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For my first post (hopefully), here's a delightful scene from the Batman: Reborn era!

I'll post a decent Bruce one later, promise - I just miss Dick!Bats a lot.

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Food for Thought: Jason Todd is in Arkham Knight! A story DLC, though, but I'll take it. Sad Rocksteady won't be overstaying their welcome - I'd have loved to see their versions of the rest of the Bat-Famiy.
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Inspired by icon_uk's and auggie18's Accentuate the Positive posts, here's a contribution of my own!

I've always believed that although Gotham contains the worst examples of comic book humanity, it also creates the best, most shining examples of it to aid her innocents.

Case in point: Dick!Batman, Huntress, and a certain Father Mark from the East End of Gotham:
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Given Batman: The Brave and the Bold is at a end everywhere but the states. Of course there's a new Batman show in the works. But alas this idea isn't one of them. It was deemed too grim and gritty.

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Some of you have already come across a fun new blogspot, which offers and ALTERNATIVE new titles from DC which they would like to see..

Welcome to the DC Fifty-Too, a blog curated by cartoonist Jon Morris.

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I saw this over on Comics Alliance this morning and thought the perfect thing if you cats and kittens wanted a nice little cry at your computers today. The news that Bruce would be resuming the mantle of the Bat with Damian as Robin hit me a little hard. The work done to make the Dick and Damian dynamic duo work is impressive but Bruce, despite having raised three boys now, didn't seem to know how to handle his own son who wanted to be Robin.

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I confess profoundly that when I heard Dick and Damien would be the new dynamic duo, I hoped and prayed and sacrificed to pagan beings that this concept would crash and burn. Instead, it exceeded my expectations of many levels and cemented this time and these people as a milestone in the Batman (and sons) lore. And now this time is at an end, just when I now wished for it to continue. Especially Grayson Batman.

Many at CBR feel the same way about the pairing, and are sharing their fond memories with panels that stand out over the last few years.

One piece of fan-art made me laugh, and it's attached behind the cut.

In memorium. )


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