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Newsarama has just put up a preview of a few DC Retroactive issues. The Flash one caught my eye since it features a flashback to my favorite Flash villain and story arc.

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Waaaay back in 1997 Mark Waid was writing the Flash and had done so for quite a while. One of his most well known story arcs included a villain named Cobalt Blue aka Malcolm Thawne (though his name wasn't revealed until later, who he first introduced in a one shot called the Speed Force Special who was essentially a retcon villain for the Flash. He started laying groundwork for the character in the story.

I previously posted this on SD 2.0 but took it down when I realized I had posted too much so I'll re-post it here. I'm also posting it since it seems the Thawne's will be playing a very big role in the future Flash titles, with yet another being introduced in the future named Mara Thawne according to Geoff Johns.

So here is that story from the Speed Force special, 4.5 ish pages from a 14 page story.

The Day Barry Allen showed fear! )

Suggested tags.

char: flash/kid flash/wally west
char: flash/barry allen
char: cobalt blue/malcolm thawne
creator: Mark Waid
creator: Jim Aparo
creator: bill sienkiewicz
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For those who live in New York might know a few days ago on Saturday the 13th their was a decently small convention known  as the Big Apple Con Summer Sizzler.

I got 5 fun and great pieces there. Hope you like.

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