.

The game has its ups and downs. Overall, I'd say there are a lot more ups than downs, but I am saying this especially because this is just a demo -- albeit a longer, more complex and fascinating, and far more replayable demo than about half the full games I've played. Part of my positivity relies on the assumption that the full game (or even the alpha, which I will get access to, come hell or high water) will satisfactorily resolve some of the taunting mysteries, confirm some of the suspicions that the fandom has been harboring, deliver a resolution both political and romantic, fix most of the typos, and have a much better interface. So no pressure.

Later, I will write a post about the taunting mysteries. Right now, I want to talk about one of the game's major draws: the characters. I previously did a quick rundown of my overall impressions of the delegates here, on my Tumblr. These are mostly powerfully emotional gut reactions, based more on my observations as a player than on any sort of analysis. So now I want to discuss the characters at more length.

Serious lengthy discussion. )

So there you have it. Avalie is my very favorite and I think I would gladly play and replay the game just for her. Fortunately, there are plenty of other draws, enough to compensate for the literal pain of the temporary interface.
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Titre : Avec le temps (épilogue)
Auteur : [personal profile] flo_nelja
Fandom : Darker than Black
Persos : Amber, et un peu de Amber/Pai/Hei
Genre : Etude de personnage, espionnage
Résumé : Le jour où tout change, les étoiles disparaissent et sont remplacées par de fausses étoiles, le coeur de Lisenka disparait et est remplacé par un faux coeur. (Amber, depuis sa transformation en Contractante jusqu'à la fin)
Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer : Tout appartient au studio Bones
Nombre de mots : ~900 (pour ce chapitre)
Notes : Spoilers sur toute la saison 1 !

Read more... )

Door diagnosis, at last!

Jul. 29th, 2015 12:34 am
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Purple did not in fact go skydiving as he'd thought he might over the weekend, because it was one of those "weather permitting" activities. The weather did not in fact permit.

By the time I got through the lines with my lunch, the little table that Purple and the guys were at outside was crammed with about 8 guys (it is a 4 person table). CTY memories aside, that didn't seem like it would be pleasant, so I opted for inside with Mr. Tux and his officemate.

The guy from the internal department responsible for my little database said he'd likely be able to have a .csv pack of my tables to me either Monday or Tuesday. Unfortunately, the host on which the new thing's VM is located, was the one that managed to die over the weekend.

The bbq station's thing was a roast half-chicken. I'd declined to try it, since chicken meat on the bone is not a thing I do (mainly texture aversion, with a side of fear of even slightly raw chicken). I was lucky in this case -- while the internals had slow-cooked very nicely, the skin had not rendered and Purple said it was revolting.

I caught the big door by my cube doing the thing where it locks open again. I called security so the latest guy could see it in action. He came over, and by that time it was no longer doing the thing. I indicated which one it was, and he called it in. As he was heading off, it started doing it again for no reason. I called him back. "It's doing it again!"

"Call Cesar," said the guy with the ladder from over where he was doing something unspecified to a fluorescent light fixture. Apparently this is the sign of a particular part in the door going bad, you could see right up there at the top where it was not doing something or other. I was very glad that I'd happened to say something about this in his presence, because otherwise we would have spent another six months going around on it.

I dropped some chocolate on the desk of the community manager type who had been namechecked so memorably in the comment thread referenced in Friday's all-hands. I reckoned he deserved it.

Purple's brain ran out of space early. I was amenable to wandering home early, so that's what I did as well. We stood in the parking lot a while, letting our cars cool off with doors open. Purple doesn't actually hate shoe shopping more than I do, it's just that it's hard for him to find shoes that actually fit comfortably.

Leaving early meant time and brain to do the potroast I'd got over the weekend (no particular feat for a regular cook, as it was Costco precooked, which meant microwave and leftovers, but that's the state of my brain vs. cooking these days) and to catch up on Friday's recap.

My calendar reminded me of the date, and I observed the last Tuesday in July quietly, telling [personal profile] silveradept the story.

I woke up before my alarm today (Tuesday), and meandered in happily. Today's bbq offering was pulled pork sandwiches, albeit somewhat more chopped than pulled. I mixed the peach and the firefighter-hot sauces, and got a very pleasing combination.

The problem with the host is the motherboard. I got the .csv files, though, so that's good.

