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Mar. 29th, 2017 06:20 pm
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The last cosplay project I did was NY Comic Con a few years ago. I was a (poorly-conceived) steampunk moogle. Let's see if I've gotten any better, shall we?

Femme!Sephiroth and a chocobo at Kupocon '17! )

The actual con was kind of... eh. I mean, they had a lot of good ideas, but there wasn't a lot to do ultimately. We got bored/tired and left a couple hours early. To be fair it was their first year doing cons and a pretty small con at that. My favorite moment was when two younger girls squealed "DISPEAR!!! :DDD" at me while we were posing for our Official Picture. So I amused somebody, after all that money and effort. I guess there's worse outcomes. :D

Reading Wednesday

Mar. 29th, 2017 10:05 am
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What I Just Finished Reading
Obsessive Genius: The Inner World of Marie Curie (Great Discoveries Series) by Barbara Goldsmith
This series seems to be short summaries of people's achievements, but even given that I really liked this book. It didn't have room to get very technical or go into great detail on any given era, but was well written, interesting and didn't idolise its subject.

The Jewel House: Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution by Deborah E. Harkness, narrated by Kate Reading
This is going to be one of those books that makes me annoyed at a lot of other books. I've read a fair bit about the scientific revolution, and this is all completely new to me to the extent that I'm now irritated at all the other books I've read for not including any of it.

It's a wonderful exploration of scientific culture in the late 16th-century, including pushes to increase mathematical literacy for national economic development, collecting-comparing-publishing findings from experiments, in fights over priority and credit, and government support of large-scale scientific projects, mostly focusing on how individual practitioners fit into all this. The idea that this was all going on, and that Francis Bacon (who the author dislikes!) was more or less whining because he didn't get to be in charge of it and gentlemen shouldn't get their hands dirty doing actual work, was frankly a little mind blowing.

Really good, very enjoyably read by Kate Reading, would recommend.

Desire Wears Diamonds (Jaded Gentleman #6) by Renee Bernard
So I haven't read anything else in this series, but clearly stumbled on the best one anyway. The author sets up the intro pretty well, and then I just spent the whole book drawing hearts around Michael and Grace, so who cares about the big arc plot (other than Michael is angst about it! Oh noes!) Michael just wants to atone by dying for his friends! But then he might have to die for his wife! And he can't do both at once! It's a challenge! Grace just wants a room of one's own.

I'm not sure if I'll back read, since idk if Michael will be in them enough, and I wasn't as invested in any of the others. Will keep an eye out for Bernard stuff though.

Four Wars of 1812 by D. Peter Macleod
I think this must have made a very fine museum exhibit, but in terms of trying to get a handle on the war, it just didn't have enough information in it. The art and pictures from the display were very interesting though, and I always appreciate an O'Brian reference.

(Speaking of [as the book also mentioned Forester], just watched Captain Horatio Hornblower, RN with Nenya, since I'd seen it ten years ago, and she hadn't at all. To conclude: "Ioan Gruffudd grew up to be Gregory Peck. Bush got less gay and slightly less hot. But it works amazingly well in continuity.")

Tropical Tiger Spy (Shifting Sands Resort #1) by Zoe Chant
Fun read. It was a bit slow to start, but once the action plot kicked off, I really enjoyed it. I liked how resourceful Amber was, though Tony's agency should seriously hire her, because she's way better at spy stuff. The action (and the "action") was very well written. Could have used a little more angst.

Tropical Wounded Wolf (Shifting Sands Resort #2) by Zoe Chant
Oh there we go. THAT one is angsty enough. Enjoyed it even more than the first one (because angst!), though the plot itself was a little slower. However, I appreciate trapped in peril plots, and both characters were very likeable. I'm curious what's going on with the resort though, so I hope Zoe writes more of these. Oh and the gazelle. Really great setting for a series.

(I was saying to Nenya, having just read Diamonds and Wounded Wolf back to back, is that the fantasy with heroes with massive self-esteem issues doesn't seem to be that you'll find someone who will tell you you're good, but that someone will tell you you're good, and you'll believe them.)

Pirates of Barbary: Corsairs, Conquests and Captivity in the Seventeenth-Century Mediterranean by Adrian Tinniswood, narrated by Clive Chafer
Okay, look, I came into this researching English relations with pirates in the 1600s, which is what this book is about, and had the information I needed, and the Anglo-centrism STILL annoyed the crap out of me. I know that the author's area of study is England, but 100% of his sources are English, and he appears to have put zero effort into finding contemporary sources from any of the actual pirates or people who lived near them (unless they happened to be English), or anyone other than the odd note from the Venetian Ambassador to London , which leaves this book MASSIVELY one sided.

