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On one hand, I get it. Marvel Studios has the right to make changes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jane Foster is an astro-physicist instead of a nurse-turned-doctor. Johann Schmidt was a scientist instead of a bellboy. Maria Hill doesn't start fights for no reason. Still...

Also confirmed was the casting of Elizabeth Debicki as Ayesha, A.K.A. Karma, A.K.A. Her, A.K.A. Kismet, who in comic books is a product of the same experiments that created Adam Warlock (A.K.A. Him) before ascending to cosmic power. According to Gunn, Ayesha comes from a “genetically-perfect people” named the Sovereign. She serves as their High Priestess and "is not a woman to be screwed with.”

When Adam Warlock met Her. Also, MCU speculation )
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Since this post raised the question, I dug back into the archives to see Emma Frost and Sue Storm going out on the lash.

It's from Marvel Knights 4: Impossible Things Happen Every Day, by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and assorted artists. This is from issue #21, with art by Valentine DeLandro.

It's Sue and Reed's anniversary, but Reed's gone off to Washington for a conference, so Sue wakes up on her own.

After beating up the Mole Man, Sue takes Val out to Franklin's association soccer match (and RAS gets in a Mary-Jane Watson dig) when Alicia phones to ask Sue for a girl's night out.

Carnage does not actually follow
Here come the girls )

And, in the theme of kick-arse women from the last decade, Wu Ao-Shi, the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay will fuck you up bad
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When last we left off, the FF had realized that Ben Grimm's girlfriend, Alicia Masters, had been kidnapped by a man use a phase teleporter controlled by a wrist band. (Sounds like some ultra exclusive clubs in know in Hollywood.) Meanwhile, the main focus of the story focuses on Alicia Masters, as the blind girl has been brought in to see the Citadel of Science!'s creation run amok. It's The Fantastic Four, #67 Volume #1, from 1967.

And pancakes.

*mods - 8 pages of 32 comic pages.
Warning. Big images. Not dial up safe.

Behold...HIM )
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No, not a porno. Even though there is plenty of innuendo that could be used (MightyGodViking, if your reading...). It's The Fantastic Four, #66 Volume #1, from 1967.

These are the masters of comics, when comics were great and the Marvel Universe began to expand. And premiere among it's explorers are the Fantastic Four. Let us reach back into the past a look upon a classic tale of science fiction, adventure, human drama, and the folly of man.

*mods - 7 pages of 28 actual comic pages.

What lurks behind the Beehive? )
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Since FALL OF THE HULKS involves Dr. Doom's Liddleville technology, I thought I would post some pages from a FANTASTIC FOUR issue that used Liddleville once again. Most other stories that use Liddleville take place outside of FF books, including the Micronauts and X-Force.

Philip Masters, Matchmaker )
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Figure this one out. It's a sequence from "The Return of Doctor Doom!" in THE FANTASTIC FOUR# 10, January 1963. Script by Stan Lee, art by Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers.

So. Alicia Masters is a talented sculptor (well, her father was the Puppet Master, so you can see how she grew up with the materials around her), despite the fact that she's blind. She touches people and things to get a sense of what they look like and carves statues that are quite accurate. So far, okay, not out of the limits of the possible and (by comic book standards, quite modest a claim).

Yet how does she create these little figurines of finks like Dr Doom, the Sub-Mariner, the Skrulls? The Fantastic Four had only met the Mole Man once at this point, certainly hadn't taken any photos of him.(The statuettes are in great poses, by the way, very expressive of the subjects' personalities). Did Ben talk her through the process? How long would that take? Weeks, months? ("Naw, honey, the Miracle Man's waist was slimmer...")

There's only one answer that makes sense to me. Despite the fact he had fingers as thick as cigars, with only three fingers and a thumb on each hand, Ben was actually the sculptor! He was using Alicia as a front, because he thought his artistic inclinations were too sissy for a guy in 1963...


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