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The 30th Anniversary of Spider-Man had four supersized issued with holographic covers. They also had backup stories that showed parts of Spider-Man's origin from other perspectives. Here's part of Aunt May's perspective, with an idea that her dislike of Spider-Man didn't stem from what the Daily Bugle said.

Two pages of a five page story.

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Couldn't think of any specific stories that fit a 10th anniversary, so I figured I'd just repost an old one; a story from Paul Jenkins, who's run on Spider-Man IMO was one of the best.

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I thought scans from this annual were already posted here - I remember seeing previews somewhere but they don't seem to be up here.

Anyway, the sure-fire way to get me to buy a Spider-Man comic on the spot is to have Uncle Ben in it.

Included below the cut are two pages out of the 40-or-something pages of the annual from this year. I don't know if there are other earlier stories that showed what life would be like if Spider-Man didn't exist, but I liked the random earthquake-time-hopping aspect of it (and Uncle Ben's and Peter's interactions are ♥).

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Out of all the 'Ultimizations' that Bendis has done over the years, I think Eddie Brock/Venom was one of the best. Bendis had always been hesitant to use Venom but the demand had been great and then EIC Bill Jemas pretty much had to push him to do it. To Bendis's credit, rather than holding his nose and putting out a mediocre depiction (like Sam Raimi did with the character) he did a full on rehaul of everything about the character and made him work.

Also this story is, while building off on the characters, a stand-alone story (which was probably intentional given that Marvel wanted new readers to pick this up) so you don't need to be up to date with everything that has come before.

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char: ben parker, char: may parker, char: spider-man/peter parker, creator: mark buckingham, creator: paul jenkins, publisher: marvel comics, title: peter parker spider-man
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  Seriously, I had a real wierd dream last night.  I had some bad mexican food and got pretty sick, and what do I dream about?  Spider-Man.  I was dreaming of an issue that dosen't exist yet, it takes place in between the last two panels of that Ultimate Spidey post where Cap finds him under the rubble and he opens his eyes.

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[ profile] colonel_green suggested I post this, and when the man's right, he's right. The affairs of Zeus and Herc were the main storyline this month, but Pak and Van Lente have also split Cho off for a potentially nifty little B-plot, so a few pages on that here.


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