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Frank Cho has confirmed that Amadeus Cho will be a part of his "Savage Wolverine" title along with Wolverine and Shanna. Looks like Amadeus missed out on being a part of the Young Avengers (damn) and Avengers Arena (phew).

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 So we've got Amadeus Cho,
the new Powerman, 
And dude who I don't know the name of who's got a hammer and a goatee. 

I squeed for the first four. 

Fear Itself: The Home Front #5 )
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The choice for this was extremely easy for me. I started reading the series these guys appeared in out of curiosity and was hooked. They aren't two people who I would envision as becoming best friends but the writer sold it (plus I'm a sucker for odd couple relationships). The Olympian who loves alcohol and women and the 7th/8th smartest person in the Marvel world a.k.a Hercules and Amadeus Cho from The Incredible Hercules.

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Greetings True Believers!

The title is hardly a joke, see the lulz!

Plus, cracky Thor and Cho interaction and young master Amadeus roofies a goddess. This one had me rolling on the floor. Two and half scans from Prince of Power #3. Enjoy!

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