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Later this month, I hope to post some sweet Joker-y goodness for the current theme. However, for now, we'll have to make do with the issues I have on hand. Like this one: Batman #471.

Waylon Jones has never really been the top Bat-villain in threat level or popularity, but like just about any other character, there are always a few diamonds in the rough to be found. The one I bring to you today is one that (I believe) served as the inspiration for the BTAS episode "Sideshow"... and is, IMO, far superior to said episode.

A requiem for a killer, behind the cut! )
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Following the furore over the Harley Quinn Try-Out Page, no less a person than Gail Simone sought to put forward an idea with a less controversial, more enjoyable, motif...

One tiny little flash of butt under the cut, so have put the nsfw: nudity tag, just in case.

And as you might imagine, tumblr went a little... wild )
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Firstly, a happy Easter to those of the Christian persuasion! (To those of the non-Christian persuasion, or no persuasion at all... a happy Sunday in any event!)

In the earlier posts, we've seen an unhappy incident cause chromatic chaos in our kiddie cohort. (Somewhere, Stan Lee just broke into a smile, though he may not know why)

But like any Batclan member, Robin has a plan! )
And for no reason at all, from the pre-credits sequence of the latest "Batman: Brave and the Bold"

Some barely dressed... or dressed barely... Dynamic Duo )
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Just found this picture... and that all I can say... anything after that is just.... unspeakable... it is that awesomeJust look! )


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