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Just about everyone here has a favorite character of theirs. Probably everyone in the world does, when you come down to it - at least, the parts of the world exposed to various forms of popular entertainment. And for some, things go a little beyond that - the character is not simply our favorite; we are mildly (and sometimes not so mildly) obsessed with them. We will gush about them at the slightest opportunity. A fond smile crosses our faces when we think of them. They are our capital-F FAVORITES.
So which one is mine? Well, I have several, really - Tintin, the Phantom Blot, various others. Recently, however, it's mainly been this one:

Yes, the Blonde Phantom. Mistress of my nerdy little heart.

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Caught between two beautiful women, pressing him for information, what can our intrepid (and adorable) hero do?

Find out on these two pages from Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 3 )

From the same version of Spidey that was "--summoning the spiders... BECAUSE I'M SPIDER-MAN!!" ladies and gents. :D


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