My task now after the helldesk software meeting on Friday is to spread the good word that no, the team in charge of fixing the thing appears to hate the terrible front end more than I do. I shared this at my 1:1; that cheered my manager, especially when I explained the part where the fancy expert just dropped his pen and stared at us. Also, I am treating the need to express myself in the tickets about the thing without swearing as a writing exercise, with creative results. Also, I added cheerfully, it's amazing what you can slip under the radar with references to Sumerian gods. There are not many people who know what's in Sweet Enki's Pitcher...

It was good for both of us that my manager was not drinking anything at this juncture, as she would have sprayed both of us. Apparently she has at least some small familiarity with Sumerian mythology.

When I wandered past the cube of the Namechecked Community Manager, he was in. I introduced myself. He correctly identified me as the source of unexpected chocolate. I thanked him for his service in the Trenches of Upset Users. The worst part, we agreed, is when the users are upset for good reason and we can't just magically make their legitimate beefs better. We both have the Pebble, also. I never got used to a touchscreen, so I'm not feeling the lack, but he is.

Purple called time at a reasonable hour, so we wandered out to the parking lot as the sun was disappearing behind one of the buildings. A hawk-shaped something flew across the parking lot, and smaller birds scattered as it found a redwood to perch in. Purple recounted an interesting little comedy of manners involving a murder of crows and a line of redwoods: each tree was topped by a crow, with two somewhat disgruntled-looking crows flanking it lower in the tree.

A second hawk flew across the parking lot and landed in another tree. It started calling, its cries rising in pitch to what both of us thought was some sort of distress. The first hawk looked in its direction, but made no move to go any closer.

Purple has a weakness for good black cherry soda, but doesn't much care for orange, despite his love for orange juice.

Paging through some hawk sounds, it sounded rather like juvenile squeals #2:
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I read Tess of the d'Urbervilles on Sunday.

I offer the following content notes:

Animal harm, relationship coercion, acquaintance rape, coerced birth, era-typical child death, religious guilt (Christian), patriarchal fuckery, marital cruelty, attempted murder, abandonment, religious evangelism (Christian), religious coercion, rampant hypocrisy, familial coercion, coercion by means of family, actual murder, execution. Plus a side dish of substance abuse and attempted suicide.

Tess needs, in this order:
* A comprehensive and livable benefits and employment assistance program
* Gap insurance for horses
* Healthcare for her dad
* A taser
* Public transportation
* A working knowledge of what date rape is Read more... )
* Plan B and a rape kit
* Legal aid
* Benefits for her family
* Substance abuse care for her dad
* A boyfriend who understands that a dirty weekend with a sex worker is not the same as rape
* No-fault divorce
* A large shipping box with an angry swan (as f_fa recommends)
* A job with modern safety and care standards
* Societal acceptance of atheism, paganism, and agnosticism
* A restraining order against Cousin Daterape
* A lawyer who has successfully defended self-defense vs. Mr. What Do You Mean, Restraining Order? manslaughter cases
* A younger sister who looks nothing like her

That MeFi Thing - Emotional Labor

Jul. 28th, 2015 10:09 pm
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I am reading Where's My Cut: On Unpaid Emotional Labor on metafilter. I read the article at The Toast ("Housework is not work. Sex work is not work. Emotional work is not work. Why? Because they don’t take effort? No, because women are supposed to provide them uncompensated, out of the goodness of our hearts.") that inspired the thread, which is also good, but is a single article... the MeFi thread is over 250k words long, and it's AMAZING. Life-changing stuff in there.

I wish [ profile] ozarque were around to see it. I think she would be overjoyed to read that discussion, to see the terminology women have come up with for the burdens they are expected to bear, to read their sharing of experiences and support of each others' pains.

I'm debating how to best throw the link at my husband... do I say "Read this; your future happiness depends on understanding this conversation?" (Mine does not depend on him reading it. But my willingness to do both the wage-earning and social management just dropped from "low" to "abysmal.") Do I say, "Read this; I'd like to talk with you about emotional labor... set aside time for that; you know my schedule?" Do I say, "found this awesome article about feminism and relationships and I'd like you to read it?" Do I throw in warnings--"please, don't bother regaling me with examples of the Awful Dudes You Are Not Like; I know you are not them; note how many of them I married?"

The conversation includes: inside because I cannot stop finding the awesome )

icons: Chihayafuru

Jul. 28th, 2015 11:10 pm
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91 x Chihayafuru (eps 13-19)

here )

Trainwreck, and other things!

