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After properly reading the first issue of Mr. T, I gotta say if Eric Wallace is taking "Karen Starr" where I think he's taking her (as in away from her Earth-Two Kryptonian origin), I think I'll just wait for Grant Morrison's Multiversity series or Robinson's Earth-2 JSA book to make up for whatever new travesty is in store for this character. It's enough to say I'll even take Power Girl 2.0 to this newer version if she doesn't turn out to be the Peege I love and care about.

As it stands, she's been presented as the billionaire CEO of Starrware (that much is still intact) who makes "white girl" comments, and is apparently Mr. T's occasional fuckbuddy. So far I ain't diggin' it.

While, we're on the subject of rebooted origins, here's a look at 1990s Peege back when she thought she was Atlantean.

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Truthfully, I think she would have had a more successful career as step instructor for telly. )
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Because nobody demanded it, here's part 1 of "Return of the Hero!"

5 pages from Justice League International #67 and 7 pages from Justice League America #92

It's time to meet Sentry's daddy! )

Suggested tags.

title: Justice League America
title: Justice League International
char: triumph/william macintyre
char: wonder woman/diana of themyscira
char: blue beetle/ted kord
char: captain atom/nathaniel adam
char: fire/beatriz da costa
char: metamorpho/element man/rex mason
char: power girl/kara zor-l/karen starr
char: elongated man/ralph dibny
char: crimson fox/vivian d'aramis
char: doctor light/kimiyo hoshi
char: flash/kid flash/wally west
char: martian manhunter/j'onn j'onzz
char: flash/barry allen
char: aquaman/orin/arthur curry
char: green lantern/hal jordan
char: superman/clark kent
char: black canary/dinah lance
char: tazmanian devil
creator: Gerard Jones
creator: Anthony Williams
creator: Luke Mcdonnell
creator: Christopher Priest
creator: Luke Ross


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