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NS: Launch video for "DC Superhero Girls"

A bit of JLU (count the cameos) and a dash of Sky High and we have DC's new multi-media, multi platform franchise targetting the young female demographic set a school dedicated to training the next generation of heroes;

A look who the principle is.... )
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Happy 75th Birthday Dick Grayson!

So Robin is 75 years old this year, having debuted in Detective Comics #38, dated April 1940

That means it would have been on the shelves in Feb/March. According to current continuity, Dick's birthday is "the first day of Spring", which would be 20th March, but he's had a few other dates cited as his DOB over the years, so this seems close enough... ish.

So let's celebrate!

And how better than with a costume party?! )
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Threshold #8 - Am I Blue? You'd Be Too

So Keith Giffen's invisible series Threshold limps to a close this week with even less fanfare than the title itself ever got, which was slim to none. The issue dispatches the fates of the Hunted, a bunch of characters never really heard of before and unlikely ever to be heard from again, not even the "dark and gritty" update of Captain Carrot. But happening in the background is one little development of note. Two pages.

We've been cancelled! )

And thus another of the DCnU's big, dramatic plot twists peters out, like letting the helium out of a balloon. The $64 question is, where will this beloved character fetch up next? Someplace better, I hope. JLA, perhaps?