Jul. 29th, 2015 02:14 am
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I've seen so many enjoyable movies I haven't written about recently - for values of recently that include, uh, the past few months - from Mad Max to Magic Mike XXL to most recently, Spy. But tonight I saw Trainwreck and loved it and am mentioning it because a) it will probably get a little less hype than a lot of internet-hype movies, but just so you know, it's a really fun movie, and b) specifically for sports fans/hockey RPF fans, I think there are a lot of parts you'll really enjoy, because... I sure did :D

Initially when I saw the trailer, I didn't want to see this movie. One, it didn't look that interesting, and two, for the first time ever, it looked like a romantic comedy that was about people I knew and recognized - no longer my teenaged impression of grown up New Yorkers with dream jobs (even though this is a movie about New Yorkers with, kind of, dream jobs), but -- a romantic comedy about someone who is actually my age, who acts like people I've worked with, who is so deeply familiar. And it's that familiarity that put me off - like, I've worked with this person, why would I want to see a movie about her?

But! I listened to this interview with Amy Schumer, and then I listened to the positive discussion about the movie on Pop Culture Happy Hour, and I saw via some youtube clips indications that Lebron James was not only in this movie but a really good actor, and all of those, combined with the fact that I've been having an exhausting, difficult week and could really use the distraction, made me want to see it.

And hey, I loved it! It's a story about a woman who is not at all, at this point in her life, into monogamy or commitment, and ens up falling for the subject of an article she's writing for the Men's Magazine she works at - a sports medicine doctor. Amy Schumer stars and wrote the script, Bill Hader plays the dude, and the film reserves a number of cameos and actual roles for athletes, playing either characters or themselves.

My two favorite appearances were, as mentioned, Lebron James, playing himself as Bill Hader's BFF. It's such an awesome part, and he plays it so well and so earnestly, with superb comic timing, just Lebron James playing a Really Good Guy; in a sense playing the part traditionally assigned to the female love interest's BFF, the one with the high emotional IQ and the Questioning of Intentions because they don't want to see their friend get hurt. Athlete cameos are so often stiff and embarrassing; having seen my fair share of hockey players doing commercials, I feel comfortable with my impression that 99.5 of them are terrible actors line-reciters, and Lebron's performance here is the complete opposite.

The other appearance was John Cena's, who's a professional wrestler, playing Amy's kind-of-boyfriend at the beginning of the movie. And the things I have to say about that are:
-he is hilarious (and apparently improvised a lot of his lines)
-his body is out of this world
-and by that I mean his naked body*. which really does feel... unreal. (*the only naked bodies in this movie - asses, or full back - are male.)
-and his best scene is a dirty-talk scene, which I will just go ahead and spoil under the cut: spoiler! ) there you have it! Movies, yay.


Not actually related, but weirdly enough, one of the reasons I was unsettled today, I think, is seeing this photo of Jonathan Toews running into a fan while traveling in Peru.

the logic is strange in this one )


In yet more unrelated news, after meeting [personal profile] minglingcrab yesterday, I have started reading an SGA fic. I haven't read SGA fic for... I want to say years, so let's just go with years, and it's so weird and nostalgic to see these characters again and revisit this universe. It's pretty hard for me to go back to old fandoms these days, actually, and if the entire point of this fic was just for John and Rodney to get together romcom style I'd probably lose interest fairly soon, but it's a fic with more carefully structured plot than that, and exploration of sexual identity, which is always fun. The fic, for the interested, is Straight as a Circle, which I had never read. It's a little outdated in a way that's really fun to discover - for example, where Ronon plays sudoku on a Palm Pilot someone gave him. One day I will go back and read fics from the late 90's/early 2000's just to remember what the world was like.


...and finally a reminder in case you missed it: I will be in London on Aug 21st and 22nd! Let me know if you want to and can meet up :D
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Earlier this month, Peter Watts wrote interestingly about the terrible pragmatism of the ethics of Spock, perhaps of all Vulcan.

When I first wrote these words, the Internet was alive with the death of Leonard Nimoy. I couldn’t post them here, because Nowa Fantastyka got them first (or at least, an abridged version thereof), and there were exclusivity windows to consider. As I revisit these words, though, Nimoy remains dead, and the implications of his legacy haven’t gone anywhere. So this is still as good a time as any to argue— in English, this time— that any truly ethical society will inevitably endorse the killing of innocent people.

Bear with me.

