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Picked this up from the news-stand way back when the film was in general release. I may be giving away too much but this is one of the first comics I ever owned. I'm not sure whether the B/W version was limited or not but I've only seen coloured copies since.

In any case, this the the last seven pages of the comic, with a final page scene having NOT appeared in the movie.

Layouts by Kevin Eastman, script by Peter Laird, pencils by Jim Lawson, with inks by Eastman, Laird and Eric Talbot.
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From TMNT Adventures #20-22. This arc has it all. Giant Monster Warrior Dragon vs Foot Ninja Bot, Cyborg TV News Reporters, bad art (well for one issue), ironic death traps for Splinter, Raph joining back up with the group after a brief adventure in space, and of course the return of the Shredder.

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Inspired by stretchdude's posts of various Archie TMNT tidbits, I figured I'd post my favorite story from the run. Here's TMNTA issues 28-30 in condensed form.

This is the first full story arc I had of the Archie book, and it really opened up the floodgates for weird in the TMNTA universe. It was March of 1992, and I was 11 at the time. I found the story fantastic, new, and strange after reading the earlier issues, which often read like a mutant-of-the-month club. Notably, this was the story arc which introduced Ninjara who would remain a major supporting character 'till nearly the end of the book's run.

A lengthy post, but worth the read, I think. After 17 years, it's still one of my favorite comics.

26 pages evenly plucked from a total of 82 )
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Someone requested this after I posted the TMNT Adventures Hitler-punch scans. Over the course of the first 20 issues, the Turtles met a number of characters who eventually formed their own team (and short-lived spinoff book), the Mighty Mutanimals. As requested, here are their respective origin stories.

21 pages from 5 separate issues under the cut. )


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