There's a lot of acknowledgement that okay, yeah, the English perspective is happening here, and that's not the whole story, and pointing out how the English were wrong about things, but very little quotes from primary sources from any other country. And we're talking Ottoman Empire here, so it's not like this stuff doesn't exist, they LOVED records.

So a lot of the information was interest, but the whole book was incredibly frustrating.

What I'm Reading Now
Audio: My Mother's Wars by Lillian Faderman about Faderman's mom living in NYC in the '20s to '40s. It's very engaging so far, though I just started it.

Library: Tecumseh and Brock: The War of 1812 by James Laxer, which I'm about 100 pages into and the war hasn't started yet. It's well written but also super depressing because genocide.

What I'm Reading Next
I have the next Selection book as a library e-book, so I'll probably buzz through that. I'm not sure for audio. Maybe that new romance novel about US Civil War spies.

Into the Badlands 2.2

Mar. 29th, 2017 10:17 am
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 Even post-apocalyptic Wuxia manages to jump on the anti-Trump political commentary train.

spoilers )
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people who complain about dinosaurs “not being scary anymore” because its been discovered they have feathers and are closely related to/ancestors of birds are so bizarre like

its not about how scary they are, they are/were real life animals and what matters is learning more about them, not how well they fit into your science fiction horror film lol

can you imagine a 13 foot chicken running at you with full intent to eat you??? thats fucking terrifying holy shit

peacocks are synonymous with vain, frivolous beauty and they will attack cars. they will attack you while you try to get to your car. they’re like six feet of useless feathers and they will destroy you. imagine if they were carnivorous and had functional spurs. 

a t-rex could look like a gay disco ball and i guarantee that you would fucking book it if it had a problem with you



have you ever met a swan

if anything the birdier they get the scarier they are

Australia literally fought a war against giant birds AND FUCKING LOST


Overheard in the student lounge:

“Oh man, I can’t deal with birds ‘cause they’re dinosaurs and sometimes it’s like they get this glint in their eyes and they remember.”

“Have you ever interacted with a goose? ‘Cause those things are dicks.”

If chickens were still the size of a T-Rex we’d all be dead. No question.

Feathered creatures that give some serious lie to the idea that feathered dinosaurs ain’t scary:

This is a bearded vulture, or lammergeier. It’s four feet long and has a nine foot wingspan and it eats bones.

This is a shoebill stork. It dropped the duck without biting down shortly after the picture was taken, but if it had decided not to-

… it could have been the end of the road for that duck.

This is the last thing a fish sees before a macaroni penguin eats it.

This is a secretary bird in the act of demonstrating to Lord Voldemort that he came to the wrong neighborhood, ese.

This is a goose.

This is a vulture.

This is a cassowary on the attack. 

Be glad I couldn’t find the actual gif of a pelican swallowing a fish, because it’s freakin’ Lovecraftian in its HEADS SHOULD NOT BEND THAT WAY factor. You’ll have to settle for the idea of a feathered dinosaur suddenly going GLORP and devouring its victims whole just like this lady here.

Steven Spielberg didn’t create these. These are the feet of an emu.

And this is what happens when a swan (this one is named Asboy; his father was Mr. Asbo, the first swan in the UK to get named after an anti-social behavior order in ‘honor’ of his tendency to attack boaters) decides it doesn’t like you. I should probably note that this one attacked a cow.

Respect the feathered dinosaur, yo.

Terrifying. The last two illustrate why you did not fuck around with the Children of Lir.

I suspected that a dinosaur could have been feathered after I heard that a T-Rex is the chickens’ ancestor.

For those who think dinos aren’t cool because they’re feathered…whatever, mutherfuckers.  Evolution doesn’t give two shits what you think is cool or not.

You showed a cassowary on the attack, but forgot to show what exactly it’s attacking with. Their feet are nearly identical to the Emu’s, except for one minor, teeny tiny detail: A five-inch claw for killing motherfuckers, raptor-style.

This is like the “fuck birds master post” and I love it because Honestly,Fuck. Birds.

