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Cable and Deadpool may be my number one couple of the 616verse but when it comes to MAX titles, there is only one couple for me - Deadpool and Bob, Agent of Hydra.

Deadppol MAX v2 #1 - 3 pages of.. ok, I've no idea what's going on )
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Greetings True Believers!

I had a brain-wave today and I realized this comm was missing something. The epic first encounter between Deadpool and Bob, Agent of HYDRA!

Bob is one of the most awesome characters that ever awesomed.

One of the things that DP often has going for him is an awesome supporting cast and Bob is one of the greats. If you're unaware of his existence, click I say! For your own sake!

"Bob is brave and noble. Like a steed."

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The Love Meme was so much fun, I thought I'd start another (slightly different) meme on NSD.

The Comics Love Meme

Go forth and love.

And now for some scans.

When Deadpool met Cap, got inspired (as one does), and for his trouble, was shot in the head.

seven pages behind the cut )
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Surprisingly, this is not porn. But what a fabulous porn name it would be! Weasel takes a turn as the PENETRATOR (aka the penetraitor) in Cable and Deadpool 44. This scene made me cry I laughed so hard. As a Deadpool newbie, I think I've fallen in love. Thank you S_D for introducing him to me!!!!


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