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Some pages from back in Superman #20 (Aug 1988) where Cat Grant tries to seduce young Jimmy Olsen. Gave me a giggle.

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There have been a few references here and there about how "The Brave and the Bold" sounds like the name of a soap opera. And it seems it *was* a soap opera in the DCU, according to ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #497. Story by Jerry Ordway, art by Tom Grummett. Also, some bruiser named Doomsday is causing trouble.

This is back when Lois had dark red hair and Cat wasn't a hateful anti-Kryptonian bitch.

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The generally positive response to my first post on Cat Grant as she was originally written made me decide to post another such scan.  This one is from a little earlier, from Adventures of Superman # 427.

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I was a reader of the various Superman titles in the eighties and nineties, and I was a fan of the character of Cat Grant (even though I did want Clark to end up with Lois eventually), and I have to confess to being very dismayed by how her character has been portrayed in more recent comics. So I thought I'd post some scans portraying her and her relationship with Clark from back then, sort of to set the record straight.

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Recommended tags: char: Cat Grant, char: Superman/Clark Kent, char: Lois Lane, creator: John Byrne, creator: Marv Wolfman, creator: Jerry Ordway, title: Adventures of Superman, title: Superman

Oh, Lois.

Sep. 8th, 2009 07:40 pm
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Everytime I looked at scans of Action Comics here, there was always one thing on my mind. When the heck is Lois Lane finally going to kick some ass? I didn't get exactly what I was looking for.


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