I love all of these, but vultures are one of my favourite birbs. Now I wonder if scavenging carnivorous dinosaurs, who had no beaks for reaching into the meat they ate, might have had feathers from the shoulders down but bald heads to avoid walking around with faces full of rotting ichor all day.

All of this is true, but for me the best part of dinos being birds is when I tell my kids they didn’t really die out. They’re still here with us. Those kids don’t care what they are, could be friggin goldfish, just to know they made it. They’re here now with us.
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Anyone else want a very butch girlfriend who’ll protect you like a Fabergé egg?

Only if you regularly take your faberge egg bungee jumping.


Mar. 29th, 2017 02:12 pm
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I dreamed a bunch of local alt-right/nazis/whatever were having a gathering near my house. So my friends and I decided it would be the perfect time to beat the world record for building and playing the world’s largest vuvuzela. 

If I remember it snaked most of the way down the hill and the police had to get involved when we started to play it. The nazis were NOT happy.
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Это не оф.текст, просто небольшая систематизация книжной инфы.

20 лет назад корабли вооружали дальнобойными плазменными пушками.
Для защиты от них использовали плазменные щиты, которые останавливали запущенную в корабль плазму. Если щит перегрузить, он отключится и прощай кораблик.
Тогда же бетанцы придумали плазменные зеркала. Они возвращали попавшую в корабль плазму обратно стрелявшему. Основное оружие стало почти бесполезным.
С тех пор на корабли ставят переделанные из двигателей неклина устройста под названием гравидеструкторы.
Они пятимерно скручивают все, защиты от них нет. Но и дальность у них очень мала. Вот прямо сейчас барраярцы достраивают первый линейный крейсер с реально дальнобойными деструкторами.

Почему просто не запустить в противника ракету или астероид?
Потому что там есть отдельные энергетические щиты против твердых предметов. Но на близком расстоянии такой щит можно взломать или продавить. Потому в настолке мы считаем, что есть некие "торпеды", которые проникают. Там есть эсминцы, которые группой по 4 могут расстрелять линкор и фрегаты, которые сбивают торпеды.
В книгах торпеды используют только для атаки на орбитальный завод, у которого щитов нет.
А вот абордажные команды в самодвижущихся скафандрах в книгах используют очень активно.

Типы кораблей по убыванию мощности:
барраярский новый линейный крейсер
Карманный линкор (Перегрин дендарийцев)
Легкий крейсер (Ариэль дендарийцев)
Военный скоростной курьер, барраяр

(no subject)

Mar. 29th, 2017 06:33 am
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OW gives me fond memories of missing the bus to campus because I wanted to play just ONE LAST ROUND of TF2.


Life in general is giving me fond memories of just fucking skipping class and responsibilities to sleep all day, tho.

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«Мы много раз, много лет говорили: «А где же вы? Где вы, студенты? Где вы, школьники? Вы замечаете, что вы — внутри страны, вы замечаете, что в этой стране происходит?» Было молчание, их не было. Вот они появились», — констатировал режиссер. «Мы с вами должны делать все, чтобы гуманитарное развитие нашего общества, наших молодых людей происходило, потому что все, что связано с подменой просвещения, образования, с какими-то религиозными догматами, все, что связано с введением в гражданское и политическое пространство религиозных институций, ведет к развалу страны», — заявил Сокуров.

A reply to comments re: my knee

Mar. 29th, 2017 01:00 pm
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* It's not the really advanced arthritis where the cartilage is completely gone, but I'm somewhere in the middle stages and had an inflammation on the left side of my knee that worsened my condition overall.

* Nope, there's nothing anyone else can do, though I appreciate your concern.

* I got to take anti-inflammatory meds for a while, don't need them anymore.

* Acupuncture was another treatment and it's still ongoing for this week and the next. No idea if it helps, as I cannot single it out from other possible influences, but it's not making things worse either and I don't have to pay for it, so.

* I also got a special bandage that I have to wear during physical activity. I've signed up for the gym and working out with the bandage on feels ok, even when using the crossfit trainer. (Let me stress that: I'm working out at the gym now and I'm so proud of myself.)

* I'm 95% pain-free now and movement isn't restricted much, there's a leftover swelling that's caused by internal fluids (water being pressed into the tissue, to be precise) but even if I got that drained it would just come back a few days later. So I'm ignoring it. Overall I'm doing much better, don't worry and again, thanks for your good thoughts.