As you know, Bob, Nimoy’s defining role was that of Star Trek‘s Mr. Spock, the logical Vulcan who would never let emotion interfere with the making of hard choices. This tended to get him into trouble with Leonard McCoy, Trek‘s resident humanist. “If killing five saves ten it’s a bargain,” the doctor sneered once, in the face of Spock’s dispassionate suggestion that hundreds of colonists might have to be sacrificed to prevent the spread of a galaxy-threatening neuroparasite. “Is that your simple logic?”

The logic was simple, and unassailable, but we were obviously supposed to reject it anyway. (Sure enough, that brutal tradeoff had been avoided by the end of the episode, in deference to a TV audience with no stomach for downbeat endings.) Apparently, though, it was easier to swallow 16 years later, when The Wrath of Kahn rephrased it as “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. That time it really caught on, went from catch-phrase to cliché in under a week. It’s the second-most-famous Spock quote ever. It’s so comforting, this paean to the Greater Good. Of course, it hardly ever happens— here in the real world, the needs of the few almost universally prevail over those of the many— but who doesn’t at least pay lip-service to the principle?

Much more at the author's site.
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Kelly McParland in the National Post notes that the failure of Justin Trudeau to secure for Eve Adams, a former Conservative junior minister who defected, a mid-Toronto nomination speaks much about his judgement.

Despite campaigning hard for the nod, Adams was decisively defeated, losing by about 800 votes out of 3,000 cast, after being urged to withdraw by a heckler.

Why such a stupendous gaffe wasn’t evident to the Liberal brain trust remains a mystery. Trudeau would have been better to fire whatever adviser suggested it was a good idea and enlist Colle in his place.

Instead, Colle went to bat for Adams’s rival, Marco Mendicino, a local prosecutor and adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall law school. Adams, he declared, would succeed “over my dead body.” Mendicino has an impressive background, including prosecution of the “Toronto 18” terror group, which gives him excellent credentials to put up against the law-and-order Tories. He also has an extensive record in local community groups. Adams is a career politician who doesn’t live in the riding and only became a Liberal after being rejected by the Tories. She’s engaged to a former Harper strategist who is also on the outs with the party.

Mendicino had the support of former Liberal leader Bob Rae. Adams was parachuted in by Trudeau, despite his pledge of open nomination contests. It didn’t need a rocket scientist to spot the better candidate, yet Trudeau not only turned up for a photo op with Adams, but praised her “commitment to public service.”

The whole unhappy affair underlines the serious doubts that continue to plague Trudeau’s leadership skills, and the judgment of the advisers around him. A political novice could have seen the dangers involved in embracing Adams, which not only contradicted Trudeau’s pledge of open nominations but offended local party officials and opened the door for Trudeau to be criticized by opposition parties as just another cynical opportunistic despite his pledge to practice a new, more honourable form of leadership.
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The death Sunday of veteran Canadian politician Flora MacDonald got plenty of attention. She was a prominent politician who established precedents for women in politics.

MacDonald began her career working at Progressive Conservative headquarters from 1956 to 1965, serving as executive secretary for half a decade. After being elected as a Member of Parliament in 1972, she became the party's critic for aboriginal affairs and northern development.

Four years after being first elected on the national scene, she threw her name into the ring of contenders for the party's leadership only to see Joe Clark win the nomination and eventually become prime minister.

Under Clark, MacDonald was named secretary of state for external affairs. She was the first woman to hold this post in Canada and became one of the first few female foreign leaders worldwide at the time.

A few years later in September 1984, she became the minister of employment and immigration under then-prime minister Brian Mulroney. MacDonald later became Mulroney's communications minister in 1986.

In November 1988, MacDonald lost her seat and cabinet position after spending 16 years in the House of Commons, prompting her exit from federal politics. She decided to dedicate her time toward humanitarian efforts but also managed to host a television program, author a book and serve as chair of an international development research centre.

Drawer, no, Butt

Jul. 28th, 2015 11:40 pm
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Drawer Butt

Another angle from Monday's Ellery scene, due to me not even opening DAZ Studio until 23:00 this Tuesday.


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Founded by girl geeks and members of the slash fandom, [community profile] scans_daily strives to provide an atmosphere which is LGBTQ-friendly, anti-racist, anti-ableist, woman-friendly and otherwise discrimination and harassment free.

Bottom line: If slash, feminism or anti-oppressive practice makes you react negatively, [community profile] scans_daily is probably not for you.

Please read the community ethos and rules before posting or commenting.

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