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Ah Hitler, if any historical personality has appeared in Superhero comics more I'll be surprised (although there was a brief time when Nixon appeared in a lot of stuff, such as an actual supervillain in Captain American around the time of Watergate). Naturally as the cause of so much evil, he's been the target of the wrath of many a superhero over the years, but due to him being a real person actual depictions of him getting killed for his crimes are relatively rare.

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Today is Remembrance Sunday, traditionally the day to honour those in the military who have fallen in wars throughout the world, and throughout the years.

And I recently came into ownership of a fascinating collection, "The Dandy - 1937 to 2012" a collection from 75 years worth of a single British comic (For those in the UK, it's available from WH Smith and I thoroughly recommend it).

The Dandy is about to cease publication and move to an entirely online platform, which makes me a sad icon_UK, but such is life.

I'll be posting more from it in the weeks ahead, but for now a couple of these seem apt for the day, since as part of that 75 year span was, of course, World War II.

I've added the trigger warning for racism, since the depiction of Germans within may be considered to be tasteless.

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Here's another New Year's post! This strip was taken from "Dandy and Beano--Magic Moments", a book reprinting some favorite holiday comics from Britain's long-running weeklies.

The Beano specializes in "naughty" characters, such rapscallions as Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, the Bash Street Kids, and the famous comedy duo we hear from today....

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Your thoughts and comments?

Happy New Year,
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All right, let's get straight to it! Vampire!Talia and aliens seemed to be the most popular, and I'm also including Zombie Nazis, because well, they're Zombie Nazis. Can't go too wrong with that.

Intro can be found here or four posts down.

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They're not just Zombie Nazis, they're Zombie *voodoo* Nazis! )

Epilogue )

And that's that for "DUEL". Thoughts? Comments?
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(second Hitler post in one day)

Is it just me or is that alot for a guy on fire to say all at once ?

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This week--or rather, last week--at Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics, we see one of Hitler's many dastardly plans to destroy America. But unlike Nekron in Blackest Night, he goes for something much simpler and cost-effective than reviving superheroes: reviving the homeless.
Remember that hobo you shot last week? Here he is, back again!

Ah, the old days, when a cop could shoot an unarmed bum dead just for shouting. But as you see, Officer Friendly has a nasty surprise.
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