Pink out for Planned Parenthood

Mar. 29th, 2017 12:16 pm
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I stand with Planned Parenthood

Oh, is that today? I just happened to have this pink suit lying around.

Agent Carter AU not-fics

Mar. 28th, 2017 11:54 pm
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I asked people on Tumblr last night to send me an AU and I'd give them some thoughts on that AU, which all ended up being Agent Carter. I got more than I could write, but here are the ones I did:

Vintage car mechanic AU
Librarian AU (with follow-up suggestions)
Art heist AU
Pet Shop of Horrors AU
Wild West AU
Star Wars AU (with follow-up expanding on Daniel's role in this 'verse)
College student AU
College faculty AU
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I enjoyed this a lot more than Prince Lestat. No long chapter after another about a multitude of characters we haven't seen or have barely seen before and don't care about. A smaller cast means more time for the characters actually moving things. Fewer contemporary characters, good since Rice doesn't write dialogue I could imagine most contemporary people speaking. More things happen and at a better pace. It even picks up momentum at times. Lestat is a bit less obnoxious, and we don't have everybody talking about how wonderful he is all the time.

Some things change forever, in potentially interesting ways. Rice seems to have given some thought as to how her world works and started and what that means for the future.

There's more Louis, though he's not all that much like Louis anymore. He has some moments though.

Although the plot wasn't as goofy as I expected, there are still some things that come off a bit goofy, some of them partly because they go outside the genre Rice's vampire stories have been in. spoilers ) The other part... is that some of them are still kind of goofy.

But it's a mostly fun "borrow it from the library" read.

Dinner plans, April 11th and 12th

Mar. 28th, 2017 09:10 pm
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So, which of my various SEA-TAC area friends might be available for dinner the evenings of Tuesday, April 11th, and/or Wednesday, April 12th?

Contact me via private means if you wish; my gmail address is pretty easy to guess from my username, and I have been known to use Dreamwidth private messages as well.
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ok but why does captain america have a fitness challenge and why is it still being shown in schools. he took experimental super steroids and is currently an international fugitive

I WONDERED THAT TOO - isn’t Steve a wanted criminal now?? I mean, with Tony’s black eye and all, this is obviously RIGHT after the events in “Captain America: Civil War.” 

So unless everyone made up offstage and the movies are just chugging on like nothing happened…yes, Cap is a fugitive from justice. Even if Tony is secretly working with him - or at least benevolently aiding and abetting him, as he did at the end of “CACW” - you’d think Cap would be officially persona non grata in American schools at the moment.

Budget. Schools don’t have the money to reshoot these videos every time it becomes awkward. I bet if Hydra had made a video about learning German in the 1940s it would still be shown in Language class.

@skull-bearer,,,,,have you taken a german class where they taught you how to speak german by showing you instructional videos made by the nazi science division. holy shit 

…. of course not. I was making a snide joke about school budgets and outdated teaching materials. I’m a teacher.
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ok but why does captain america have a fitness challenge and why is it still being shown in schools. he took experimental super steroids and is currently an international fugitive

I WONDERED THAT TOO - isn’t Steve a wanted criminal now?? I mean, with Tony’s black eye and all, this is obviously RIGHT after the events in “Captain America: Civil War.” 

So unless everyone made up offstage and the movies are just chugging on like nothing happened…yes, Cap is a fugitive from justice. Even if Tony is secretly working with him - or at least benevolently aiding and abetting him, as he did at the end of “CACW” - you’d think Cap would be officially persona non grata in American schools at the moment.

Budget. Schools don’t have the money to reshoot these videos every time it becomes awkward. I bet if Hydra had made a video about learning German in the 1940s it would still be shown in Language class.

Fic rec!

Mar. 28th, 2017 09:49 pm
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A Steve/Tony fic rec! If you are the sort of person who enjoyed Marvel's 1872 miniseries but you feel it would have been better if Steve had been a merman, you will probably like A Man to Ride the River With by a_sparrows_fall. Alternatively, if you just like stories about dudes who fall in love with mermen, hey, it's got that going for it.

(Yes, this post was also an excuse to use my 1872 icon.)

(no subject)

Mar. 28th, 2017 08:51 pm
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back on the elimination diet. and also on having to lie on my back with my stomach flat and organs uncrimped to achieve a modicum of humanity, because I had the audacity to eat a single egg with spinach. good lord.

,,, still in a GREAT MOOD, though? hahaha.


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