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I've only been reading Daredevil for about a year and a half. I think I came on board with #18. Since then, I've been buying back issues off Comixology and just discovered Marvel Unlimited. I'm gradually becoming informed of what's gone on in the last 50 years and recently read the King of Hell's Kitchen arc (DD Volume 2 #56-60 by Bendis and Maleev). In that arc, Foggy had a very valid complaint in issue 58:

From Daredevil 58

That time, Matt went and did something truly audacious that had huge fallout, for Matt, but also made a lot of problems for Foggy.

Matt does something audacious again, but this time, he's learned a few things... )

I think the last time I cried over a comic was back when Cypher died and Rahne was going through Danger Room scenarios to see how many ways she could have saved him. Record has now been broken some 25 years later...
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So to recap: Spidey learned about the Kingpin's presence in New York and wanted to do something about it. He managed to infiltrate the Kingpin's quarters and stole his security tapes, finding evidence of Fisk murdering one of his underlings and releasing it to the media. Thus, Kingpin fled the country.

Now...he's back.

Scans under the cut... )
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After the 'Ultimate Venom' posts I did last month or so, I figured I'd do a series of posts on the Kingpin from Ultimate Spider-Man. IMO, the Kingpin is one of Bendis's best characters both in and outside of Ultimate. Bendis had a background writing noir/crime comics prior to coming to Marvel, so its not surprising that the first major villain in the series after the Goblin would be Wilson Fisk.

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Yesterday [personal profile] fullbodytransplant posted a splash from New Avengers #7, where a bunch of superheroes interviewed for the position of Danielle Cage's nanny. They were meant as cheap gags in order to make Squirrel Girl look better, but the portrayal of one character just pissed me off. And that character is D-Man.

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For a long time, Marvel's annuals would feature short stories starring "supporting" characters. This one features Ben Urich, tough reporter, going after a drug lord named Lambert who has a HUGE ponytail.

3 and a half pages of a ten page story.
Ben Urich is not a tough guy. )


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